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Shark Skinz Disposable Flasks, 3-Pack
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5 Reddit comments about Shark Skinz Disposable Flasks, 3-Pack:

u/Arvedude · 4 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Flasks are great, but your problem on a trip that won't include many social opportunities for drinking is volume. A flask will not get you through a three day weekend. Pack a handle or two in the suitcase, refill flask as necessary. Invest in some disposable ones so you can just chuck them discretely when you're finished with them. These are the ones I use:


u/aurora_borealex · 2 pointsr/aclfestival

Get small disposable flask and stuff it in your briefs in such a way that no one is gonna grab it.

u/Curly-Mo · 1 pointr/Sasquatch

I crotch one of these at every festival I go to. You just need tight underwear, and don't tell the people you share with where it's been.
(They are sold at BevMo)

u/dale_shingles · 1 pointr/CFB

That's what these are for, my dude

u/bahhrito6 · 1 pointr/OutsideLands

I got these "Shark Skinz" flasks at BevMo last year- good alternative to the ziploc bag of booze cause you still have a pour spout. They hide easily with no leaks in your backpack or against your skin. I will probably be buying a few more of these for this year.

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