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The Settlers of Catan
Players: 3-4, Time To Play: 90 MinutesDimensions: 9.25" H x 11.5" W x 3" D, Ship Weight: 2.098 poundsThe Settlers of Catan is fun, easy to learn, and keeps advanced players on their toes
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u/Jozan999 · 33 pointsr/funny
u/GallonOfLube · 26 pointsr/AskReddit

I own all of these (plus quite a few more), and enjoy playing them regularly. Prices are approximately accurate at places like Target, walmart, Amazon, etc. Most games below can be played by up to 4-6 players (some more), but all support a minimum of two. (An important distinction, as many games require 3 or more players.)


  • Scrabble/Monopoly are fun if you're both into the classics. For some reason, these are both almost $20 on Amazon, but I've seen them for under/around $10 each at Target/Walmart.
  • Scrabble Slam (card game) - sets Scrabble on it's ear and adds some adrenaline.
  • A copy of Hoyle's Rules of Games and a deck of cards.
  • Uno - One of my favorites - An absolute staple, and works with as many people as you want, though you might want to add a second deck for more than 4-5.
  • Phase 10 - kind of like a cross between Uno and Rummy.


    Here, we start getting into some really interesting ones...

  • Munchkin - One of my favorites - Like pen & paper RPGs? This makes fun of them ALL in a way only a true gamer would get. Plenty of expansions if you get bored.
  • Guillotine - You're each executioners during the French Revolution, trying to collect the most prestigious heads.
  • Gloom - You're each one of up to four tragedy-ridden families. Play misery-inducing cards on your family to make them as unhappy as possible before you shove them off into the hereafter, and play happy puppies and fluffy bunnies on your opponent to do the opposite.
  • Fluxx - The rules are the cards you play. Start with 3 cards, then draw 1 and play 1 each turn. Oh, but now it's draw 3 and play 1, so you'll need to draw 2 more to catch up. Now it's draw 3 and play 5, so play 4 to catch up, except that someone played inflation, so it's draw 4 and play 6... etc.
  • Citadels Out of the hundreds of games I've played over the years, this is the only one I've seen that claims to have "intrigue"... and really does. Play the role of various nobles, each with different abilities, to gain gold, build cities, and steal from/assassinate your opponents to prevent them from doing the same. The catch? You each play different roles each turn, and the roles are chosen part randomly, and part secretly, so that no one knows who is who until it's too late.


  • Carcassone - One of my favorites - Lay down tiles to build cities, roads and farmland, and place your followers to claim them for points. Just because you lay something down doesn't mean someone else won't claim it instead, and claiming it doesn't ensure that you keep it. Lots of strategy involved, and plenty of expansions if you want to change gameplay. Good for up to 5 players, or more with expansions. Has some similarities with Settlers of Catan, to be mentioned shortly.
  • Chez Geek, House Party Edition - You're all college kids in a dorm, trying to get the most slack points with fun/cool things to do, while reducing slack points in your opponents with annoying cards like car alarms (no sleep), the drunk friend (drinks all your slack-gaining booze), etc. The basic game is under $20, but it's worth it to buy the House Party Edition for $25, as it includes some expansions and extras.
  • Illuminati - I haven't played this yet, but from what I've read, it's a blast. By Steve Jackson Games, the makers of Munchkin.
  • Kill Dr. Lucky - Here's a quote from the rules: "You have hated Dr. Lucky for as long as you can remember, and you've been secretly awaiting this perfect chance to do the old man in. Maybe he destroyed your dry cleaning business; maybe you think he's the leader of the vampires. Perhaps he's the only person standing between you and the family fortune. Or maybe his cat just keeps peeing in your shrubs. Whatever your reason, its good enough to push you over the edge, and now you absolutely can't wait to take the lying old bastard down!"

    A bit pricier here, but some very interesting gameplay is to be found.

