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19 Reddit comments about The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists:

u/mnky9800n · 28 pointsr/cringepics

That's from some pick up artist book. The idea behind the book was that you are so cocksure you can put down a girl and she will look up to you and want to have sex with you.

Like this.

You break them down, build them up, then they have sex with you.

edit: I think this is the book.

u/experie · 4 pointsr/Stoicism

It seems to be pick-up artist stuff. They have two components to their game: The outer game and the inner game.

The outer game is stuff such as pick-up lines, how to approach women, strategies to weed out boyfriends, etc. and the inner game is the psychological aspect of the game that helps you build self-confidence to grow a pair and approach women in real life.

While stoicism is probably the best inner game skills a pick-up artist could acquire, a serious stoic would never go hunting women because it's against their philosophy. What's the point hunting girls just to have sex? It's pointless.

I read Neil Strauss' The Game and most of the people seeking PUA lessons seemed to be missing a lot in their lives and were trying to cover it up with women so perhaps this article could be a good introduction for a better life for some people :)

u/makinmywaydowntown · 4 pointsr/videos

Yes! This is probably one of the most popular books on the subject. Haven't read it myself, but had a roommate at university try to talk to me about it endlessly. He was really moved by it, and I think anyone reading is a good thing, so I encouraged him.

u/ycy · 3 pointsr/OkCupid

You could choose to ban him for life under the "Conduct detrimental to the best interests of the game" clause.

u/fractal_shark · 3 pointsr/againstmensrights

I was so excited when I discovered you can do a similar, but subtler, version with amazon! :D e.g.

u/bigfishbloom · 2 pointsr/depression

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, because no one else is spending any time whatsoever feeling sorry for you. Figure out what it is you want to accomplish, research how to do so and then conjure up the courage to take the necessary steps to make it a reality.

If your issue is developing mutual attraction between you and those you're attracted to. Read these three books. Take notes and then have the courage to try out the methods/tips you found inside.



u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/atheism

>The heart pumps blood, nothing more.

You failed to notice that I explicitly noted that the conception of the heart I had drawn was "figurative, yes." I am not, obviously, speaking of any physical organ, and I think you knew that but wanted to be snarky (between this and your other comment here, I'm getting tired of you telling me what exactly I believe). Rather I speak of the locus at which all parts of the human person come together: intellect and will, body and soul, interiority and the capacity for interaction with the outside world. Strictly speaking this is not a function of the intellect; it is not, shall we say, something rational. It is the point in the human person at which all elements of the person become immediate, the felt centre of it all.

Whether or not this exists physically is not a question that I will engage here, but suffice to say I think that everyone with, you know, a heart (excuse the wordplay) understands what I am talking about and what I am getting at. There is something more than just the intellect, there is the whole person, and it is at this locus that the human person in all of his or her elements becomes most immediate.

>Love certainly can be described and traced in its entirety to chemical and electrical activity in the brain. This shouldn't make love less wonderful. We may not be able to describe love, but that is our failure; it does not mean that love cannot be described. I don't know for certain exactly what connaître means, but I imagine that it means the same as conocer, which means to be acquainted or familiar with. This does not denote any sort of 'other level' of knowledge.

Yes, love as an infatuation is founded in neurological activity, and nobody is denying that. Nevertheless I was not talking about loving, but rather I was talking about being loved, and the point that I made is that the knowledge that one is loved does not belong in the category of what is given and can be measured. Rather, the claim is that because of the tendency toward saying that authentic knowledge is what can be objectively known, or measured, or quantified, we reduce what counts as human knowledge: since we cannot measure love directed toward us, since we cannot measure beauty, since these things are subjective, we must give up the notion that these encounters are authentic moments of human knowing. Many postmodern philosophers understand this and conclude that the only valid path is a radical deconstruction of all human knowledge, a recognition that, in the end, we can know nothing. I think that's a cop-out, and that we humans are capable of arriving at authentic knowledge.

Thus the point was that the knowledge that one is loved is not in the realm of anything except trusting the lover; to know that one is loved requires the interaction of two selves, of two hearts, of two people at the point at which their whole selves and all that they are becomes immediate: this kind of knowledge is possible only through an "I-Thou" experience, and the mechanism that trusts it, the mechanism that has faith in the lover, is what Francis calls the "heart."

>AIDS might be bad, but it's not as bad as condoms

That's not what we're saying. Essentially the claim is that condoms, because they create a physical barrier between lover and beloved, infringes upon the ability of a couple to express marital ἀγάπη, which is described here. Catholicism is all about total love, about the total giving of oneself to another, and the reasoning is that one is not totally giving him- or herself to his or her beloved if a physical barrier is in the way: love is still expressed, sure, but it is no longer total, no longer ἀγάπη.

