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Spelt: Meals, cakes, cookies & breads from the good grain
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u/MadFops · 3 pointsr/FODMAPS

I'm slowly digesting (!) these papers you cite. Very, very interesting. Many thanks. I'm not getting the details of table 6, to which you refer, in the page served up to me from, but in attempting to get a full version am coming across all sorts of other things ... I may be in this rabbit-hole awhile ...

It is starting to look that the FODMAPs are concentrated in the shell/husk across a number of grains. Interesting is that "roughage" has been a cult inclusion in the past, and Nutraceuticals paper Chapter 54 – Prebiotics: Safety and Toxicity Considerations seems to be suggesting that there is a lot of industry effort into manufacturing commercial equivalents.

<RANT>Grrr! If people want to scour their system why don't they just eat appropriately??????<\/RANT>

The field v. glass house environment effects are curious. This isn't my subject (... yet) but I'd hypothesise that in the field the natural way of grains/cereal crops is to protect the germ - Our use of it as a foodstuff isn't really in the plants' interests ! - so husk composition will be more resilient ( and thereby less digestible ) than the "soft, white-handed" cossetted glass grown crops, which ironically make for better foodstuffs for those of us with defective systems. ^[1]

I say curious, because of the Spelt phenomenon. Here we have an "ancient" grass, that has only recently attracted the interest of the commercial growers, that you might have expected to be very field resilient ^[2], and yet the carbohydrates it contains are better tolerated by those with FODMAPs issues.

If you ( u/penthiseleia ) come across more papers on the subject please PM me - or post here: I know there are a number of redditors who are interested at this level.

Edit: [1] From: Food oligosaccharides : production, analysis and bioactivity / [edited by] F. Javier Moreno and
M. Luz Sanz. 2014:

> Oligosaccharides are found in several plant species, accumulated in organs such as bulbs, tubers, roots or seeds, and playing important roles such as carbon storage and translocation (Pollock et al. 2003), and protection against cold and drought stress (Hendry 1993). Fructan-type oligosaccharides (FTO) and raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFO) are the most widely distributed in the plant kingdom.

( My emphasis )

Edit: [2] From: Spelt: Meals, Cakes, Cookies & Breads From the Good Grain. Saul, Roger

> "In our first spelt trial, we grew three different types, and found that a hardy old German variety was the best for our soil type and climate. Dehusking the grain presented a real challenge, as one of spelt’s natural features is its extra-strong outer husk."