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Steelcase Criterion Task Chair (Grey)
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u/vbf ยท 1 pointr/homeoffice

this is one of the overlooked pieces of equipment in any office. Quality chair, quality monitor.. enough pc to get the job done.

Keyboards and mice are worth investing in as well... but they are in the price range where you can experiment without breaking the bank.

Get the most expensive chair you can afford. Skip the race car seats, go to an office supplier (not office depot) Racing seats are designed to not have you moving around. YOu want to be constantly changing position in an office chair.

Look for steelcase or herman miller. Even their simple task chairs are going to last you much longer than the most expensive thing you can find at office depot.

I'm sitting on a 20 year old task chair and while dirty, its rock solid.

There should be used office furniture dealers in your area. Go try some quality furniture out and see what you can haggle down.