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Sharpie Permanent Markers, Ultra Fine Point, Black, 12 Count
Proudly permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfacesIntensely brilliant colors create eye-popping, vibrant impressionsRemarkably resilient ink dries quickly and resists both fading and water; AP certifiedEndlessly versatile ultra-fine point has a precise, narrow tip for extreme controlColorful options: Includes 12 Black Sharpie permanent markers
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u/Madgvox · 6 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

Ballpoint pens are the pencils of the ink world. You can build up darkness with a ballpoint pen like you would a pencil. The reasons against using ballpoint -- at least at first -- are the same reasons Uncomfortable outlined in the above article, especially the third point (everything is black and white - there are no gradients to complicate matters).

At least at first (for the homework), you should use felt tip for all the reasons mentioned. As you go into further lessons, and line/ellipse practice becomes a small daily routine, using ballpoint is probably a good idea as those exercises tend to kill pens.

However any practice is better than no practice, so if you're unable to get a felt tip for whatever reason, that's not a reason to stop practicing.

PS if you're concerned about price, get some ultra fine point sharpies. They're very cheap and will give you the benefits of using a felt tip. The trade-off is a poor ink quality, which you don't care about for these exercises anyway.

u/SPBCS · 3 pointsr/fakeid

If you're gonna use a sharpie, use the ultra fine tip ones. Never use thick sharpies.

Snapchat sigs come out the best. Some signature apps make the pic was too low res.

u/daintyflower · 2 pointsr/bindingofisaac

Paper: For the clear paper, I've recently been using an acetate alternative called Dura-Lar by Grafix. They USED to carry them at Michaels but you are more likely to find them at locally owned art stores. Link: [Clear Acetate Paper]{

Pen: Next, you'll need an Ultra Fine Sharpie in black (Extra Fine is also acceptable if you can't find Ultra). This will trace the pattern on your paper without smudging it. Link: Ultra Fine Sharpie Permanent Marker

Brushes: You'll also need paint brushes! If you look at the link provided after this, the brown brushes on the left side of the picture are perfect for dabbing in larger areas. The brushes on the right are great for getting into sharp corners or tiny spaces (which these BOI ones did). You don't need this specific set, art stores will have individual brushes that'll work great. Get 5 or so in different sizes. Paint Brushes

Last but not least, you'll want a wide assortment of Acrylic paints. Brands like Cermacoat, FolkArt and Deco-Art Americana are perfect because they're thick enough and vibrant enough. You really want to get a lot of different colors since some you can't mix and match accurately. Link:Cermacoat Acrylic Paint

I'm really bad at explaining things, so here's a YouTube video with the steps (you can fastforward a lot): How to make cel animation

Tips and more thoughts: Trace you design (you'll probably need to go over it twice to make it dark), flip over the acetate and dab the in paint. Dabbing is important because it leaves it thick and doesn't create streaks. Colors will dry lighter or darker, so you can either remove wet paint with a napkin or dry paint by using your fingernail to scrape it off in the specific area. It's okay if you go outside the lines because you can use your nail to push paint back into the right spot.

Hold up the cel to the light and you can see where the paint is thin and needs another coat. Dab in more paint until you cannot see through it when you hold it up.

For the Isaac cells, I drew in all the shaded areas and removed the marker lines with a wet toothpick or hard part of a Q-Tip. Rub it into the marker area and it'll disappear, leaving only the shaded paint:
Polyphemus without the lines removed

Hmm, what else? Oh, use wood toothpicks to paint in sharp corners. It makes them precise and nice-looking if you're removing some lines later!

And finally, a few pictures of progress:
A few cels painted in black and waiting to dry

Dark Bum after he was drawn... if you think that looks weird, you should have seen Polyphemus

Dark Bum almost looks happy to be painted in

Finished the black paint and flipping him over!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Like I said, I'm really bad at explaining things and I've been doing this for a really long time, so I tend to forget to explain steps. These are great for kids to make, and make nice gifts to be framed. They can be quick to make, or take a really long time. The most complex one I made was the album cover to "The Resistance" by Muse and took 6 months and over 100 hours to complete.

u/aglaeasfather · 2 pointsr/medicalschool

Hi, Actual M2 here.

Everyone will tell you something different. Only way to know what works for you is to actually do it, so be proactive.