  • Settlers of Catan - One of my favorites - no game shelf is complete without it - Build roads and settlements using the tradable resources provided by the areas around your settlements, and the roll of the dice. Note: This is not a two player game. I made an exception here because it rocks, but unfortunately you'll need a third wheel to play.
  • Dominion - One of my favorites - I grew up with Magic: The Gathering, but disliked always having to buy new cards to be competitive. Gameplay is somewhat similar to Magic, though instead of plinking away at your opponent's health, you are gaining victory points. Also, Dominion includes all of the cards you will need for up to 4 players, and you "build" your deck (similar to Magic), by buying new cards every turn.
  • Ticket to Ride - Build your train routes across the US (or Europe, if you get that edition) without revealing your destination, because your opponents might cut you off!
  • Small World - Kind of like a cross between Risk and... something else. Control territory to gain gold, using various races with special abilities. Send your races into decline (continuing to own the territory until it is taken), while expanding out with your new race. Knowing when to send a race into decline makes all the difference.
  • Red November - You're a bunch of drunken gnomes on a doomed submarine. Put out the fire by shunting the flooded compartment to the burning one, but now there are two flooded compartments and you have to pump them out while the engine has a problem and oh my god it's the kraken. INSANE gameplay, but can be stressful. This has skyrocketed in price (from $30 to $50), probably because they're about to release a revised edition, so the old one is out of print. You might want to wait a month for the new version to come out before you buy this.
u/Divergent99 · 26 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I vote for Settlers of Catan because I hear it is an awesome game!

u/yourethemannowdog · 8 pointsr/berkeley

If you're the type, playing board games/card games with friends is relaxing and sociable, and can also exercise your mind. A deck of cards is super cheap, and while board games have larger up front costs, you can play the same one tons of times. I'm not talking older/classic games (like Monopoly) but rather new, designer board games like The Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, or Ticket to Ride. Card games I like are Hearts and Euchre.

u/Connguy · 7 pointsr/makemychoice

Edit: for the record, I posted this before the lasybugs thing took off

You're not going to make any great progress on a PC build for that price. Besides, PC tech is changing so quickly, you shouldn't buy any one piece of it until you can buy all of it.

If you're looking for X1 games, I'm a huge fan of Destiny, but it's not for everyone. If you're looking for more of a sure hit, check out Shadows of Mordor or Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If you want to change things up a little, here are some of my favorite purchases (I'm a minor Amazon addict):

u/groundshop · 6 pointsr/lanparty

The lans I go to are too small to really bear much advice to you on the questions you listed.

Where I can provide some insight is in the types of table top games you should consider. Lots of folks (in the lan community) have been exposed to traditional pen/paper stuff like DnD. If you're looking to spice things up a bit, consider trying out some of the modern board games that are out. I'm sure some of your attendees will have already been exposed to these, but for the rest that haven't, they'll probably strike at least an interest or a few questions. BoardGameGeek has a list of the top board games out right now, some of which you might not have heard of. Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Carcassonne are some of the most popular. They're flashy, they're interesting, and they're usually under an hour (if not usually under 45 min) to play. They're an up and coming type of gaming that's spreading fast among the table-top/CCG/comics folks.

Edit: In retrospect, I kinda seem like a fanboy for this post, but holy shit they're really awesome games.

u/mostlypertinant · 6 pointsr/latterdaysaints

With all the love of my soul, you need some better board games.

Ticket to Ride is my favorite "gateway" game. No more complicated than Monopoly et al but so much better:

Coup is another. If it takes longer than five minutes to play a round, you're not being aggressive enough:

When you're ready for something a little more strategic, Settlers of Catan is a classic:

Hop on over to /r/boardgames some time!

u/a_quick_glance · 5 pointsr/college

I agree with counseling. Even if you don't absolutely need it, it still helps to talk to someone who is paid to help you understand yourself.

I went to the counseling center because I couldn't pick a major and they helped me figure out what I enjoyed doing etc.

I also went another time when I was having a fight with a friend and I just wanted someone to give me perspective on the situation and help me be a better communicator.

People go to counseling for things other than depression. I used to not know what counselors were, but they are sort of similar to psychiatrists.

What are your interests? What is your major? I can give you tips on how to pick student organizations based on your interests. I had a hard time picking student organizations at first. Student organizations are an AMAZING way to meet people. Heck, my alma mater just had a reddit meet up this past week. You can meet people through reddit. Have you been talking to people at your school on their subreddit and asking for their advice?

It is scary, but you have to try new things even if they make you uncomfortable. Not everything will work out, but you will eventually meet people if you try different strategies and change your ideas about how to meet people.

Edit: Don't be afraid to try new things. Say yes to hanging out with people and doing somethings that is unfamiliar. Say yes to almost everything. If I was a freshman again I would probably have Netflix parties, GOT parties, or play CAH or Settlers of Catan. I would also have used to check out new places nearby. I got really into hiking when I was in college. I wouldn't have guessed I loved to hike as much as I do. I also started going to markets and swap meets a lot. You have to try new things and push forward.

Other people are scared too.

