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Soffe Men's Ranger Panty Running Short,Black,Large
Running short featuring a covered elastic waistband and dolphin hemInside key pocketInseam: 2.25"Moisture management technologyBuilt-in brief liner for added comfort
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10 Reddit comments about Soffe Men's Ranger Panty Running Short,Black,Large:

u/a-german-muffin · 13 pointsr/running

I needed to pick up a couple extra pair of running shorts, so I went the budget route and snagged two pairs of Soffe shorts for less than $20.


  • They're crazy inexpensive (like half the price of the least-expensive sale shorts elsewhere).
  • They're legit spring/summer/fall running shorts (assuming you're OK with the low end of the inseam scale).
  • They're surprisingly comfortable—I probably wouldn't race in 'em, but I've gone on plenty of 8–9-milers and felt just fine.
  • They're standard issue for the US military, so it's probably safe to assume they're bulletproof (probably).


  • No drawstring! Don't screw up and buy too big a size, I guess.
  • No side split! OK, fine, this is more of a want than a need.
  • Despite being military standard, there doesn't appear to be an easy way to stash a 1911 in them, unless that key pocket expands way more than I expect it to.

    In all seriousness, if you need some extra warm-weather shorts, you're not gonna go wrong with these things, and your wallet will thank you (now put down your talking wallet and go run).

    (Side note: if you want to read some hilarious Puritan commentary, just Google "Ranger panties" to get endless blog posts about Soffes and how very, very uncomfortable they make people.)
u/jaypeg25 · 3 pointsr/running

Got the Garmin Forerunner 25 for $130 this past weekend and I'm loving it. GPS is crazy accurate and the battery so far is holding a great charge (it's still reading as full after only the initial charge on Saturday and several runs between then and now). Syncing with mapmyrun is instant once I get back to my place and it syncs with my phone.

My girlfriend got new shoes, ONs. Anyone have experience with them? She tried on about half a dozen this past weekend at our local running store and instantly liked the ONs. We've been doing a lot of trail running recently though and she's had issues with rocks getting caught on the bottom.

Oh, and what do people think of these running shorts? They're so damn cheap I want to buy like a dozen.

u/bassticle · 3 pointsr/running

Am I supposed to wear underwear with these Soffe shorts?

u/Jazzex · 3 pointsr/trailrunning
u/Projectile_Setback · 3 pointsr/bicycling
u/thelemonademan · 2 pointsr/running

I know it might be slightly off topic but can anyone recommend me some shorts with a liner? I used to run with some jockey underwear and a pair of basketball type shorts, but there was a thread on here last week where a lot of guys recommended going commando / shorts-with-liner.

I had a pair of Soffe Ranger-Panty running shorts (link) I bought a while ago and so tried them out and actually really liked them. They're very comfortable, but they're just so short lol.

I was hoping maybe someone could recommend me a pair of running shorts that is the same style but has a bit longer length on it?

Thanks my dudes!

Btw here in AZ it's getting up into the triple digits now (Fahrenheit) so definitely good advice here. Drink lots of water :)

u/_From_The_Internet_ · 2 pointsr/USMC
u/skydrip · 2 pointsr/running

I love these running shorts for Soffe. It's technically men's but I have about 7 pairs of these. Very light, built in liner and soft (but not wide) elastic that doesn't give me muffin top.

For indoor use, I wouldn't use cell phone or even GPS watch. You'd be better off using the watch.

u/AbominableSnowmang · 1 pointr/crossfit

Dog, I hate to break it to you - them shorts are not designed to attract women. If. You. Catch. My. Drift.

That being said, you can always go shorter.