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Suzuki SCX-48 Chromatix Series Harmonica C 12 Hole
Ergonomically designed mouthpiece, precise and smooth slide mechanism, and ABS combPhosphor bronze reed platesChrome-plated coversRefer user manual below
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2 Reddit comments about Suzuki SCX-48 Chromatix Series Harmonica C 12 Hole:

u/exitpursuedbybear · 2 pointsr/harmonica

Looks like they've run out of the 64...but 48 is still available at 100

u/ChristianDybleMusic · 1 pointr/harmonica

I recommend the Suzuki SCX-48 as the best option. It will last you years if you take good care of it. It is one of the best chromatic harps for a relatively good price and the sound fits jazz much better than Hohner chromatic harps that often sound 'folksy.' I played on it for years and it is still going strong. Although it is not as good as my Suzuki Sirius, which is a much more high end instrument, the tone quality is still fantastic for being a fraction of the price. It even outperforms the Sirius in certain areas such as funk or any other style require more force or responsiveness to its sound.

I saw that someone recommended the Hohner Cx12 Jazz and I have no experience playing it personally, but in my opinion it would not be worth it just because it costs more than the SCX-48 with the tone and quality of the SCX-48 being better in my opinion. The covers are also plastic which visually looks tacky, but on a positive note the Cx12 is much more modified and easier to clean because no tools are necessary to take it apart. This is unlike the SCX-48, which if you want to clean it you need to unscrew the cover plates. The cover plates on the SCX-48 also tend to be smudged by figure prints so that is a negative it does have to plastic covers. The Cx-12 Jazz is much bulkier than the SCX-48 and I would imagine not quite as comfortable to hold, but I cant say for sure. I think it is still a consideration though as you should decide for yourself if you think those qualities would fit your music style better.


If you are serious about getting into this style of music on the chromatic harp, do not buy anything of lesser quality such as the cheap harps from Swan or East Top that range around $60-80. They will become a handicap to your playing due to their lack of responsiveness, poor tone, and poor lifespan.