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The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One
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19 Reddit comments about The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One:

u/jeremyzuckerman · 163 pointsr/IAmA

hey guys! so good to talk to you. it's been a blast. gotta go back to work now. sorry i couldn't answer everyone but i'll check in a bit over the next day or two and try to answer as time allows.

now, um...go buy this! or on iTunes!

u/WumboPhD · 36 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

You can already pre order the LOK OST

Jeremy said if this is successful then there is a bigger chance that we will see the ATLA OST

u/iEzhik · 31 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Buying the Legend of Korra Book 1 soundtrack (AmazoniTunesGoogle PlaySpotify) would be a good start, I imagine.

u/L1M3 · 12 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

> dat soundtrack.

This trailer reminded me that Nickelodeon really, really needs to release an official soundtrack for TLA and LoK.

edit: It looks like they just released Legend of Korra Book one soundtrack. I found it on iTunes and it says it was released 3 days ago. Amazon link

u/Helreginn · 10 pointsr/videos

It is Before composed by Jeremy Zuckerman for The Legend of Korra soundtrack. Amazon link and Itunes link

u/slime73 · 6 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

The show's music is amazing! But so much of it is locked away by Nickelodeon. :(

Fortunately the composer has posted several of the scores to his SoundCloud, and LoK Book 1's soundtrack is on iTunes and Amazon.

Here's the ending theme, which made my cry the first dozen times I listened to it: , he was also on a podcast and deconstructed the song:

And several others are here (including the music from the final scenes of Korra books 2 and 3):

He also posted the music from Iroh's speech at the end of A:TLA:

And several other A:TLA pieces of his are here (if you can get it to play properly):

u/Allen_Of_Gilead · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

The only part that's officially been released is LOK's Book 1 soundtrack, though Jeremy Zuckerman has put a few songs, mostly from LOK, up on his Soundcloud for free. Other than those, the only way to get music from the show are Youtube copies of varying quality.

u/Stoppels · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Correct, Jeremy Zuckerman does the soundtrack and Benjamin Wynn is the (lead) sound designer. Together, they form The Track Team. Feel free to hit 'em up and compliment their awesome work. Jeremy releases unique LoK tracks on his SoundCloud sometimes, be sure to check it out!

Also: The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One (Soundtrack)
(iTunes) (Amazon)

u/LieutenantKaiya · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Amazon almost always has the lowest price. Even with the new LOK soundtrack, I've watched that price go from $13 to $8. For an animated tv show soundtrack to be under $10 is just....heaven.

u/RisingSerpent · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

You can download LOK on amazon:

I don't know if TLA was ever released.

u/Hummer616 · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

It's on The Official soundtrack. Which makes for great listening!

u/Appa_YipYip · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need a drawing tablet because I'm getting tired of drawing on paper and having to tale pictures with my phone, haha.

I WANT the score for Avatar:Legend Of Korra because it's honestly amazing in the TV show but I'm too poor to preorder it, haha. cries

(It's also my item if this wins)

I want to soak in a hot tub.

Thanks for the contest!

u/Ribose5 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Before, part of the Book 1 OST

u/OakleyNoble · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

They don't put the music up for sale but I think either book 1 or 2 they made a soundtrack..

(I watched until 33:00 and could not find a match to this song so keep listening.)

You can also buy the soundtrack here.

u/lionmuncher · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Haven't the soundtracks for previous books already been released? I've seen tracks on YouTube, e.g. this playlist.

Edit: Also for sale on Amazon.

u/SecondElection · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Buy the Legend of Korra OST, and the TLA OST might finally get released.