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Roleadro HYG08-2X400W-W 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light LED Plant Lamp with ON/Off Switch and Daisy Chain Function, 2nd Generation Flowering and Veg
Daisy-chain connection function: two or more 800W COB grow lights can be connected together with the standard included power cord. This makes less power cords and expands the extent of the light coverage. Saving energy, money & time. It will be the best solution for your grow lights indoor.Intimate Customer Service: 2 years warranty and 30 days money back is our promise. We has 10 years of experience and dedication, if you have any problem, just contact us and we'll provide you the best suggestion for your plant growth.Full Spectrum 800W: This grow light has wider spectrum of light (instead of purely red and blue light) provides your plants with everything they need from sunlight in the nature, which brings greener, healthier growth and better-looking buds for your plants. Suits to the whole growth cycle for plant growth.
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50 Reddit comments about Roleadro HYG08-2X400W-W 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light LED Plant Lamp with ON/Off Switch and Daisy Chain Function, 2nd Generation Flowering and Veg:

u/RzaSmokesIt · 7 pointsr/microgrowery

How about a COB like this one? Its only $79 much cheaper than the ones in the article and so is it a good entry into COB LEDs or just skip it and go for the brand names?

u/VenomizeGaming · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

At that price point, I would go for something like:

Roleadro 400w COB

200 watts actual draw power, and should be decent for 2 plants for under $90.

u/hipsterdoofus1 · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

I have this one and it is great. I'm using it to grow 2 plants and they seem to love it. Here's a chart for the distance.

u/gr33nhand · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

>I originally wanted to do things as cheap as possible and using lots of regular household bulbs, but after some research I decided against that.

good shit OP.

the light you're looking at is outdated and will not actually draw anywhere near 300w from the wall, probably closer to about 140w. for another $20 you can get this light that will draw around 220w from the wall, and the COB LEDs it uses will have a higher efficacy than the one youre looking at. still not as good as a DIY COB build but its much better than the one you linked and will do a great job for one or two plants.

dont bother with the 7w desk lamp, put that extra $20 toward the light i linked.

u/Cuicos · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

The names on those LEDs can be misleading, they don't reflect the actual power draw, you need 200w of the cheaper LED or about 120w of high end LED.
Something like this is ok, something like this would be ideal.

About the intake being passive or not that depends on the temps of the room it'll be in and if the exhaust is venting outside the room, you'll probably be ok with just a vent hole.

u/InspectorTroy · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

I would go for a ceramic metal hallide, you can get one for 300 here . If you have your heart set on led, I personally would go with the roleadro you can actually get a 400w cob for 99 right now
Get that light or two of them, and use them for the first grow then move it into a veg tent so you can do a perpetual setup. I cannot stress enough how shitty these blurple lights make everything look, you cannot tell what color anything is. I already have the setup your looking for. Its way more expensive than you think.

  • Get full spectrum white leds
  • Make sure you can control temps in your lung room
  • You need an inline fan to exhaust air out of your tent and out of the room either into your attic or otherwise
  • lots of cheap fabric pots out there
  • controllers, thermostats, heater, ac, dehumidifier, pest management.
  • And have fun!
  • Indoor is 100% harder
u/Thunderous_Pupil · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

I just bought this light and it is the best light I have owned but it's more expensive and not what I started out with.

For someone starting out I would get something like this which is 300 true watts or this which is around 260 true watts. Both are going to make your closet hotter so you may have to get an intake/exhaust fan but they will give you 10x better yield. I have grown with both of them.

I also have a few of these which will still be way better than what you have currently however these blurple lights get a lot of flack from people and weren't my personal favorite. But for $59 right now on Amazon that's a pretty good deal for 165 true watts.

Here's my first grow doing what you are doing

Here's my second grow using the lights I suggested

Edit: If you think you are going to get into growing and take it serious in the future get the light I linked first. It was around $150 after shipping and it takes some diy to put together but it will run way cooler than the other lights and is 15x better than any of the Amazon lights for $50-$100 more. If I could go back and do it again I would get rid of all the Amazon lights and spend the money on some nice quantum boards.

u/cobalt6ixty · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

I ended up buying this cob 400w $100 I think it's still on sale as well.

u/labatts_blue · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

The 400w (200 w actual) Roleandro COBs are down to $85 at Amazon

u/615wonky · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Start small. It'll save you money, let you get your feet wet, and help you learn how to grow better, and then you can buy bigger.