That said, don't start studying for Step until 2nd year.

Let me repeat: don't start studying for Step until 2nd year. You simply will not have the knowledge base to do anything productive. Also, likely 50-60% or more of what you learn in your M1 is useless.

You want to do well? Here's what you do:

Whole Year:

Listen to Goljan while you are learning Path. Just do it. The more times you listen by the time you get to boards, the better. Pathoma also helps a TON.

First Semester: Not too much going on here. The real meat of the boards is what you learn in M2, aka what you are learning right now. This is mostly prep time. Get a copy of First Aid. They always publish errata because FA is full of mistakes (don't get me started), so go through the book and make the corrections. Also, get that shit spiral bound at Kinkos, motherfucker.

Near the end of Semester 1, start going through the sections you have already learned, i.e. if you did Micro/Immuno in M1/1st half M2, go over that shit. But don't do it passively. I found DIT to be really helpful for this purpose, because it 1) gives you goals to achieve (i.e. I will do x number of videos today) and 2) fills in the gaps of FA (there are many). YMMV. A note about DIT these guys are from Texas, and idk if it's a Texas thing or if it's a DIT thing but they talk slow as HELL. If you have an iPad, get Swift Player and crank that bitch up to 1.65x when you're watching videos.

Second Semester: Do the same thing, but now step it up. Ideally, get a first pass of FA done by Spring break, and start a QBank. NOW LISTEN CLOSELY it is PERFECTLY A-OK to get a 30% when you first start. I made the mistake of thinking "oh fuck I don't know shit I need to do FA more". Baloney. Keep at it. You learn a ton while doing Qs.

After Spring Break Keep going through FA, turn up the juice on your QBanks. Try to do maybe 1-2 sets (46 qs)/week. The idea is that you will have likely 1/2 of your QBank left by the time you're done with finals.

After Finals High Gear mode activated. Start with a NBME to gauge where your status. Also, from UWorld you will know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. Focus on these. Make a third pass through FA. Finish your QBank. Fine Tune. Go over EBM/Biostats the day before the exam. Take the exam. Fuck bitches and drink Cristal. Relax. Enjoy your summer. In that order, please.

Best Resources if you follow this method:

  1. First Aid
  2. UWorld QBank
  3. Goljan
  4. DIT (It's expensive but they do this to keep the pirates at bay so it's justified)
  5. Pathoma
  6. These Mother Fuckers (because FA is stupid and prints their book on paper where every goddamn pen smears like you just sliced open an fucking AAA).
  7. Swift Player for iOS (optional)
  8. Highlighters
  9. Party plan for post-Step 1.

    I think you'll find this to be super helpful. I sure did, wish I had found it earlier.

    Good luck, and for the love of God enjoy your summer and the coming year.

    Remember, everyone's method differs, but no matter what method you use, as you are working at it you are improving your score. Eventually you'll find the most comfortable method for you.

    Edit: one last thing: get a PDF version of FA wherever you can find it. The "index" sucks absolute sweaty dog balls, so the PDF is the best way to search for stuff.

    Edit 2: Clarity in the preamble
u/mundet · 1 pointr/moleskine
u/AnacondaPython · 1 pointr/EDC

I modified my setup a bit, to accodomodate feedback from other people and to see what works best for me

Somebody suggest to use this knife:

Here's my new setup:


Any dynomighty wallet, just pick a design

Car keys (whatever your carkeys are). If you want a USB stick added on to your keys, use a Micro-HDMI for low profile and convenience


Iphone6, Samsung S6, etc etc. Whatever floats your boat

Pick a small battery charger, search for it on amazon:

Get a retractable cable for your charger if you need too (low profile)

JEAN COIN POCKET (on front right pocket)

That gerber fold up knife

RIGHT MOST JEAN STRAP ( was the front right before)


duck tape

Tape planet had the cheapest prices at $1.54 each


Measuring tape. This one has the lowest profile so it doesn't hurt to sit on, 10' is good enough for almost everything


Get sticky notes, I suggest highland brand 3"x3" since it works for nearly everything you might need sticky notes. I suggest getting both, alternate colors by day

Plain yellow:


Also, get a sharpie too. Fine points are good

Alternatively or ultra fine


that's my current setup

u/pixtiny · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip Pens work really well on washi tape. I’ve never used anything else that has worked nearly as well.