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The Government Manual for New Superheroes
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u/jacobsw ยท 3 pointsr/PubTips

> 1: What works did you have in hand before seeking an agent? (E.g., one finished novel and a couple short stories.)

I've had two book agents.

The first one specialized in humor and non-fiction books for grownups. For him, my co-author and I had the completed manuscript for our first book. By that point, I had already worked on a TV show for a few years and been a freelance contributor to The Onion, and those two things were probably as important to him as the manuscript itself. In the non-fiction world, platform is a big deal. (And that was pre-social-media days, so Twitter or whatever weren't considerations when it came to platform.)

Then my humor agent decided to go to law school and stop being an agent, at around the same time I decided I wanted to switch to children's books. With his blessing, I looked around for other agents.

I sent my current agent a few picture books, which she liked, but not enough to take me on. Then I finished my MG novel, and got a revise and resubmit from her. I revised and resubmitted, and she took me on.

OK, I've gotta go get snacks for my kids. I will answer the rest of your questions when I get the chance but rather than make you wait, I'll post this one now, and then post the rest as I get parenting breaks throughout the evening.