My "starter package" is:

  • A 2' x 2' x 3' grow tent - $55.

  • A grow light ($90). I prefer COB's as they're easier to fix than blurples.

  • A power strip zip-tied to a pole in the tent. Makes wiring prettier and easier. ($24) I chose a nice metal one, but you can use a cheaper one.

  • Hangers to hold the light ($8)

  • A fan and filter ($70), and variac ($90) to filter smell and move air to keep things cool. This combo is overkill for this tent, but I ended up using it on later tents so it's a good long-term investment. You can cobble something cheaper together with some work, but this "just works" out of the box.

  • 5 gallon Smart Pot ($7) for growing, FoxFarm Ocean Forest Soil ($16.50), Plant saucer ($7) for growing. You can save some money here by shopping around. In particular, Amazon's price for FFOF is about double what I pay at the (very expensive) local "indoor gardening" center.

  • Go Box Plant Nutrients. This should last you several grows.

  • Seed of your choice (let's say $10).

    So for about $420 (heh), you can get your foot in the door and start growing. This is a nice setup too, you can probably save $100 by shopping around, buying used, or doing-it-yourself. I've left off a few odds and ends like dryer duct, Fiskers for trimming, weed fabric pins for low-stress training, pitcher for watering, Mason jars for storage, but you can likely find those or suitable replacements around the house without spending money.

    I also have a Raspberry Pi 3 ($43) with Sense Hat ($37) and metal case ($15) in each of my grow tents to log temperature/humidity and other things. I'm interested in eventually using the GPIO functionality to water my plants too. Not critical, but definitely a nice thing to have, especially if you're the hacker type. If you go this route, you might look at too.

    I'm glad I bought a good intro setup because I still use it now that I've upgraded. I now have a 3' x 3' GG Shorty tent with HLG 300 LED for flower, a 2' x 2.5' GG Shorty tent with two 400W Roleadro COB's for veg, and my "intro package" is now my germination/cloning tent (and drying tent too since several people suggested that too). Being able to have three tents (germination -> veg -> flower) working simultaneously is increasing my output quite sharply. I'm doing this to help a relative with cancer, so you may not need to go quite as crazy as I did.

    You mentioned using 35+ gs (~1.25 oz) a month. You probably aren't going to be able to grow that much given the constraints of tent size and light wattage (plus being a first-time grower! You'll learn a lot!). So once you get used to it, you'll probably want to buy more stuff. Marijuana isn't addictive, but growing marijuana absolutely is.

    Once you've got your hardware, the variable cost is seed (~$10), soil (~$5), nutrients (~$20), and electricity (~$30). From that, I'm going to estimate you can grow ~1.5 ozs (you can do more as you learn more though). So you're looking at ~$40/oz after you've made the initial hardware investment.

    Hope this helps. Depression, cancer, and everything else can just go suck it.
u/FearLeadsToAnger · 3 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

That 600W led isn't a horrible option but very likely to be bottom tier chinese stuff considering not a brand in sight. Best possible option for your $100 would be something like 2 x Cree 3070 COBs $~25 each and a meanwell driver ($50-60~) but this is a bit of electronics and soldering which isn't everyone's cup of tea. May take some research but you'll get vastly better results for your money than anything else at this price, period.

Otherwise there's a brand on Amazon called 'Roleadro' which exist somewhere between Shit-tier chinese and decent quality stuff. The newer ones even use COBs

u/gratefulbreath · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I have been considering this COB LED myself.

u/very_kind · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Pretty sure I just picked up that same light on Amazon for $100. Anyway, there is a cree model of it that is a little better if you're willing to pay that price. Here is the one I picked up 4 days ago at $100, now it's $135

u/ProfessorPihkal · 2 pointsr/Autoflowers

These pull around 200w from the wall and are probably what I'll be upgrading to in the near future.

u/Merkaba316 · 2 pointsr/HotPeppers

I've tried a few of the budget options from Amazon. They will work, just not the greatest. Also, several aren't actually what they say they are wattage wise. The actual rated power can vary anywhere up to 10w from my testing (on these smaller 30-50w actual fixtures).

