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SquareTrade 3-Year Laptop Accidental Protection Plan ($1500-1749.99)
Coverage for product breakdowns and malfunctions24/7 customer supportFree shipping on all repairs with no deductibles or hidden feesFully transferable with gifts. Cancel anytime, full refund in the first 30 daysSquareTrade Protection Plans are only valid for new or Amazon certified refurbished products purchased at Amazon in the last 30 days. By purchasing this Protection Plan you agree to the Protection Plan Terms & Conditions ( Your Protection Plan Terms & Conditions will be delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase
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u/NecessaryEvil-BMC ยท 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Family mode sets the battery to only start charging at 40%, then stop charging at 65%. So, if the laptop is bouncing from AC to AC, it's not continually trying to charge. It's just one of the modes the Huawei software offers. So, if I knew I was going to be mobile for a while, I'd just change the mode to regular mode to top off the battery, and change back when I was at home again.

As for the warranty...the warranty terms are available here:

Per its wording, I think it should. I've not worked with 3rd party warranties though, I typically just buy ThinkPads and Latitudes or Precisions, where I can get warranty through the manufacturer.

" 12. WORLDWIDE SERVICE: The coverage provided in this Protection Plan also applies when You travel outside of the United States. If Your Product needs repair while traveling abroad, You may file a claim online at www. to obtain a claim authorization number. At this time You will be instructed on how to proceed to obtain service and You will also receive a fax number and an email address for You to submit Your service repair invoice to Us after the repair is completed. Once You have obtained Your claim authorization number, You will need to carry Your Product into a service center and then submit to Us a copy of the detailed service repair invoice that identifies Your Product, the claim authorization number, and includes a thorough description of the repair made. This documentation should be faxed or emailed to Us and We will reimburse You within five (5) business days of receipt of all necessary paperwork, provided a covered repair was performed.

13. TRANSFER OF PROTECTION PLAN: This Protection Plan may be transferred at no charge. To transfer this Plan log in to www., or contact Us toll-free at 1-877-927-7268 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "