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The Later Years
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u/a3poify · 21 pointsr/KingCrimson

The box sets are great, IMO. Lots of content that isn't available anywhere else, or is far more easily accessible in the box set. They're also well-priced - for the price Pink Floyd are charging for their Later Years set I could almost get On And Off The Road, Starless and the THRAK box.

The remixes (not remasters) are great, too. The 40th sets are also reasonably priced for a CD and DVD/Blu-ray set, and they usually contain a good amount of special content, as well as a 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson.

u/gated73 · 6 pointsr/pinkfloyd

Might be legit?

I'll remain cautiously optimistic until something official is said.

Edit: couple things seem odd to me.

  1. Lists the end date on the front label as 2019.
  2. Division Bell isn't shown, nor listed on front label, yet TER is listed on the front label.
  3. Live 8 not included (then again, this could just be chalked up as "cuz Roger...")