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The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions
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12 Reddit comments about The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions:

u/Joka6 · 21 pointsr/funny

I remember this from a book I came across in my youth. it's in a book by Kenji Kawakami, The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions also found a dead subreddit on this topic /r/Chindogu

u/DooDooBerries · 14 pointsr/IAmA

Have you ever read Unuseless Japanese Inventions? You remind me of this and it's probably why I enjoy your content so much.

u/Tim-Sanchez · 13 pointsr/gifs

This is from a Russian comedy show called KVN. However, it is based on a Japanese product, which I can't work out whether it is real.

u/Coronos · 8 pointsr/funny

There's an actual book with random, but-seemingly-useful inventions made from Japan. Here is said book. I see it in the bookstore a lot.

u/unclefishbits · 2 pointsr/funny

Oh my gosh, I can help. This is a wonderful "art" in Japan... the art of the useless invention.


From the land of the rising sun, strangely practical and utterly eccentric inventions for a life of ease—and hilarity.

In Japan Kenji Kawakami is famous for his tireless promotion of Chindogu: the art of the unuseless idea. Meant to solve problems of modern life, these bizarre and logic-defying gadgets and gizmos are actually entirely impractical. Addicts of the unuseless will love this collection of 200 Chindogu, including the Drymobile (your laundry dries as you drive), the Solar-Powered Torch (never runs low on batteries), Duster Slippers for Cats (now the most boring job around the house becomes hours of fun...for your cat!), Walk 'n' Wash Ankle-attachable Laundry Tanks (a perfect solution for the problems of inadequate exercise and hygiene), and many, many more... These hilarious inventions have taken Japan by storm. Every one of the 200 items in The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions has actually been manufactured to the highest standards, fully tested by pioneering members of the Japanese public, and documented in their unuselessness with 442 color photographs. 442 color photographs

this book is AWESOME:

so fun. and my first helpful reddit comment ever.

u/dinosaur_disco · 2 pointsr/ProductPorn

This is from the inventor of Chindogu himself, Kenji Kawakami.

I've seen a few iterations with this cover. I'd like to get in touch with Kenji and show him some of my ideas

u/leewb · 2 pointsr/Vaporwave

Creative writing on Twitter? GTFO

There was this book I used to have called UNUSELESS or something. I'm curious if people bothered by these transient characters would likewise despise cheeky inventions. "WHY NOT MAKE GREAT PRODUCTS EVERYBODY LOVES????"

u/Moomasterq · 1 pointr/funny

If my memory is correct this is from this book:

Its Actually interesting and some of them could be put to use.

u/adrianmonk · 0 pointsr/pics

Oh look, there's a whole book about silly inventions.