My two remaining sub100$ lights based off performance are these guys and both are in my tent now supporting fruiting pepper plants: Roleadro HYG08-2X400W-W 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light LED Plant Lamp with ON/Off Switch and Daisy Chain Function, 2nd Generation Flowering and Veg

The other was a Marshydro 240w blurple that is either out of stock or not sold anymore, I believe it was right around 100$ as well.

With all of the cheaper blurple boards I had, I was fine vegging usually, flowering and fruiting was typically extremely difficult however. Both of my current lights do fine through all stages.

The cheapies usually will work fine for things like herbs or microgreens, but begin to show their true colors of being cheap when you get either too big of a plant or are trying to get a plant to flower and put on fruit. That's my experience at least.

u/JohnqNC · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Thanks, I've watched a few of Growmou5's video's and it looks like that's the way to go. I just can't afford it right now. I'm wondering if I should just buy a $100 LED or try out a $100 COB (which I could upgrade in the future). I have a $100 Amazon gift card and really have no idea what to get. I have a $50 chinese "300w" led pulling about 120w and CFL's all around the area. So another "300w" would fit the best. But something pulling over 200w would be better but each light would probably not be level, the "600w" probably would be higher and the smaller one might block out some of the light....idk I can't have much heat though and COB's seem to give off more.

Others in the price range I'm looking at is:

Someone said Chinese COB lights can overheat though.

u/riseheart2 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I've been looking into getting this one personally:

Just trying to find more info on Roleandro right now. They were Galaxy Hydro before, but very little information out there for their new reincarnation.

u/TeethAreOutsideBones · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Innovated Chips, 2nd Generation

This will be your best bet for that budget. A little under powered but should work.

u/chalkiest_studebaker · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Look into different spectrums so its not all the same. Your plants and yield will appreciate it.... Maybe add COB into the mix. Beneficial to not all have the same blurple LED spectrum. I ran 600w purple LED COB first grow, now running that in conjunction with 300w of CFL. Definite improvements. See here:

u/aerogrower · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

It looks like the cheapest thing they have is a 100w COB for $229. What makes their lights so much better than a 300w COB from Roleadro that's $100?

edit- the Roleadro is actually 400w, 200w actual draw

u/kelchm · 2 pointsr/orchids

I've been pretty impressed with the performance of the grow lights I am using. I'm using this '400W' COB from Roleadro. Here's a photo from further back, if you're interested in seeing how the light is setup.

u/Teamgreensteve · 2 pointsr/microgrowery
u/Mitten_Punch · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Maths: 8 sqft footprint @ 50w/sqft = 400w. That's actual. So. . .

  • a 400w HID.
  • around 400w actual of the chinese panels you are looking at. The "300w" model is 136w actual draw--the "300w" is a marketing thing and not to be trusted. Three of those would be great coverage of the 2x4 rectangle.
  • COB or high-end LEDs would probably need 250w or so.

    You can go less. Especially in veg. But getting close to 400w will be your best bet for flower.

    edit - Your other questions:

  • Ventilation depends on the light you choose. Whatever you choose, you will want a 4" inline fan as your exhaust up top. Probably don't need an intake fan--you can just use the passive flaps. If you go HID, there's a bit more involved (CoolTube style hood, separate ducting and a duct fan). Your room has AC, so temperature should be easy enough to dial in. Recommend a [digital temperature controller] ( to tell your fans when to kick on and off. Makes things very simple.

  • I veg in my 2x4 (under a dimmable 400w HID). If it was my only tent, I'd probably run three plants. Veg for 6-ish weeks, put plants under a ScrOG net, flip to flower. Two would be great, too. Just a little more veg time to fill the tent.

  • Power depends on how much energy costs where you live. The lights and fans will draw ~430w, 18 hours/day (12 in flower). You'd have to do the math with your prices. For me, that's about $15/mo. Plan on higher AC costs as well though. Most people exhaust outside of the room. All lights put out significant heat.

    Best advice/guess, based on your questions: Two "300w" Mars/Viperspectra/Etc panels and a 4" inline fan. For now. Get plants going, try and save up for a third light in 8 weeks or so.

