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STABILO Point 88 Fineliner, Black, Wallet of 10
Start mind mapping with Europe's number one fineliner which is well known all over the world.Their hexagonal striped design and their metal encased tip makes it suitable for rulers and stencils.The STABILO point 88 pen is smudge proof, great for left-handers and ideal for writing drawing and sketching.It has a 0.4 mm line width and water based ink making it a popular choice for artists and children.Take advantage of the long cap-off time.
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4 Reddit comments about STABILO Point 88 Fineliner, Black, Wallet of 10:

u/Mhoram_antiray · 8 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

I am not sure if they are global or not, but Stabilo work fine too. I think they are mainly German, but I wouldn't know

Give either a try I'd say. They don't exactly break the bank ;)

u/Shen_an_igator · 5 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

In my experience, this would suggest you have muscle imbalances. Going by the fact that you do web-design, you are probably sitting in front of your desk all day, right? If you're not supplementing your work with some form of sport, you will most likely have muscle imbalances, as well as generally weak muscles.

This means you lack the ability to support your weight with your upper and lower backmuscles, which leads to you putting a lot of weight on your support arm. Which, as you correctly said, causes pain over time. If not addressed, you will probably shorten your tendons (and muscles, but I am not quite sure right now... way too tired) over time, resulting in permanent back pain, unless sitting in very comfy chairs and leaning back in your preferred posture. And that posture will be shite. Been there, done that, fuck all about it.

So, if you aren't big on lifting and all that, I'd suggest you start doing gymnastics at least and stretching every day. For muscle growth, go with planks and other bodyweight exercises, no need to pay for a gym. Google them, there's literally shittons of content out there.

If you are actually fit and your body isn't the issue... well... uh.... don't lean so much on your support arm? There isn't really anything else you could do to fix it. You know the issue, the fix is simple. Unless your desk is too low/high. In that case, you need a new desk.

I am not sure where the smudges are coming from, honestly. I use printerpaper (100g because it feels nice) but haven't had issues with standard 80g paper either. Try some other brands maybe. It might also be the pen. Personally, I use Stabilo pens (holy shit they're like thrice the price in the USA) and they don't smudge at all, even when I tested their smudginess. They last forever, too.

Hope I could help a little.

u/Mrs-Smith123 · 2 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

Well, you are supposed to do them with a felt-tip pen, but you don't need fancy ones for artists. I tried a lot of different ones so far, and honestly, I don't see much of a difference between most brands. Where I live you can get cheap "fineliners" in every store that sells school supplies, even supermarkets. These will do fine.
These are the ones that are most common in my country, but so far I like this one the most from all cheap ones
I have no idea if these are common in other countries as well, so it' mainly just to tell you that cheap pens work completely fine :)

If you can't even get these I guess you could start with ballpoint pens as well, as long as you switch to the recommended supplies as soon as possible :)

Good luck!

u/iitaachi · 1 pointr/bulletjournal