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Social Research Methods, 4th Edition
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u/DooDooDoodle · 7 pointsr/KotakuInAction

The citation has been posted repeatedly.

Social Research Methods by Alan Bryman

u/digitalfrost · 6 pointsr/SargonofAkkad

Do you have a source on that? Where is this from?

e: Seems to be from

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/The_Donald

It won't be long before we're all living in Lean-To's at this rate.

SPEZ: This is being taught in High School and University

SOURCE: Social Research Methods by Alan Bryman

u/laserchalk1 · 3 pointsr/thedavidpakmanshow
u/denerose · 2 pointsr/socialscience

I have read a LOT of methods texts. I think that if you need a simple intro then you can't go wrong with Alan Bryman's Social Science Research:

It really covers all of the basics in a clear and concise way that is accessible but detailed enough to be of use to researchers and postgrads as well.

I would recommend that you all read a set chapter each week/meeting and then discuss it when you meet. That makes you more of a facilitator and takes some of the pressure off as well as getting people to engage with the material more.

u/OikophobicBigot · 1 pointr/Christianity

As a PS, this is what i mean when those experts are quacks. For example, here is a highly recommended textbook used in the social sciences. It's by Alan Bryman, who is, per the book review (4.6 out of 5 stars) " to Research Methods as Paganini to the violin". It contains a section "Feminism and qualitative research", which harbors such gems as:

  • Quantitative research is often viewed as incompatible with feminism for the following reasons:

    It then lists some reasons:

  • The criteria of valid knowledge associated with quantitative research are ones that turn women, when they are focus of research, into objects. This means that women are again subject to exploitation, in that knowledge and experience are extracted from them with nothing in return, even when the research is conducted by women
  • The emphasis on controlling variables further exacerbates the last problem, and indeed the very idea of control is viewed as a masculine approach
  • It is sometimes suggested that the quest for universal laws is inconsistent with feminism's emphasis on the situated nature of reality
  • quantitative research suppresses the voices of women either by ignoring them or by submerging them in a torrent of facts and statistics.

    And there you have it. Control variables --a fundamental of scientific research --are incompatible with feminism, because control variables are a masculine construct. But hey, the 'experts' in gender studies aren't quacks for eschewing empirical science in favor of ideology .... rather, I'm an extremist for dismissing them, because I question their integrity and commitment to reality and objective science. Smash the cis-hetero-patriarchy; fuck science.
u/this_usr · 1 pointr/SargonofAkkad