    And look around at other panels. I'm not knowledgeable about what the best buy is right now. This Roleadro 200w actual cheap COB panel looks interesting. /r/SpaceBuckets likely has good advice.
u/jvester · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I was looking at this as an option. Would you say that's a decent light to add? Thanks for your help by the way.

u/liam4st · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I'm looking for them, but they are a lot less common than 2x2 and 4x4 for the low price. I potentially have space for a 4x4x5, but it isnt in as good of a spot.
Quantum boards are in my price range, but I'm a little confused. [This] ( says it can go up to 150w, Isn't the more wattage the better? How does that compare to a 400w COB? I appreciate the help!

u/ObiJuanKenobez · 1 pointr/microgrowery

For a cheap easy solution I recommend this light.

Depending on your grow space, maybe one for veg and 2 for flower. Yes, it’s an amazon light. And yes, you might be able to get more juice out of a DIY COB light or quantum board, but it’s a decent light for a decent price and I’ve had good results with it.

u/benny___boy · 1 pointr/microgrowery

yeah maybe more, who knows, i'm a beginner it's only my third grow.
Dunno the real wattage, amazon says "Actual wattage: 200w±5%" for whatever it's worth amazon link

u/no-mad · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Sorry $50 is only the chip you need a driver, holder, and lens. Take a look at this. It's lower end but way better than cfls.

u/Captn_Bringdown · 1 pointr/microgrowery

You may be better off with some Roleadro 400W Cob fixtures, 200 actual watt a piece, could get 2 of them, or start with one.

Once it breaks, easy to replace the cob with a nice citizen or cree aswell.

u/haydenmchugh · 1 pointr/Autoflowers

Okay sick!!

Thoughts on this particular one?? This is what you're talking about right??

u/plasticTron · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I have this roleadro light

and it gets a lot warmer than my QBs. I say go with a QB100. there's a reason theyre popular

u/burnerac · 1 pointr/microgrowery

You mean like these? Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Innovated Chips, 2nd Generation

That looks like only two leds. Those are effective?

u/snoopunit · 1 pointr/microgrowery

as an owner of 2 galaxyhydro 2nd gen 300w leds, expect only a few oz from one light. theyre not nearly as efficient as COBs. i would suggest getting the

u/firstascent33 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Info: Samsquanch auto from Mephesto 5 gal smart pot with ocean forest. Popped on New Year’s Day. Last two watering have been ph’d water at 6.8 exactly. Previous watering before that included less than a quarter strength of fox farms big bloom and a 1/4tsp of calmag that is 2-0-0 all ph’d at 6.8 with ph down.

For water I’ve been using both purchased gallons of spring water or tap water which is fairly alkaline at 8.0ph. Usually takes over 15 drops of ph down in a gallon of water to adjust. Does that sound about right? Worried the ph down is affecting the plant.

The top of the plant is showing a different deficiency, which from what I can tell is possibly manganese (the random brown splotches on newer leaves). The lower leaves were browning from the edges, but that has since stopped.

Edit: this is my cob led from amazon. light Says 800 Watts, but I don’t believe it’s even 300 true watts. There is also a 180 watt ufo led in there but not directly over the plant. UFO Light

u/DirtyBongTokes · 1 pointr/microgrowery

CFL's are not great but i've heard of people doing full cycle grows on 100-150 true watts

she wouldn't get massive but you could def veg her long enough to put her outside.

don't look at the equivalent wattage, you need draw wattage atleast 35w per square foot. Those are probably 13 or 23 watt bulbs. If you really want to go CFL do your research, I'd suggest 6-8 23W 5000-6500k CFL bulbs for veg.

again though it might be worth it to buy a proper light and ditch the CFL, the only time CFL is really viable is if you already have the bulbs/sockets and can DIY rig everything together into a frame/box if your time is worth minimum wage you'd probably best buying a light like this

89.99 USD

I bought this light first go around, its not great. its not very efficient and really only pulls 165 watts for the cobbs since rest is used for active cooling, its actually a shit chinese LED but itll outperform those CFLs you got by a lot and will suit your needs just fine, I think they have a 2-3 year warranty, you could prob veg 4 plants under this thing if you want to get them like 24" before putting them outside. I did 2 bushed under it and they're doing pretty good.

I topped mine so many times and made them into a bush and right now they're about 3-4 ft one has 8 tops other has like 26 tops, its crazy. pretty tall bushes with a good canopy, mostly grown under 1 of these lights and I later added 2 better brand higher quality component LED's when going into flowering, Right now I am about to enter week 6 flower tomorrow and they are doing great.

