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sweetgum Swedish Dishcloths, Set of 5 (Flora)
Set of 5 eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths.What's a Swedish Dishcloth? Glad you asked! It's essentially an eco-friendly sponge cloth the same size as a washcloth. Wet and use with water, dish liquid or spray cleaner. It's that easy.Use over and over again. Each dishcloth replaces 15-17 rolls of paper towels and lasts for months. Yup- that's a lot of paper towels. Your wallet thanks you, our little blue planet thanks you and that crazy red squirrel in the back yard thanks you too. (More trees for him).You'll love the way these dishcloths clean up spills and wipe down counters. They make a great alternative to traditional sponges plus they dry super fast... Good-bye yucky old sponge smell and Hello happy healthy home!We left out all the bad stuff and kept it simple: 70% Cellulose (wood pulp) & 30% Cotton. Chemical free and printed with water based inks. Biodegradable and Compostable! Sanitize dishcloths in washing machine or dishwasher... up to 50 times! Toss dishcloths in with your regular load of laundry or even in with the whites then air dry. That's right- our dishcloths are bleach safe. Easy-peasy.
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Huh, I don't see them anymore. But Amazon has a bunch of options