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The Art of Frozen: (Frozen Book, Disney Books for Kids )
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7 Reddit comments about The Art of Frozen: (Frozen Book, Disney Books for Kids ):

u/2718281828 · 130 pointsr/movies

Here are higher resolution versions. They're by Cory Loftis and are in "The Art of Frozen".

If you want to see some animated 2D Frozen then go here or here.

u/Pwntagram · 5 pointsr/Frozen

Here is a blogpost which more or less thoroughly answers you question.

Additionally you can buy the Art of Frozen on Amazon for ~25$.

u/MCubb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

"His Dark Materials" series! My favorite series ever! Epic adventure and super creative and compelling story!

And I'd love The Art of Frozen if I win!


Thanks for the contest!

u/EatsPaint · 2 pointsr/careerguidance

Basically, you know by looking at other professionals in the field, and some of that is just a matter of talking to other artists and going to conventions (GDC is one, Spectrum Live is another one).

I think I'd worry less about your style, and more about learning technique as best as you can. But, look at what you'd want to work on. Do you want to work on Assassin's Creed? Do you want to work on Mobile games? Do you like book cover art? Do you want to work on Pixar movies? How about editorial illustration? Immerse yourself in looking at art and really listen to what calls to you. If you consider the audience, and also consider the history of what the company has put out, it will give you an idea of what "good" is, and what you should be aiming for. For example, the style of concept art on assassin's creed is more realistic. They use a lot of photos in their concepts, and they paint very realistically as a whole. Mobile games have a gamut- sometimes more cartoony, sometimes less.

Oh, also, you can download a trial of photoshop or maya, and do a membership- that will let you poke around in the program for a while and get a feel for it. Photoshop also does pay-per-month now rather than having to buy a 2grand program.

Check out this site:
These guys are some of the best. Sadly, there was a cite called CGHub that just went down, otherwise that used to be such a good resource. Lots of what these guys are doing is more polished work- it would probably be more on the end of market art (concept art can often be more sketchy).
If you want to see approximately mid-level work, this is my portfolio. (I'm currently re-doing my website, so this is my blog) I also have a side bar of other artists I like on there.

Also, Disney and Pixar both put out books on the visual development of their movies. Brave, Frozen, Tangled.. they all have them.
Some of the best art books out there.

Also check out Gnomon workshop.

They have classes in drawing, 3d. I think there is some storyboarding classes in there. But I'd also suggest some basic foundation drawing classes. You'll need to really understand color, light, figure drawing, anatomy, landscape painting. You can probably get a start on a lot of that at a community college, but there are online art classes for that stuff. Even youtube will have those basics. For example:

James Gurney has an excellent blog that talks about technique and a lot of other art-related things.
There is also a blog called Muddy Colors, written by professionals in the field. It's an amazing resource.

It is overwhelming, but the more you poke around the more you'll understand what the field requires, and the more resources you'll stumble on.

Anyway I hope that helps!

u/Officer_Pedesko · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think this book would be rather helpful in creating a snowman. It probably shows the stages of creation right there in the pages.

u/lazybutter · 1 pointr/Frozen

If anyone was wondering, quick search in Amazon yielded:

The Art of Frozen

A Sister More Like Me