The Church in Africa is concerned that by introducing condoms at this stage of national development (i.e. on the way to industrialization), a culture will be created whereby sex does not become about the total giving of oneself to another, but rather about the satisfaction of the desires of the individual. Sex is, yes, about the satisfaction of the individual, but the Church views it more comprehensively as one of the best mechanisms by which human beings express love outward, and condoms, essentially, help to invert the sexual faculty by putting the focus primarily on the accumulation of pleasure rather than on the expression of love. The Church, then, is shooting for an ideal; Christianity is all about ideals. Therefore the Church is convinced that by not introducing contraception and focusing on crafting a culture of ἀγάπη, Africa in industrializing might develop in a culturally distinct way from modern Western notions of sex, which revolve around getting laid, one night stands, this damn thing, etc.

Thus the Church's opposition to condoms exits on a moral plane, and the Church, because she subscribes essentially to a deontological system of ethics, is unwilling to permit less than moral behaviour for the sake of a greater good (i.e. she does not think that the ends can justify the means).

Nevertheless I will say that the attacks on the Church's activities in Africa are absolute crap. The Church is the institution that does more than anybody else to alleviate the suffering of AIDS patients in Africa, as it is essentially the only functioning institution (i.e. don't trust the African governments) that actively assists in prevention, education, help, counsel, and accompaniment, the only large organization really that is willing to get its hands dirty and work with people at the ground level. It does more than anybody else, and I will not have its good work insulted.

>The officials, and many parishioners as well, I'm sure, are sexually repressed

>You may proudly reference the fact that the Church has conceded to evolution, but they were dragged there, recognizing that they no longer had hegemony. This condition of hegemony, by the way, resulted in a whole lot of death, quite often painful. The Church may smile warmly now, but know that, if they could, they would sooner have your worship by threatening you with death.

I think you'll find that the Church's record throughout history, taken from an unbiased perspective (i.e. not Hitchens'), is actually extremely positive.

>Your falling in love with god reminds me of someone who has a crush creating a persona to attach to the object of their affections, with this persona becoming the person they imagine themself being with, rather than the actual human. That's a good way to get your heart broken.

This is the criticism of religion put forward by Marx and Kant. It is, in my view, the most sophisticated response to the notion that Catholicism breaks into the deepest and most inaccessible areas of the human experience in ways that no other system of thought does or can do. My response is to examine the consistency of the Church's witness throughout history and the inherent logic and coherence that has prevailed throughout two millennia and that has never been corrupted, and conclude that a system that brilliant would not likely have been made up.

u/CrustyKeyboard · 2 pointsr/gainit

Thanks man! I think the books that helped me out the most are "The Game: Penetrating the Society of Pickup Artists" by Neil Strauss and "How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.

There are definitely torrents available for both but I bought hard copies because I have a difficulty reading things for a long time on a screen.

Also check out /r/seduction and read the sidebar for beginner links

u/cbartholomew · 2 pointsr/SCBackstage

I'm sorry that you're going through all this at your age. Fellow Software Developer here (though not game specific, but could if I gave two shits). My first job was at a Game Store too back in the day. So, either way, I can empathize with what you're going through as well.

I'm going to go deeper than responding to your criticism on the people you deal with every day. I'm going to focus on how you should move forward instead of dwelling on these asses who step on your good deeds.

First thing is first, you can't deal nor make any situation better if you succumb to your anxiety and depression. I'm flat out serious about this. It will most likely bring you down your entire life. Your pay, your career path, your individual growth all requires traits that run counter to depression and anxiety, if you lose to it, you'll lose in life. There is always going to be someone above you, and that someone above you is going to determine your pay or future path, and so, you need to take a deep breath and accept that people fucking suck, and there is nothing something you can do about it.

I'm sharing this based on personal experience, at a point in my life where I was in a situation so dark (by my yuppie ass millennial standards) that I was puking out domino's pizza and cheap ass sake half naked crying in the middle of my apartment.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that the reason why you're so pissed off at your job is this: you know you're better than what you're doing right now, but you don't see a way out, and so you deal with it for the time being.

How I dealt with this situation wasn't fucking easy. But, I had to face the real issues head on. Maybe you rather not do this, but I'm going to throw it out there because it's what worked for me, and you asked. Furthermore, if you're a Sr. in HS (or even college), it's only going to get worse as you get older, so I'm going to provide a few things to consider to help you get ahead of the pack:

  1. Become a people person, even if you fucking hate it. To be good with people, even if you don't give two shits about them, is what will make you a winner. People will fucking give me shit for saying this, but I'm not joking around: Neil Strauss - The Game. People who are familiar with the book will say, "oh the book to pick up girls?" - yes/no, it's a book on how to interact with people and use your weaknesses to your advantage. This book can be used for good or for evil. I'll just put it this way, in life, people don't give one shit about you unless you give them a reason to care. This book helped me find a reason to convince people why they should care.

  2. If you don't already, go to the gym, run, p90x, or find some way to use the negative energy that you're getting from all these people and put it towards making yourself physically stronger. I call it "lvling up" in real life. Your mind will function better, and you'll be less anxious and depressed when you're physically confident. I try to shoot for Finn Balor abs, except, I'm 30 - married with a child, and I love beer, but a man can dream.

  3. Make long term (> 5 years) and short term (<= 5 years) goals. This will help the days go by as long as you're working towards some of your goals. Don't be conservative either - my top long term goal to this day is still to build a fucking Gundam.

