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Swimming Fastest
Author(s): Ernest W. MaglischoPublished: 1-22-2003SHK01257
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u/cjt09 · 14 pointsr/Fitness

Nope, there's real science supporting this. Recovery runs don't deplete muscle glycogen stores since they're so low-intensity, but they do increase blood flow throughout the body--which ends up allowing for beneficial contents like vitamins, minerals, and glucose to be more quickly delivered to muscles, which means that muscle tissue can be more easily repaired. This is well documented in Swimming Fastest by Coach Ernest Maglischo.

I'd be more wary of high-intensity cardio since it can take over a day for your glycogen stores to complete replenish.

u/TheGreatCthulhu · 3 pointsr/Swimming

[Swimming Fastest by Ernie Maglischo](
) is the definitive stroke & swimming book. It's now over 10 years old, and that's the 3rd edition. There are a few things in it that are out of date but it's 1000 pages of meaty technical goodness.

u/kaythetall · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I'm a couple months in practicing on my own. I had lessons as a kid, but hadn't really swum more than a few meters (other than lounging around) in twenty years.

I've gone from around 90 seconds to go 50m to about 55s, swimming twice a week for half an hour. I feel like I'm making slow but steady progress, but I also am reading quite a bit from the library. The drill structure in Total Immersion sounds goofy, but is very rewarding so far. It does assume some swimming experience. And Swimming Fastest is huge but very detailed on proper form.

I never really felt like Youtube videos could explain what and why things were happening. I need really, really slow-motion that I can watch for multiple swimmers to see what they do differently, and the same. That doesn't seem to exist at high rez.

u/potato1 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Swimming has been found through decades of research to have a very high degree of specificity, meaning that swimming is the best way to work on swimming, and cross-training with other activities will be of very limited benefit. If you're interested, the definitive book about training for swimming is Swimming Fastest.