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Steins Gate: Complete Series Classic [Blu ray] [Blu-ray]
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u/Verzwei · 17 pointsr/anime

That's just how it is. Believe it or not, Funimation's prices are actually pretty decent. Sentai is similarly priced.

If you really want to shit your pants, go look at Aniplex USA or Ponycan USA releases. Kill La Kill BD Volume 1. Release date: July 15, 2014. Episodes 1-4. ONE THROUGH FUCKING FOUR. $40.00 USD. "Oh that's just the MSRP direct from the walletfuckers, it'll be cheaper from other retailers." Nope and [Amazon link unavailable because Amazon doesn't even carry it].

You paid $30 for Steins;Gate because you bought it when they released the whole thing branded as an anime classic. I know this, because that's when I bought it. That was a rerelease. The original was offered as two split cours that came out a few months apart and each had prices higher than the classic bundle.

This is what Funimation and Sentai do, with few exceptions:

  1. Series will release in 12-13 episode "chunks" (what typically constitutes a season, or what we refer to as a "cour") at about a $60.00 MSRP but then after discounts, promotions, and retailer price adjustments, it drops down to the $40-46 range. Fun fact: Even most publishers rarely charge their full MSRP directly from their own store, because it's a customer-baiting mechanic to list a higher price and then make it look like you're offering a discount, even if that discount is permanent.
  2. Then, once the initial sell-through dies off, if the series was popular enough (or not) it will get heavily discounted in a variety of ways depending on the publisher. Funimation has two different tactics, one of them is the "Anime Classics" label, like that above-linked Steins;Gate or the Spice & Wolf pack. The other option is the "Super Amazing Value Edition" which is a rerelease covered in god-awful "SAVE" branding and, typically, a $20.00 or less price point. Robotics;Notes initially had two separate cour releases, then a SAVE version came out literally years later. Thankfully, all of the SAVE editions have reversible case covers, so you can at least hide that ugly green-striped packaging.

    Sentai doesn't really do rereleases, instead they just regularly (but only temporarily) slash the prices of a lot of their old stock. They have a decent sale going on now, but a few months back they had drastically cut down the prices on a lot of their content, with some subtitle-only releases going for $15 per season (on BD!) and dubbed releases for $18.
u/-Niernen · 10 pointsr/anime

Most of them seem to be under 55%, besides the DBZ sale.

Steins;Gate is 55% off, which is a really good deal

u/Jayfeather113 · 9 pointsr/steinsgate


That is definitely a bootleg. The cover looks cheap, and it is extremely rare for official releases to include everything in one item (Official releases of the TV series and Movie are separate items).

I'm going to assume you don't speak Japanese and are looking for a release with english subtitles, so:

I don't know what country you live in, which is important because of region codes.
If you are in North America you are fine with this one by Funimation, and there is a European release by Manga Entertainment but elsewhere you might be out of luck.

Also if you are just looking for Steins;Gate merchandise in general, like figures or music or something, these are legit sites.

u/AndyError · 8 pointsr/anime

Steins;Gate! It's my favorite anime and it's one of the best. Currently $30 on amazon.

Hmm, it appears to be sold out atm though... Also sold out on rightstuf... And sold out at Best Buy... Wow.

u/Krazee9 · 5 pointsr/anime

Notice that's only Part 1 of 2, and Part 2 is still $50. The complete series is $42 USD, but is available for $40 CAD on and $27.50 USD on

The deals aren't as great as they seem.

u/waterflame321 · 4 pointsr/steinsgate

Anything from Malaysia is o most 100% bootleg... I mean why would Japan have any of it in english or Malay ?

Since it's a sub only release(some of them include the english dub) it's just a rip including subs from online :3 and most likely a low quality rip at that. I bet the subs are crap encoded as well :p

Bottom line: They're bull shit and it's totally not a "Japanese import"... if anything it's "Official Maaysia import" which is pretty much a fancy way to say "bootleg" :p

EDIT: Here are some things off Amazon Japan - 6 Blu-ray disc collector set : 32,406 yen (300+ usd) - 8 disc collector set : 24,800 yen (230+ usd) - 8 disc classic collector set 4,360 yen (40+ usd)

rest of the Steins;Gate anime merch

u/Pandalovar1Hundred · 4 pointsr/steinsgate

I got mine on amazon for $37. It's actually a reasonable price considering you get all the episodes in the series plus the OVA on Blu Ray and DVD. I highly recommend this to all fans, and it also supports the creators of the show. It's a win-win situation.