Normally I'd be yelling at you to get a proper QB or cree cob setup but since you just wanna grow 1 plant in veg until outdoor flower I think it'd work fine and not break your bank. I think they useCxa3070 cobs, which are not the greatest but they'll work.

be aware it can run a little hot compared to a proper cob kit, ventilation will be a must.

if your budget is a bit more I'd get a 100w kit like this

these are plug and play use top quality components meanwell drivers and cree cob cxb3590 used amongst most DIY builds and I know for a fact 1 of these 100 watt will veg 8 plants to 24" no prob.

I'd really suggest investing in the quality stuff and avoiding the cheap chinese shit.

u/shadow_moose · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Hmmmm these roleadro COB LEDs are decent.

u/Nitsudge · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Per u/mj1176 suggestion, I am now looking at the prebuilt light he linked. Per u/StatutoryOmelette instead of a single 800w, maybe thinking 3 of the 400w. What do you guys/gals think?

u/hetaybluedemon · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Would you recommend getting 2? I found a discount online to get that light for $40, I could get 2 or 3 if you think that's what I would need. And I would really like to stay away from HPS due to increased electricity costs

Edit: Would I be better off getting two of the blurple panels or one of these 400w Roleandro COB lights?

u/samlikesturtlez · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Yeah - I have seen the pre built panels that feature COB (chip on board) LED's such as this one but I really do think if you are going to shell out money for a COB LED when you already have (2) Mars panels you spent money on then you might as well do it right and put your own together. As far as the actual COB's go, there are many to choose from. I would try watching some growmau5 videos on youtube if you want to learn more about COB's - he helps a lot.

The Cree CXB3590's are considered some of the best COB's out right now, they are pricey! Citizen's are popular, and Vero's too, but I went with Luminus CXM22's. If you go the route I did, make sure you get Gen 3 version, they compare in specs very well to any other COB's out there and they are affordable at 19$ per.

u/vapor_inhaltor · 1 pointr/microgrowery

More photos -

F17, Day 49 from seedling.

2x2 tent organic grow (amended FFOF soil, watering with liquid seaweed and molasses, using compost tea every other feeding with compost earthworm castings, and flower and rose mix)

Light is a Roleadro 200w actual COB. Roleadro 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light LED Plant Lamp with ON/OFF Switch and Timer Function, 2nd Generation Plant Light for Flowering and Veg

AC Infinity T6 with Phresh carbon filter

I’m sure I made some newbie mistakes on my first grow. I’m pretty sure I had the light too close earlier on, which I just fixed by raising the light as high as I can in the tent.

I also screwed up by using a watering mix that fermented after I left it for a couple of days. I learned I can’t use leftovers. It started smelling like vinegar and I measured the pH at 4.5!! Yikes! I know...I felt like a bonehead.

I’ve been constantly battling with high temp and humidity. I feel I have a little better handle on that now with temps sticking around 80 with RH hanging in the 50s now that I introduced a dehumidifier. I measured the chassis of the LED with an IR meter, and it’s showing 95! Next grow I’m going with a better light where I can mount the driver outside the tent.

I’m learning a lot this time around, and I’m hoping to have it more dialed in next time.

With all that being said, how’s my girl looking?

The things that are bothering me are the burnt/yellowing leaf tips. I’ve always had a hard time nailing down if this is light burn or nute burn. Also, I’m seeing lower fan leaves starting to go completely yellow and look bad. I know this will happen in flower as the plant starts redirecting all its energy to the flowers, but is this happening too soon? Either way, I’m going to water tomorrow with straight RO water.

I’ve looked at the guides on determining the problem, but honestly, it’s hard for a newbie to tell. It’s kind of like having a innocent pain then looking at WebMd—next thing you know you start having anxiety because you think you’re dying. Same thing with this—I look at these charts and I start thinking my plant is in horrible shape and not going to make it. Lol.

Thanks and happy growing everyone!

u/beefiftyone · 1 pointr/Autoflowers

Thanks for the insightful replies everyone! I've been looking at some of those COB lights also on amazon (one in particular - )

It seems the little boost of extra wattage from this Roleadro would make it better than the mars 300w to ensure adequate coverage for just 1 auto at any given time I hope?

Thanks again for the replies everyone!