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Shut Out
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u/8-BitBaker ยท 12 pointsr/1200isjerky

I'm so sorry you haven't fully converted over yet. I saw a buzzfeed video once where they claimed to go on a "Halo Top Diet" but of course they hated it because Halo Top is a Lifestyle Change, not a diet.

You should definitely try the other flavors. Our local grocery store has three freezers filled with Halo Top* just for people like me. I can buy any* flavor I want just to make sure I have enough variety in my diet. Nuts? Halo Top has you covered. Warm Drinks? Got you, fam. Fruits? Done, and Done. And of course, you're covered for breakfast and dessert too.

This is actually true.

**This is actually not true, those fuckers still don't have dairy free vanilla maple.