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Rothco (4240) 49 Inch Deluxe Swat Belt, Black
Belt features an adjustable waist.49 Inches Long, Lighweight and durable.Belt has several removable hook and loop pouches.100 % Polyester
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2 Reddit comments about Rothco (4240) 49 Inch Deluxe Swat Belt, Black:

u/gingeriiz · 1 pointr/cosplay

It's spandex, so as long as you get a size that fits you, it will stretch comfortably and give you a full range of motion. Bodysuits are some of the most comfortable cosplays to wear!

I actually took my own advice and bought this belt on Amazon (plus two thigh holsters) for my Tigress cosplay. It would work just as well for Nightwing! I definitely want to do a fem!YJNightwing sometime in the near future, so I'll definitely use it for that.

If $25 is out of your price range for a quick costume, there's also this $15 utility belt.

Foam armor is an awesome idea, though with the costume due in just over a week, it might be tough if you don't have experience making foam armor. Look up some foam construction tutorials, and if you think you have time swing by JoAnn/Harbor Freight/Lowe's/Home Depot to get materials.

Oh, good point on the theater not approving of the escrimas. x) Better safe than sorry in that case.