u/moeyberko · 4 pointsr/Animemes

It’s also on sale on amazon for anime month

Steins Gate: Complete Series Classic [Blu-ray]

u/yarkol · 3 pointsr/steinsgate

If you pre order amazon will give you the lowest price its been at since you ordered once its out. Its 35.99 on, so maybe they will put it on an even better sale on .com too. Basically have nothing to lose by preorder ordering and then cancelling later if you change your mind

u/ez1ollie · 3 pointsr/anime

Complete Steins;Gate series for 31 USD. Close enough?

u/KihelHeim · 2 pointsr/anime

I'm really late replying but I hope still useful! I looked at the series you mentioned your giftee liking and used my knowledge of anime to go on Amazon and pick out 10 other series or movies they might also like, along with why I think these might be a good option. Your person seems to really like edgy and highly dramatic pieces with a scifi or fantasy flair. That's been my favorite for 15 years! A lot of these are a bit older; I am taking the gamble that with as many newer pieces listed, your person hasn't watched a lot of backlog, and therefore may have missed some really good shit.

Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk classic. Older, yes, but for anyone who likes drama and scifi, this is a good choice. It focuses on a classic mind experiment: if you can move your brain freely among cybernetic parts and bodies, what is really "you"?

Steins;Gate is what instantly springs to mind for someone who also likes Psycho Pass. And I mean instantly. Fans of one almost invariably love the other. A tightly-plotted time travel thriller.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a bit older, often controversial, and an absolute work of art. There's a strong chance your giftee is a girl based on the other series they like, but even if not, Utena is still a solid choice. Just be careful on this; sending it to a conservative person could backfire badly. I rather doubt that is the case with Attack on Titan and Shiki, but just to be safe. It's strange and beautiful...and stylish beyond all doubt.

Black Lagoon is anime's answer to a Hollywood big budget action movie. Comedic, violent, and unforgettable, it deserves a far wider audience than it's had. Almost every anime fan I know who's seen it has loved it.

Akira is without a doubt one of the most famous anime movies to ever be created. Animated without CG in the 1980s, the quality of its hand-drawn special effects has yet to be equalled by almost any other production to this day. For someone used to today's slick computer assisted animation, it's still mindblowing. Akira is often credited with being just as important as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon in starting the anime boom of the 1990s, and this is a very nice edition.

Also in the classic scifi category we have Serial Experiments Lain, a show whose points on technology and the internet and the singularity still ring true today. Moody and thought-provoking with masterful use of color and a fantastic soundtrack.

Literally no adult-targeted anime is as famous and well-beloved as Cowboy Bebop. This space western with the jazz soundtrack is a perennial favorite on Cartoon Network Adult Swim, is often suspected as a major influence behind Firefly, and is one of the most popular anime in the US of all time... And it's hitting bluray this month.

Summer Wars should probably come with a bluray device as a tech test. It's that beautiful. A tale of virtual reality and the family and friends behind the characters, Summer Wars is an unforgettable movie which, despite being intensely Japanese, deserves a slot on any videophile's shelf.

My total wildcard pick is Mushishi. Beautiful and dream-like, like a series of 25 minute oases from ordinary life. If this is in fact a slice of life, these timeless Japanese almost fairy tales are like no life you've seen. Some call it slow and overhyped. I call it perfection. At any rate, this isn't at all what I'd get as an only gift; it's more a wildcard filler for a $20 other series. If you want my actual top pick.....

Baccano! is my final and top pick. It's really hard to go wrong with this. This rollicking action anime about immortal Prohibition-era Mafiosi in the United States is one of the best and most underrated anime of all time. Humor, violent action, mystery, drama, good characters, good animation, good music... It has them all. It's chronically overshadowed by its more popular sister series Durarara, and that makes me sad. But Durarara isn't easily available outside streaming, and this glorious madcap piece of anime is. Plus it has at least one theme in common with everything your person listed liking. You know what to do.

u/medicosaurus · 2 pointsr/steinsgate


At 32 dollars for the combined Blu-ray/DVD set, not too bad, huh?

u/Ghalv · 2 pointsr/anime

Yep, and i can't wait for complete release of Steins;Gate next month =P

u/tw547 · 2 pointsr/anime

I have never bought an anime before, so I have a question: I'm planing to buy Steinsgate: Complete Series Classic, but does this come with Japanese voice acting with English sub as well as dubbing? Also, does anyone know where I can get the movie version that doesn't cost like $70?

