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6 Reddit comments about Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia:

u/motoki · 9 pointsr/swtor

There's a ton of lore and they went and did 8 different class stories that really do play like a single player game for the most part. The interesting thing is that they do inteweave with each other in different aspects so you may get one piece from playing on character and another related piece from playing another. If you've ever seen a movie where you get to see the same event from multiple characters viewpoints it's a bit like that.

If you just want the lore without playing the game the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia is a great resource however I would recommend at least giving the game a try and playing through some of the class quests as a free player to see if you like it. There's a lot story there that's all voice acting plus there's plenty of back story and text on lore objects etc.

This is definitely not your typical MMO in terms of story and lore.

u/TheWanderingSpirit · 8 pointsr/swtor
u/Techno77 · 7 pointsr/swtor

Class Stories - Planet Stories - Ilum - Battle of Ilum - False Emperor -Karraga's - Makeb - ?????

Rakghoul Event - Kaon Under Siege - Lost Island - ????

Chevin Event - Gree Event - ???

Black Talon - Esseles - Taral V - Maelstrom Prison - Boarding Party - The Foundry - ????

Belsavis Empire Planet Story - Explosive Conflict - Terror From Beyond - Scum and Villainy - ????

These are, in my opinion, the major story lines that are going on in the game, I end everything with a ??? because who knows when they may pick up a story thread again. I think the Kaon arc is probably the most definitively ended but who knows. This is just a very simplistic and very broad overview.

You could likely write a book about all the minor things that are interconnected in this game to star wars in general, Kotor 1 and 2 and so on.

Sorry, not what you actually asked for I guess.

u/DarthGM · 3 pointsr/swrpg

If you're setting it around the time of the SWTOR MMO, the Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia is a pretty handy and resourceful reference book to have.

u/Raccoon_Army · 1 pointr/swtor

A lot of this art in the official SWTOR Encyclopedia, good not for just great art, but great lore as well!