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u/Mawad1 · 3 pointsr/hiphopheads

Anyone know if this "the takeover" album is legit? People saying it's fake but isn't it posted by the legit kendrick account on amazon? I don't know if you can just put it under the artist.

u/AestheticOmega · 2 pointsr/hiphopheads

There's a UK Amazon page up which has the new album titled 'The Takeover'. Also has what I'd assume is a placeholder release date of May 12th. Possible album artwork?

u/Sebijingames · 1 pointr/KendrickLamar

Why did I just get an email from Amazon about this???

u/LOMOcatVasilii · 1 pointr/KendrickLamar

Link, Says it'll be released May 12th...?

u/Lussos · 1 pointr/KendrickLamar
u/theycallmelouie · 1 pointr/hiphopheads
u/igotloyalty · 0 pointsr/KendrickLamar

idk why amazon has this. its not fake. its actually there.

u/BowTieWearingElephan · 0 pointsr/KendrickLamar
u/loose6oose · -1 pointsr/KendrickLamar

CoULd tHiS B tHE nEw ALBUM?¿?¿!¡!?!?