English is not my primary language so sorry for the grammars. And thanks!

u/junktr0n · 1 pointr/anime

Well this year in anime has had some surprises and disappointments. This was my first year of watching seasonal anime (winter 2015). The anime that had the most impact on me and made into my top 10 was the 2nd season of JJBA: SDC. My friend got me into it and I was skeptical at first but I ended up loving.

In general this year I became more enriched in anime and I've watched more anime this year than other form of entertainment in my life. I don't what I would be doing without anime if I hadn't discovered it (probably just still playing video games) but I wouldn't have had the influence of anime today. I've been learning Japanese since my 2nd year of high school (because it's offered there) so it has also greatly influenced my intake of anime.

As for what I would want I would like either Steins; Gate Blu-ray, Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray, or basically any quality wall scrolls for the Fate Series or Kara no Kyoukai Series like this, this, or [this.]

Also thank you for doing this.

u/bigfoot1291 · 1 pointr/anime

>The amount of upvotes on a reply will be taken into consideration when choosing the top 3

>Please don't downvote other people's comments

toppest kek

Anyways, I choose Steins;Gate complete series simply because it's my top series.

Anime to me this year has meant a lot of disappointment more than anything. I was super hyped for both Charlotte and UBW, and both were a pretty big letdown. On the other hand though I definitely did have some pretty big surprises with a hopeful future, in a lot of announcements including Steins;Gate sequel and Rewrite (although I gotta keep my expectations in check)

EDIT: Oh man how could I forget Aldnoah.Zero season 2 in my slew of disappointment? That was right up there as well.

u/lazykryptonian · 1 pointr/steinsgate

Steins Gate: Complete Series Classic [Blu-ray]

u/jokiratv · 1 pointr/steinsgate

I actually posted something about this a while ago. I don't think the link you sent me is exactly the thing that I'm talking about, but the price seems correct. It is basically the 9 Bluray bundles which cost about 100$ each, they contain 2 to 3 episodes, a book and generally some printed pictures. But if you really want to buy them, I would suggest going for this whole bundle for half the price of all the individuals grouped. 350€ vs ~900€, you do the counting :')

The individuals look like this :

The complete bluray series is unfortunately not available on, but on it is always at a good price (it was about 25$ during Christmas)

However it seems that there are lots of bundles for the series.. There are of course the complete series in DVD, then in Bluray + DVD, then you have for 60$ the 12 first episodes in bluray, then you have 2 to 3 episodes in the collector bundle.. Arg it's seriously painful thinking about all the possibilities, but mostly I think that's really unnecessary. Either you go for the complete bluray series or for the collector bluray series.. I wouldn't want to have just one volume of the collector, just to say I have something collector.

Like I said, I didn't had any hatred for her, as I was already attached to her since the anime. But I also think that's what I would have probably felt like, if I had done the VN first... or not... Come on, that's KURISU we're talking about! :D You could probably clarify something for me, is there really a difference between the Kurisu ending and the True Ending, besides the length of course? I always thought that it was the same put cut from the true happy ending, but I read somewhere recently that is was only in the Kurisu Ending that they clearly express their feelings to each others.. I couldn't do the True Ending by myself after a lot of tries, so I finally watched it on Youtube (I know what you're going to say, don't bother : SACRILEGE!). Actually, in every endings Okabe breaks down in a certain way.. It never really ends up good except for the real True Ending. I'd really like to know how the scripting of the scenario went, how they decided which end was the best for the story and stuff like that. Maybe they voted to say "hey, which character do you like the most?" "Raise hands for Kurisu" wave of hands raising in the air I also think they figured out that if they would put a depressing ending, we wouldn't ever be able to continue exploring the series.

