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The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Evolution
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6 Reddit comments about The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Evolution:

u/I_make_things · 3 pointsr/surrealmemes
u/Cdresden · 3 pointsr/printSF

Dougal Dixon's books After Man and The New Dinosaurs explore alternative evolution scenarios.

Lots of pictures.

u/HammStar · 2 pointsr/ObscureMedia

No problem! There was a reprint of After Man in 2018, and it's affordable under $40. Man After Man has indeed been out of print since 1990 and is fairly pricey between $100-300. Dougal Dixon has many other books too such has The New Dinosaurs, If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today, and many other dinosaur related books (many for children.) Most of these are out of print as well and are expensive, but worth it if you're really interested. Maybe you could luck out at your local library and just rent them.

There is however a rare book he made that was only released in Japan for some reason (and of course it's the most badass one) called Greenworld (グリーン・ワールド) about humanity colonizing an alien world and taming certain inhabitants. Although I've never seen Greenworld for sale on English sites, if you know how to order from Amazon Japan you can find the two books in the series for less than $20 a piece.

I linked to some PDF's in my original comment if buying isn't an option.

u/CalibanDrive · 2 pointsr/AskScienceDiscussion

The Earth's historical climate would pass mostly the same as it actually did. There would have been a warm period in the Eocene, and an ice age in the Pleistocene. The continents would have moved into the same configuration they are now.

Dinosaurs would have changed greatly over the millions of years and it's impossible to predict what they would have evolved into but look up the book The New Dinosaurs By Dougal Dixon for some speculative evolution fun .

u/cthu11hu · 1 pointr/ImaginaryMonsters

I used to read "The New Dinosaurs" as a kid. It's an alternative evolutionary path that dinosaurs might have taken. Has some killer illustrative work to boot!

The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Evolution