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u/caferrell ยท 2 pointsr/EndlessWar

It is true that the only way to win is genocide. If you want to pacify and reform a violent, proud nation of warriors, you will have to kill a LOT of them. You will have to treat them with a brutality that goes way beyond killing a few households, women and children included.

IMO, the best book on the topic is "The Gallic Wars" by G. Julius Caesar. Every Gaul is a cutthroat animal. The only way to win is to kill a quarter of them as brutally as possible until you beat the pride and resistance out of the culture. Americans do not have the nerve to follow the advice of the master of conquest and Empire.

So a few crazed soldiers commit pathetic and tragic little massacres that convince the thoroughly decent people at home that its time to end this little foreign adventure.