I guess I'll just be waiting for the good moment to have one :) But definitely on my top list, I have those two you suggested me, and the chubby Kurisu! Ok I get it, Figmas are cool, I'll try give it a look. I think they are a little bit cheaper aren't they? The REAL point I can give them, is the fact that you can do stop-motion ( and THAT is REALLY COOL! I couldn't say better, my phrase is always "More Steins;Gate, is good Steins;Gate", I know it's not correct, but who cares you get the point and I think you feel the same too :)

Her Tsundere side makes her even cute if you ask me. I know it's something most of the people hate, because they see that all the time but I don't think so. I don't see that many tsundere (actually I don't watch a lot of animes, I should have seen like a dozen in my whole life and that counts Dragon Ball+Z as one). Yeah, I think Kurisu could be the more mature in the series, even though Okabe says Mayuri hides that pretty well behind her dummy behavior. I, too, can say I was always a way ahead of my class, even though now I can't say that since we're 1300 haha.

It's clearly not a "good" fighting game, we're not talking about Street fighter nor Mortal Kombat here, it's some sort of Dead or Alive with characters you like. But the thing that really made me curious is a certain 8bit mode a little bit like a Street of rage (if you know)
And hey they even bothered putting the music of Steins;Gate in 8bits, what else? :D You can use the future gadget to fight, what else? EDIT : Ok actually the 8bit game is another DLC for that game, or even a standalone I don't even know, but basically you have to pay 10€ + 5€ for the Kurisu pack.. seriously?

What's this dude's name? He's a genius, the Hans Zimmer of Japan!

Also I would like you opinion on something, I told you about my willing to do a fanfilm of Steins;Gate and I'm more and more thinking about adapting the lightnovel The Distant Valhalla. Like I told you, I'm currently translating it for my friends, and if they like it (they are also my scenarists and actors) I would really love to do that. I wouldn't do just a basic adaptation, but I already thought about a lot of details and things to add to the main plot of the novel. But to really talk about it, I'll wait for you to read it yourself ;)

I'm sorry I missed the stream again. I woke up far too late, I ended up watching what is now one of my favorite movie : The Machinist.

u/SamisSimas · 1 pointr/anime

Any reasoning to this selection, because honestly I think we could recommend something better than these, if there isn't a specific reason to this selection.

Summer Wars

Garden of Words


Obsucre-er? (Though maybe not as great)

Patema Inverted

Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Ergo Proxy

u/Drizz57 · 1 pointr/Animedubs

I love steins gate but why not buy the FULL SERIES for $25 on bluray with dubs in the classic edition instead -

That "LE" has nothing special about it at all sadly

u/redditgoogle · 1 pointr/anime

Appreciate it a ton. Will be picking up this and the new $30 Steins Gate BD/DVD

u/Oh_Alright · 1 pointr/anime

Rats, if you're convinced you'll love it, the Blu Ray/DVD set is pretty cheap. I own it myself and it's definitely worth 30 USD to me.

u/BobTheLawyer · 1 pointr/steinsgate

Does 360 support youtube? You can watch it all on FUNimation's official youtube channel. They also have the first 4 episodes of the dub on youtube, if you prefer that.
That said, it's not HD, and the recommended subs are not the official ones. WhyNotSubs are usually what this sub recommends, which you'd have to find a way to acquire yourself (I do not believe this sub can publicly condone piracy). That said, if you do download it, I'd recommend purchasing the anime as well. $30 on amazon for 12 hours of anime is not a bad deal by any means, especially for a top anime like Steins;Gate.

You could just buy the dvds, and play those from your xbox, if you'd prefer that.

u/FaceToPie · 1 pointr/anime

For any of you who don't know already they are getting ready to come out with the dvd/blueray box for the whole season.

u/Sento- · 0 pointsr/anime
  1. $30, and it's not just Steins;Gate. Most releases through Sentai, NIS, and Funimation are fairly priced. It's mostly Aniplex releases that can be somewhat pricey.

  2. Imports often come without subs, any NA released Blu-Ray is guaranteed to have subs and the subs for the most part are okay (with some exceptions).

  3. A lot is an exaggeration. Oppai mousepads and body pillows make up a small portion of OFFICIAL merchandise. There's other stuff available, but maybe you don't like it?

  4. Thank you for putting what I said in all-caps to make it seem like I was screaming at you.

    I'd rather not continue discussing this as it seems pointless to go back and forth with someone whose problems are seemingly non-existent.