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Surge Citrus Soda Soft Drinks, 16 fl oz, 12 Pack
SURGE is backPack of 12, 16 fluid ounce cans of citrus flavored soda with other natural flavorsCitrus flavored soft drinkConvenient, On the Go 16 ounce cansSURGE originally existed in the US 1996 to 2001; back now due to popular demand
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66 Reddit comments about Surge Citrus Soda Soft Drinks, 16 fl oz, 12 Pack:

u/bpostal · 45 pointsr/behindthegifs

They're selling it again. You can buy it online or maybe find it in a store. The gas station near me sells a 16oz can for $1.

Amazon also sells Bawls, you can get 'em in in a can or bottles.

u/tommies12 · 19 pointsr/hockey
u/ninenines999999999 · 17 pointsr/mildlyinteresting
u/GregEvangelista · 14 pointsr/todayilearned

You can get the Surge again, fyi.

u/neuhmz · 14 pointsr/pics

Surge is working hard to come back, Their twitter is pretty active. you can get it from Amazon too if you want. And sold here on Amazon, notice it's usually bought with munchie foods.

u/Chucklestein · 13 pointsr/leagueoflegends

Oh, but they did.

u/7SEALS · 4 pointsr/gaming

Surge is back. All my local stores carry it but if you can't find it they sell it by the case on amazon.

Edit: here's the link to buy it

u/MagnaFarce · 4 pointsr/UnresolvedMysteries

They started producing Surge again in small batches recently. The last batch sold out for the general public, but if you've got Amazon Prime you can do the whole Prime Pantry thing.

I'm sitting on a couple 12-packs I bought when it was still in stock.

u/HugePowersPodshow · 3 pointsr/Soda

Great idea for an Amazon affiliate site. Well done.

Considering its niche popularity, nostalgic appeal, and relative affordability, you might consider adding Surge to your lineup.

u/duramax08 · 3 pointsr/sanantonio

Its making a comeback slowly, starting from the east side of the country and slowly going west. Sadly it looks like it died out at Louisiana, this is where amazon steps in.

I would like to make note that sadly they didn't have surge in liquid form in the coolers, but this will work for now.

u/soufend · 3 pointsr/pics
u/Davril80 · 3 pointsr/90s
u/d3athsd00r · 2 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

If you had time to plan I would recommend a case of Surge and a 4 pack of Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

Otherwise, I'm a big fan of Mountain Dew and Spicy Nacho Doritos.

Do you happen to have a Trader Joe's near you?

u/st1tchy · 2 pointsr/funny

Amazon sells it now. I think some stores sell it as well.

u/digital_end · 2 pointsr/pics

I got curious, and yup... they are on Amazon.

SURGE, 12 ct, 16 FL OZ Cans


Trying to decide if I want to risk ruining the memory with the reality.

u/FallenAege · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

Yep, but it's only available for Prime Pantry at the moment. Used to be available for all, so most are protesting by not buying it until they switch it back.

However, it's available at convenience stores throughout the Southeastern United States so you can check for locations.

u/ObsidianSpectre · 2 pointsr/funny
u/JasonDJ · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals
u/ArsenicGerbil · 2 pointsr/90sdesign

You can pick some up on Amazon but they had it at gas stations for a limited time in the US this summer. It is also under the name Urge in other countries.

u/XelaIsPwn · 2 pointsr/Soda

Have you tried Surge? It's pretty dang close.

u/aaj213 · 2 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

It's been back for like three years now. Check yourself

u/illegal_brain · 2 pointsr/holdmybeer

They are still on sale for $14 for 12 16oz cans. HERE

edit: It's only for prime members, but you can get a free 30 day trial.

u/-CaptainDipshit · 2 pointsr/pics

Here it says 56g

Edit: Sorry. This is wrong. This is for 16oz

u/btarocker · 2 pointsr/shittyfoodporn
u/Cash091 · 2 pointsr/gaming

Last night. You can order Surge from Amazon!

u/Truman___Burbank · 2 pointsr/nfl

I love Orange Dry. For the uninformed, I would describe it on a spectrum as Orange Juice -> Orangina -> Orange Dry -> Sunkist. Less pulp and more soft drink-like as you move left to right.

Also a PSA to my fellow 90s kids: you can buy Surge from amazon. Just saying.

u/highanimalhouse · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

While you're there, get Surge on Amazon.

u/Orionwoody · 1 pointr/comicbooks

Good to see Marvel has the pulse on pop culture, because the ’90s are definitely back in. 1 January 2015 was when everyone got confident enough to declare it.

(Those are all seperate links by the way.)

u/Sky_Diner · 1 pointr/nostalgia

Well Amazon initially was just selling it straight up for $14 for 12, and I bought a case then. Now they've moved it to Amazon Pantry where it's still only $14 for a 12 pack, but because it's in Pantry you have to order a bunch of other crap from them too.

I'd love to buy it again, but I'm with you... I'm not paying $40 to a reseller on Amazon for it.

u/ProfitOfRegret · 1 pointr/buildapc

No Surge?

u/95blackz26 · 1 pointr/funny

it usually sells out pretty quick on amazon.

not really sold out but it looks like they make you signup for prime in order to buy it

u/MrGizthewiz · 1 pointr/youtubehaiku

You can get it right here.

u/ostermei · 1 pointr/pics

They've actually started producing it for the US market again, but it's only available through Amazon.

Looks like OP already knows that, though, since that looks like one of the new 16 ounce cans he's got in his broke-ass penatgram there.

u/Candlematt · 1 pointr/funny

Actually, they arn't sold out.

$14.99 +$5.99 shipping. Only available to prime members.

u/ZeroThePenguin · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

If you have Amazon Prime you can order it from Prime Pantry for $14 for twelve cans. Three cases will just about fill a Pantry box and then it's only $6 to ship it. I stock up every few months.

u/Hotrian · 1 pointr/Vaping

If you have Amazon Prime (and are in US, maybe others) you can pick these up through their Prime Pantry program for about a $1.16 a can, not including the $6 shipping for the Pantry box (about $20 for 12 cans with shipping fee, so about $1.66 a can), but this only fills up 30% of the box so if you're a Surge lover (like me :P) you can get these for about $1.33 a can if you pick up 36 ($48 for 36 cans) ;]. Surge on Amazon.

u/aricberg · 0 pointsr/amiibo

Coke brought it back for a limited time, but you can only order it through Amazon. My first sip since ca. 2001. Just as good as I remember it!

u/Well_back_to_lurking · 0 pointsr/pics

Damn it, you are right. Link

u/TheGrot · 0 pointsr/videos
u/where_is_the_cheese · 0 pointsr/funny

Nah, just fuckin with ya.^^^^it's ^^^^really ^^^^back