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Rey Deluxe Ep7 - X-Large
Kids sizes: 5-6 years; 7-8 years; 9-10 years; 11-12 yearsThe kids rey deluxe costume includes a tunic, shorts and gauntletRey is the lead female hero in the new movie "star wars - the force awakens"Officially licensed character costume from the 2015 film "star wars - the force awakens"Keep away from fire
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u/sparkchaser ยท 2 pointsr/Liverpool

> Any good ideas for a farther daughter cos play?

Since you mentioned Star Wars:

  1. Aniken and Leia
    *2. Kylo Ren and Rey (there are some Rey costumes on Amazon that aren't too bad and won't break the bank)
  2. You could both be Stormtroopers: kid size adult size these are both very basic costumes

    I act as a spotter for Sentinel Squad (a group of Star Wars cosplayers based in the Leeds-Hull area) and have lots of pics from conventions we have attended and I'll post up some images later to get you some ideas.