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Serfas Superbright USB Taillight (Red, One)
Taillight produces over 60 lumensSmart USB Charger makes it impossible to overchargeRack, Backpack mountable and includes a standard mounting bracket4 modes that include 2 flash modesBattery Charge Indicator
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2 Reddit comments about Serfas Superbright USB Taillight (Red, One):

u/gabbagoo · 1 pointr/bicycling

Oh man, besides the pedals I'm not sure these are upgrades as much as they are 'add-ons' but hey I'm done working so I'll pretend by being on Reddit:

Got this light from my LBS with my bike, love that it was bright as shit and rechargeable...I emailed the company about some the band and different sizes since we have the interrupter lever, they were awesome and sent me some to try out

This tail Light because it was also rechargeable and crazy bright...people behind me have rolled up and asked what kind of light it likey

These panniers because the good reviews, minimal looks, and the waterproof aspect..I use these guys along with a random rack from REI it..I also got this backpack thingymajig that makes the pannier a backpack

Got these pedals because they allowed me to rock normal shoes when I'm not wearing these, I like that I can tool around with just normal shoes on without worrying about foot placement.

And riding through town with the oblivious drivers/tourists around downtown I'm picking this horn, we'll see how it goes..and maybe a gopro......

u/defiancecp · 1 pointr/seattlebike

I use the serfas tl-60 (shield):

But fair warning, this light is insanely bright. Great for commuting! HORRIBLE for group rides. It does have an integrated seatpost mount with good angle adjustment though, so if you off-angle it enough it might be OK for that purpose.

(I notice the site nrhinkle lists shows the above light being the brightest tested light under $60. That does not surprise me at all :) )