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Rust-Oleum 7718830 7718-830 Automotive Accessories, Each, Metallic Chrome
Ideal for creating a shiny metallic finish on any interior metal, wood, concrete or masonry projectsPaint features excellent chip resistance and color retention will keep your projects looking good over timeDries to the touch or handle in 60 minutes for quick project completionTough, attractive finish will not fade or dull when used indoorsClassic, elegant finish is great for painting accent pieces
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6 Reddit comments about Rust-Oleum 7718830 7718-830 Automotive Accessories, Each, Metallic Chrome:

u/customflip · 3 pointsr/deadmau5

I made one but I decided that I was going to go balls deep and try one of the most difficult designed mau5 heads out, the disco head. Long story short it cost me about ~$300 to make, not counting 2 others that I messed up on.




-Head Mount

-Mouth Mesh

-[2] Led lights for coloring the eyes

-Superglue for mouth

-[2] Plastic glue for Headmount

-About [6-10] Rhine stone glue bottles

-[3] bags of Rhinestones

-Foam Ear material ---> With Ear template

-Washers -[4] Threaded Rods -Wing nuts

-Chrome Spray paint

-Lastly, Insulation Strips [White]


Stuff I had: Dremel, stubbornness, no life, sharpies, too much free time.


Use any of the above tuts to get the general idea.

The template for the ears, (mine are huge).

Once the mouth is cut and you accounted for the eyes (pop the eyes in half and trace them on.)

Spray paint the whole head chrome, in light mist layers. The more layers the smoother the finish.

Once that's done, enjoy the 90+ hours of putting each rhinestone on, one by one.


u/MixDrynx · 3 pointsr/DaftPunk

Thanks! For the Thomas helmet, I started with a chrome motorcycle half helmet as the base. Then I used chrome (mirror) vinyl to cover the visor and stuff (that's the really shiny part).

The chrome spray paint I used on the ear pieces can be found at any hardware store (rustomleum, krylon, etc.--something like this: it's not as "mirror" like as the helmet or the vinyl. It's more "silver" than chrome.

Hope it helps!

u/Trghpy00 · 3 pointsr/DIY

I think rust oleum has a "chrome" can.

Like this

u/about_treefity · 2 pointsr/guns
u/a1blank · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

I actually just sprayed my Thomas helmet with Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish and, while it didn't come out nearly as good as a chrome would (I wanted to be sure that it would be done by halloween), it does look pretty good. Here's what it looks like with that metaillic spray paint without any sanding which would have done a world of help (don't zoom in too far, I had to crank up the iso since my apartment is so dark, so they're pretty noisy).

Here's the full build album, if you're interested. I've still got a ton more work to do, such as finishing fiberglassing the inside and applying bondo to the outside.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/anonymous

Use Rustoleum plastic primer and Rustoleum chrome or metallic silver. If you read the instructions and practice on something else to get the hang of it, you should get a really smooth finish.