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Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush- 1 Brush, Assorted Colors
NOTE: This is an assorted product; color and print advertised are subjected to vary.Made of plastic with a finger ringStimulating scalp massagerDurable thick bristles that are soft and gentleFast Long Lasting Relief
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11 Reddit comments about Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush- 1 Brush, Assorted Colors:

u/AnaBelem · 7 pointsr/NoPoo

I don't want to sound dismissive, but perhaps you should change your expectations of cleanliness? That squeaky clean sensation (which I dub the "scalp destroyer") won't be ever reproduced by our methods. The closest you will get is by using Baking Soda, which can be quite damaging to hair in the long run.

About the smell, maybe you are getting some form of buildup. This could be for not washing properly or having excessive production of sebum, which is usually the case after a day if you use regular shampoo.

Ask someone close to you to take a look at your scalp, to check if there are red spots or pimples. If that is the case, you will need to clean more thoroughly in the shower and distribute the oils more frequently by scritch/preen/BBB. A scalp brush like these also helps. To clean the present situation, you can apply a bit of ACV with a cotton pad on the spots before you sleep.

Another reason for a buildup is heavy water, so you should take a look at that as well.

u/Bearyllium · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

A Scalp Massage Brush helped me a ton combined with head and shoulders shampoo.

u/Paddingtongirl · 2 pointsr/beauty

These scalp massagers do wonders!!

u/interstatetornado · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I got a sample of the Christophe Robin sea salt scrub in my Sephora Play box and like it. I've heard good things about the Phyto but not tried it. However, I prefer to use the Regenpure DR shampoo at least once a week and just use my fingers to scrub or use a little scalp scrubber no matter what shampoo I'm using.

u/mistakenfor · 1 pointr/xxfitness

If kinda sounds like product buildup , I've found that some of the color enhancing shampoos don't rinse out easily and you might benefit from a clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a week (depending on how frequently you shampoo).

Another thing to consider - Do you live in a place with hard water? If so, you might need to use a hard water specific shampoo or a cider vinegar rinse 1-2 times a week.

Also you might want to consider a scalp scrubber to help degunk as well.



u/moc1 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Make sure you are diluting the apple cider vinegar with a lot of water before apply and rinsing it out well, and you should really only do that like once every 3 days maximum otherwise you risk damaging your hair and drying your scalp. The other stuff sounds really good for your hair. I would also recommend getting a scalp scrubber (amazon) and maybe looking into hair masks using eggs which make your hair feel amazing! I just apply egg and water to my head, cover with a plastic bag for 30 min and rinse out thoroughly with cold water (or else you'll cook the egg) and the scrubber, it works wonders.

u/blargher · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I've been messing around with NoPoo for the past month or so and I've gotta say it has given my otherwise dry and wavy hair more shine and shape. Before I started trying it out, I used to use hair products pretty regularly, but now I get fairly similar results with no products.

I shampoo my hair about once per week (more often if I go swimming) and I use warm water to clean my hair daily. While washing my hair I use a scalp brush and a fine tooth nit comb to remove any flakes I might have. Seems to work pretty well for me.

u/dare2smile · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

There's TONs more out there - just find one that works for you! Personally, I've found that the more medicinal a shampoo is, the less it lathers and therefore, the more annoying it is. I usually take a lil squirt of my daily shampoo to get some bubbles and work it in.

I've also got one of these things which feels amaaaaazinnggggg, but I always forget to actually use it haha.

u/OlKentuckyHome · 1 pointr/beards

My routine consists of this for my course, curly, frizzy beard:

  1. Wash one to two times a week 2. Comb with a wide toothed comb while wet in the shower 3. Use a scalp/shampoo brush in a swirling motion then combing motion to loosen dead skin and allow my pores to release natural oil. Rinse. 4. Towel dry only in a downward sweeping motion 5. 100% pure argan oil while my beard is still damp. 6. Comb with a fine tooth comb 7. Wild Willie's Beard Butter (rub hands until your palms feel warm and smooth then apply) 8. Lots of brushing with a boar bristle hand brush 9. On days I wash, I apply some Layrite matte cement to tame my fly-aways (again, rubbing in my palms until my hands feel smooth and hot). Layrite is water soluble so it rinses out pretty easily.


    I struggled with taming my extremely curly, coarse, dry beard. This process has helped tame my wild face bush, get rid of the dandruff with which I was previously plagued, & feel comfortable as a sales professional with a longer than what is typically seen as a "corporate" beard. I get complements often because what guys with curly, coarse beards lose in length, they gain in fullness & volume. My wife who previously was very against my beard getting longer than the longest setting on my trimmer has even come around.


    I've listed links to the stuff I use below. I hope this helps a fellow wild beardsman.


    Boar Brush, Shampoo Brush, Argan Oil, Wild Willie's, & Layrite