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Synology DS416play NAS DiskStation (Diskless)
Ideal 4-bay NAS as home multimedia centerDual-core CPU burst up to 2.48GHz delivers 225.68 MB/s reading, 186.67 MB/s writingEncryption performance at over 224.91 MB/s reading, 142.56 MB/s writing by aes-ni hardware encryption EngineDual Gigabit LAN ports runs link aggregation on your home switchSingle H.264 4K or triple full HD 1080p video transcoding on the fly
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u/nalybuites · 123 pointsr/cableporn

Here's the composition of the rack:

  • NavePoint 12U Network Rack
  • TP-Link TL-SG1024: 24 port rackmount switch
  • TP-Link TL-SG1016PE: 16 port rackmount power over ethernet switch (needed for the Wi-Fi access points)
  • TP-Link TL-R600VPN: Rackmount router w/ dual-WAN and VPN
  • Rackmount Power w/ surge protection
  • Rack shelf: Used to hold modem and NAS
  • Patch Panel: 24-port Cat6 patch panel (wires go in the pack via punchdown connection, and you run patch cables to the switches)
  • 12" Patch cables: For connecting between the patch panel, swicthes, other on-rack devices
  • Synology 416play NAS: Movies, music, pictures, etc. 32 TB in all.

    Elsewhere in the house/other useful parts:

  • Keystone Cat6 jacks: one per bedroom, 4 in my home office, 4 in the media room (not built yet), 3 in the family room
  • 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-hole keystone wall plates: Buy the number of holes you want and just pop in the keystone jacks
  • Blank keystone inserts: For when you have too many holes in the keystone plates
  • Ubiquiti AC Pro x 3: Wi-Fi access points, roughly center of the house on each floor (basement, first, second)
  • Punchdown tool: For doing the punchdown connections on the patch panel and on each of the keystone Cat6 plugs in each room
  • Extra rack screws and washers
  • J-Hook: There are two hooks on each wall, holding service loops for the Cat6 and Coax, respectively.

    Useful things I learned:

  • I was originally going to run the wires myself, but never could find the time. Also Cat6 is expensive when not purchased in wholesale quantities (< 10,000 ft). So we hired a local electrician to run the actual wires. It took two of them about 1.5 days to run everything. This was well worth the money, since the project would have taken many months to do in the evenings/on weekends with a toddler running around.
  • I did all the wall terminations. Since they were punchdowns, it was easy and took one evening after work. The electricians would have charged me another half-day of labor.
  • I did all the network rack work. This also took one evening after work.
  • Do NOT buy electrical/networking equipment from a big box hardware store. Always go to a specialized retailer, like an electrician supply store. Their prices will be 1/20th that of the big box store, you won't have to have anything shipped, and their employees actually know what they are talking about. So if you're looking for something that you don't know the name of, you can usually describe it.
  • Newer construction may have fire breaks/blocks/stops which prevent fire and gases from traveling up the inside of the walls. This makes fire move more slowly and give you more time to evacuate. However, it also means you might need to drill holes/patch walls in order to run wires vertically.
  • Put in a service loop. If you ever need to re-terminate for any reason (like replacing a patch panel), it will give you extra cable to work with. Do the same thing inside your walls behind the wall plates, since you might have to do the same thing there as well.
  • Buy networking gear that is rated for the same speed (i.e., gigabit). Your network will only be as fast as the slowest part of it.
  • Watch out for network loops. This is really easy to do and will cause your router to crash or perform suboptimally. I spent >2 hours debugging on of these as a result of connecting my router to itself by way of both switches.
u/djdude007 · 1 pointr/torrents
u/WarWizard · 1 pointr/HomeServer

My take is you should get a nas unit of some kind and pair that with syncing it to One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or whatever. Based on your "comfort" level comment earlier. Synology units are considered "pricey" by some -- but the software is nice and easy to use. They just work well. I have a DS1812+ and it is awesome.

Without knowing anything else about what you are doing; I'd get something like this and put in 4 of these. A bit of sticker shock I am sure; but this gives you 12TB of storage that is locally secured from drive failure. However being locally 'secure' is only part of it. You need something offsite. The easiest is setting up something to sync to one of the cloud data providers.

You can of course put different drives in to reduce the cost (going with the 4TB drives I think saves around $200 on disks. Disks will almost certainly be your biggest expense.

You could also get a 2-bay unit and a pair of 8TB drives and mirror them. Probably good enough for you honestly.

u/Anonymouspock · 1 pointr/homelab

For #1, figure out how much storage you need. Then, figure out your electric budget and your price budget (sometimes the former wins over the latter). From there, you can decide if the peace of mind + generally lower power usage of grabbing a ready-built NAS from Synology, QNAP, etc is worth the extra capital cost over building your own.

For example, if you run a NAS on an R710, at bare minimum, you'd be consuming 60ish watts with just the server and one hard drive. Compare a DS416play which has a power supply rated for 90 watts and consumes 29 watts when being accessed, presumably measured with all four HDDs installed. To be fair, the R710 supports 6 instead of 4 drives, but still.

DS416play (just an example, find one that fits your needs the best!): ($459 + $16 shipping)

R710 if you have no sense and can't be bothered to win an auction: ($322)