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Songs For The Deaf [LP]
double vinyl album/LP (12" size)released 2019 in Europe by Interscope Records (00602508108587)Genre: Alternative / Indie- Hard Rock
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u/The_Wreckard2012 · 18 pointsr/VinylReleases

AMAZON,free shipping, charged when shipped, Release Date: November 22

u/2daMooon · 9 pointsr/VinylReleases

This is also available on Amazon for $26.99.

Well, just a regular black version that isn't limited or exclusive, but it also doesn't force you to buy 3 records in order to get one that you want. It also doesn't encourage this new underhanded trend of "FOMO" marketing that seems to be taking the world by storm these days.

u/HeyKid_HelpComputer · 8 pointsr/qotsa

While I agree vinyl is way overpriced than what it used to be, a legit copy of SftD in the past would likely cost you hundreds, and it's only & $26 on [Amazon](

u/PriceKnight · 3 pointsr/VinylDeals

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u/vincientjames · 2 pointsr/qotsa

Amazon has SFTD listed as November 22nd