    For your short term goals you need to be a bit more realistic, for example, you wanted to get an internship. Well, your short term goals should be a) picking a place to get an internship and b) everything you need not just to land an interview, but to go over hard. I mean, build something, a demo, or do something that will make you beyond competent in an interviewer's eyes. Basically, plan ahead strategically. Moreover, put anything on there - "read a book" - "rage quit my job" - "300 kick some asshole" (joking about the last two).

    What you're going to find here is that after you accomplish one short term goal that the system actually works. All you had to do is just write it down and commit to it, then it happened. This will keep your mind busy as you silently tell those people in line to go fuck themselves because they're too dumb to order something online or fucking read a god damn review.

    My point is that you need to fix it before it gets out of hand. Take the time in DC to recharge. Go visit those monuments and ask yourself why those fuckers deserve a monument and you don't. Change something and the rest will follow. Even if you're a college SR, then you're already running out of time: take advantage of your freedoms to improve who you are as a person, and go fucking prove why those people in line need to know their roles, and shut their god damn mouths.

    OP's in charge. OP's path to journey to eliteness starts today.

    And also, I think RAW is in DC this monday, so if you're going, enjoy.
u/Rhett_Rick · 2 pointsr/Rateme

33/M here. I used to struggle with my confidence/feeling unattractive. Once I improved how I felt about myself, things changed with women, for the better. I'm now in a long-term committed relationship with an awesome, beautiful lady. The thing you need to understand is that I'm nowhere near as good-looking as you are, so I can PROMISE you that looks are not the issue at all for you. I've dated some damn good looking ladies and all I've got working for me is the weird-looking but rugged thing.

Bottom line, it ain't your looks holding you back. Before anyone jumps on me for the advice I'm about to give, I think the pickup artist scene is gross and weird. HOWEVER, for a guy like you it may give you enough of a boost that you can leave the creepy stuff behind and internalize the genuine benefits of the pickup philosophy. Read the book "The Game," and see how you take to it. I found a lot of it really off-putting but some of it was really applicable to my situation, and it was definitely a big part of helping me boost my confidence.

Also, I don't know if you do much online dating stuff, but that's an easy way to get your confidence up. A guy like you should be able to have a different date every night if you'll be living in a major city.

Of course, I've been presuming your personality is solid. Assuming you're capable of communicating well and aren't a dick, a few weeks of reading/experimenting with pickup stuff and getting on Tinder when you move to Australia should do wonders for your success.

u/Shitty_Orangutan · 2 pointsr/AskMen

>Now I'm doing a lot to improve myself (working out, stopped smoking, dieting, new hobbies)

Good work! Keep this up. The Game in addition to a couple of really good friends who coached me through it changed my life. I learned a lot about myself, and about the opposite sex. I'd recommend it to anyone having relationship troubles (women and men alike).

>I still feel this dread like I'm not going to find another girl that I'll click with.

Absolutely a legitimate fear. No one wants to die alone. Make friends! Especially female friends, they make the best wingmen (female friends who've read or understand the game are gold). Keep bettering yourself, and learn to really like you.

u/swedel · 1 pointr/funny

This trick reminds me of The Game.

In that book there was a "pickup trick" where you asked the girl to think of a numer between 1-10 and most girls pick 7.

Of course I was sceptical but after a minor study (n=4) I can now confirm that there is a 75% the girl will pick 7!


u/Motivated_null · 1 pointr/AskMen

Either he's nervous, or he's a douchebag that read 'The Game'. In case A give him some space and let things progress naturally, in case B get some penicillin and run the hell away... because you are probably not the only person he is 'holding out on'.

u/RenegadeMoose · 1 pointr/funny

Maybe read The Game?

u/00101011 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Embarrassing... but I read The Game and realized I'd been wearing awful fitting clothing my entire life. I dress well because I enjoy it and I want to look better for the opposite sex.

u/vaelon · 1 pointr/IAmA

Go fuck yourself. The Game was HUGE in improving my life, not only with woman, but with EVERYONE. I became more confident, more extroverted and truthful with myself. I was able to meet woman and men alike. Don't sit there and make a dumb fucking blanket statement like 'THIS IS NOT LIFE IMPROVEMENT'. Asshole

u/SAguirre7490 · -1 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Duuuude... You have some major self esteem issues...
You should try reading the book "The Game." It's a book that's supposed to help guys get girls, but really just helps out in any/every aspect of social interactions with people, male or female; how to talk to people, how to get stand out in a crowd (whether that be during a job interview or trying to hit on girls), how to make an outstanding first impression, even how to act and dress presentably. Seriously try it. One of my friends said it changed his life, which is weird because I met him after he read it and he's now one of the most outgoing people I know, but apparently he was super awkward and panicked when ever he had to talk to someone (male/female).
I would honestly recommend it to anyone, I've never had self esteem issues and LOVE talking to people and meeting people, including women, but I learned so many other valuable skills from it.

u/therealjohnfreeman · -5 pointsr/todayilearned

Take charge of your life and change your outcomes. Read a book and learn from the mistakes of others.

u/mindbleach · -12 pointsr/gamegrumps