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Room on Fire [Vinyl]
The Strokes - Room On Fire1"What Ever Happened?" 2:542"Reptilia" 3:41 3"Automatic Stop" (Casablancas, Albert Hammond, Jr
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u/spacecraft99 · 5 pointsr/TheStrokes

ITI bubble chamber - I believe they were looking for a new cover other than the glove-on-ass one for obvious reasons, and Julian saw that image and liked it, and asked for it to be released in the U.S. with that. I really can't say if it had any personal meaning to him, the article I read that on didn't clarify anything deeper than Julian thought it was cool-looking. Source:

ROF: I really like the vinyl art for this, especially the back's art. Source:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

FIOE: I don't have a specific interpretation of my own for this, but I think it could have meaning depending on who chose/made it and why. I personally like the design against the black background, and have an old jacket with that design on it from someone who got it at a 2006 show; it's definitely my favorite jacket. I also love the overall aesthetic and concepts they chose for the album booklet as well. It's full of interesting art, designs, and quotes. Source:

Hard to Explain cover: The glass chair was made by Japanese artist/designer Shiro Kuramata and I've been really in love with his stuff for a long time, I only recently found out that the chair on the HTE cover was made by him; I was weirdly excited by it. Source: His other stuff is totally worth checking out if you're into that kind of art.

The Voidz: I personally think they were finding their own "aesthetic" or whatever at that point, so they went with something that resembled the music - dark, hidden under layers - you have to look at it for more than a moment to identify everything. Cover:

Otherwise, like with nearly all art, you can find your own meanings and connections in the covers; be it the original intention or not (like what the other poster here did, w/ their own interpretations.), and I think that has value on its own.