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Tanita BF-679 Body Fat/Body Water Scale
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4 Reddit comments about Tanita BF-679 Body Fat/Body Water Scale:

u/natalienaught · 4 pointsr/MtF

I research this stuff, and can tell you that BMI has nothing to do with aesthetics, or even metabolic health. It's an epidemiological tool used to estimate health at the population level. Doctors use population-based cutoffs as a pragmatic means of categorization, but those have lots of issues in themselves, particularly as applied to populations outside the western first-world.

There's a lot of public confusion, but individuals shouldn't pay much attention to their BMI, aside from avoiding the extremes, and should instead focus on body composition, as in % body fat and % lean mass. Here's a free article discussing this issue from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Body composition can be easily monitored these days with cheap BIA devices (one example). These generally lack accuracy (i.e., the number it tells you is wrong), but are fairly precise, which means they give you a similarly wrong number every time, so you can accurately monitor changes (as long as you are about the same hydration status).

Goals are still a matter for some debate, but here are general population values for men and women.

Anyway, lots of info, but I hope it helps, and good luck!

u/misslaerry · 2 pointsr/xxketo

Invest in a GOOD SCALE. It was the best money I ever spent (as far as weight-loss goes). You might have a different weight to start with, but then you'll be able to trust every lb after that!

I like my Tanita.

u/Apprentice_Bator · 1 pointr/100DaysofKeto

Not sure how accurate it is, but I use a scale that measures body fat by sending an electric signal through your body, and measuring the time it takes based on body weight. It seems to be very accurate. Something like this:

u/polished_iconoclast · 1 pointr/ketogains

I am lucky to have one at my gym. You can get much cheaper TANITA models at Amazon. I had this one when I lived in the US: