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4 Reddit comments about The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road:

u/PressEveryButton · 2088 pointsr/MovieDetails

I've mentioned this before in a previous thread that this was brought up.

If you enjoyed these little details you should absolutely get yourself The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road. It goes in depth about how they basically designed the entire society.

They explain little things, for example how each steering wheel is detachable because it was supposed to be granted to you by the will of the Immortan, then returned to the altar room which contains all the steering wheels of warriors past and present.

And the guy playing the flaming guitar (Coma The Doof Warrior) is actually wearing a mask made from his dead mother's face. Also, from page 133:
>...anything that looks like leather is probably human skin, as there are no animals visible.

If you love concept art/world building, and want to delve deeper into the world of Fury Road, I highly recommend it.

u/NateCadmus · 2 pointsr/movies

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Princess Kaguya

Mad Max: Fury Road - the art book for this is incredible.
(here's a link )

u/Rndmtrkpny · 2 pointsr/fo4

There's two:

An actual "inspired by" art book. Not really what you are looking for....

And also the large, tabletop, The Art of Mad Max Fury Road, here. The first review pretty much sums up what you get. I actually own a copy and went and pulled it out so I could look it over again before replying. Though it has some character stuff we already know, it also goes into set design and writing and directing. I found out things I didn't know (for instance all Night Bog shots were done during the day, the director of photography, John Seale, was instructed to overexpose the shoot to create greater amounts of shadow, then they graded the shots down to blue in post. The Night Bog shots did not take place in the desert, but at a salt factory close by). This is just a taste of what it is like. This book gave me more info then I knew, and I'm a pretty staunch Max fan. It's...detailed enough to be intelligently written, but Fury Road wasn't a cerebral film, so it doesn't go deep, deep into things. The cars are also talked about quite a bit, and we get a bit more character backstory, the actor for Immortan talks (in character) about his mindset for the people, also final closing thoughts on why Max walked away but Furiousa stayed, that sort of thing. Worth it, imo, if you loved the movie.

Edit: In summary, you get everything you are talking about with this book, including concept art and details about the world!

u/strongjz · 1 pointr/MovieDetails