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9 Reddit comments about The Art of Zootopia:

u/kitten_anus · 18 pointsr/movies

I know Disney/Pixar puts out those books for all their movies that have a lot of concept art and stuff in them, there might be some of the earlier version of the movie captured there. Maybe check it out the next time you're in a Barnes and Noble or whatever.

It seems from the interview that they already had a lot of the art worked up for the darker version of the city that the wound up scrapping.

EDIT: just discovered by local library has a few copies of The Art of Zootopia, I'm totally putting a hold on it

u/Rutgerman95 · 11 pointsr/MovieDetails

Honestly, the best one was a cut poster of an elderly lion with retractile dysfunction. You can thank the The Art Of Zootpia book for that one.

u/DaNugget1993 · 5 pointsr/disney

I suggest looking into "The art of...." (up, inside out, etc...) they are coffee table book of concept art. On the other side of the story telling try Pixar Storytelling

The Art of Up

The Art of Inside Out

The Art of Zootopia

Pixar Storytelling: Rules for Effective Storytelling Based on Pixar's Greatest Films

u/froboy456 · 3 pointsr/furry

Since you like the movie so much, I would highly recommend reading the official Zootopia book. It goes into great detail to explain how they made the movie. They include things like character design, how they designed all of the environments, and so on and so forth. Here is the link to buy the book.

The Art of Zootopia

u/mwalimu59 · 3 pointsr/zootopia

How many of these images also appear in The Art of Zootopia?

u/bonerbaker · 1 pointr/zootopia

where did you get this art book?
EDIT: nevermind found it

u/Seal_Point_Lop · 1 pointr/zootopia

Amazon $34, free shipping

Awesome book btw. Bought mine a few days ago.