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The Beatles [USB]
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u/musson · 3 pointsr/

If you want the best audio quality you can purchase the "Apple USB" drive. Comes with everything FLAC encoded and bonus video content.
Does cost $300 though.

u/R0MARIO · 2 pointsr/beatles
u/BungalowDebill · 2 pointsr/beatles

If you can find the FLAC releases, they are the best version. Still available

u/lifeguardoflove · 2 pointsr/beatles

I don't have the USB drive, but I have looked into it before.

To answer your Qs. The USB drive has the following albums

Please Please Me

With The Beatles

Hard Day's Night

Beatles For Sale


Rubber Soul


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles (White Album)

Yellow Submarine

Let It Be

Abbey Road

Past Masters I & II

The tracks are FLAC and don't have DRM, so yeah they are transferrable.

Does it work on 1999ish PCs? Lol, well I'm not sure how the heck a 1999 PC is running reddit (I kid). But yeah, if you download the right media player with the right codecs, then there's no reason it won't play FLAC.

More info -

u/agentgamma · 2 pointsr/beatles

Not quite, mate. Where's your USB Apple?

In all seriousness though, nice collection. I only have the Stereo CDs and the USB apple (since I found one for cheap.) Still need to get the Mono albums in some form (although I probably won't get the new vinyl box, since it's quite expensive and I'll probably just get one or two albums individually.)

u/Working8dayzaweek · 1 pointr/beatles

dude please get her this. I dont know what your budget is, but if my fiance got me this i think he would tell you the 2 blow jobs a day were worth the money he spent on it :-)

u/Hikamiro · 1 pointr/funny

The only lossless audio i can find on amazon (IN A DIGITAL FORM) is

a beatles box set on a flash drive for $250

u/RichardStarrkey · 1 pointr/beatles

I was going to recommend this:

Then I saw the price. Contains all the albums in FLAC and MP3.

There are...frowned upon ways of finding the music you're looking for, if you're okay with that.