It might be making you depressed because your reality is not living up to your expectations and you don't know how to cope, and you are still in shock because you left your family and friends. Have you ever seen that Expectations vs. Reality scene in 500 Days of Summer? You have to learn how to make your new reality work for you. It takes some time to get used to not seeing your friends so much, but if you find new ones, then the transition will be easier. Don't be afraid to invite your friends to come visit if they are within a three hour distance. I visited my friends at their dorms and apartments a lot, we went to different colleges throughout Southern California. I've been to 8 or 9 campuses I believe.

u/ColdRail · 4 pointsr/pics

Settle that shit!

If you don't know

u/whittlinwood · 4 pointsr/history

I hate when that happens. The game is Settlers of Catan. It's a board game that I can best describe as Civilization meets Monopoly. It's based on strategy and can be played with 2-4 players. Up to 6 players with the purchase of an expansion. Games take about an hour. I can't recommend it enough. The gameplay is engaging enough for even casual board gamers.

The references above are to the resources you get. You need them to build and expand your civilization. You can also trade which leads to exclamations like, "I have wood for sheep" being commonplace even outside of New Zealand.

u/nonsensepoem · 3 pointsr/TumblrInAction

Whoa, whoa. Settlers of what?

Guys, we've got a phony here!

u/SayuriSati · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is neat! I love Catan.

u/cuntpuncherexpress · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Catan is my favorite board game by far. Thanks for the contest! :)

u/juliet1484 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should get The Settlers of Catan. I have a friend who can't shut up about how much he loves that game.

u/mave_of_wutilation · 3 pointsr/boardgames

As expected, most are pretty poor. Here are a few people might consider.

u/jellypantz · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Pandemic, Cash'n'Guns, Settlers of Catan are all decent games that are easy to pick up

Ticket to Ride is the most accessible game for newbs.

u/fancytalk · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

Do your guests already like board games? I love them but in my experience getting people to learn new rules is like pulling teeth, especially when it's out of a rule book. Unless your guests are well-seeded with experienced/enthusiastic gamers who are willing to teach the rules, I'd stick with games that people probably know or have rules for kids. Scrabble, Monopoly, checkers/chess/go, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Candyland and decks of cards (perhaps with chips). I would also consider party games like Balderdash, Taboo, Cranium, Charades, Fishbowl, Telephone Pictionary which are really fun in groups. Maybe you could designate a charismatic friend as a "Master of Games" or something to form groups and get the ball rolling on the pen-and-paper games.

If you have a geekier group that likes more modern/European board games, there are a few games I think are totally worth a try. I'd look into: Red Dragon Inn (my FH says it might be too complicated but I think it's approachable), Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Dixit (I haven't played this but my FH says it's like Apples to Apples with pictures), Castle Panic and Fluxx in all its many varieties. Settlers of Catan is a bit more complicated but people are more likely to be familiar with it. It might not be great for newbies but I can't pass up the opportunity to plug Pandemic which is a fantastic cooperative game.

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm actually not sure if this is a minstream game but Ive always wanted to try catan. If thats too mainsteam, another game Id like to play is go.

u/NotIWhoLive · 2 pointsr/tabletopgamedesign

I agree with /u/ceethreepio. I would be interested in a cover that tells the story of what I'm going to do in the game. Like the Settlers of Catan cover (exploring a new land full of resources) or the [Terraforming Mars cover]( (planting trees in a hostile environment) or the [7 Wonders cover]( (building a city full of wondrous structures) or even the Monopoly cover (rolling dice and making deals).

It looks like what I'm looking at is the characters I can choose to play as. If I am somehow looking at the mechanics (i.e. these are different people I can send stuff to), I would want to see them in action, doing the thing that they do in the game. Otherwise, it's not super captivating as a cover.

u/wineoholic · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Setters of catan? fun and addicting, and for 3-4 players so you three can play. :)

u/MCubb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gotta love the walking dead! One of the best shows!

Here's my message!

And to keep it Amazon related, here's my fave board game: catan.

u/chrisma08 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

If they're not too much to carry, you might enjoy the board/tile games Carcasonne and/or Settlers of Catan

Speed Scrabble is pretty portable (this is marketed now as the game Banangrams), since you just need the tiles.

It's a convenient way to invite strangers to be social with you, too, on those long rides.

u/MrSketch · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I would second the idea for board game nights. My friends and I love playing board games. Not like Monopoly, but more involved games like:

u/godzillaguy9870 · 2 pointsr/Christianity

I have never found anyone that didn't like Settlers of Catan. It takes more thinking than your basic Monopoly or Clue game, but is by no means dry or full of intense strategising. It's ultra fun. Carcassone and Munchkin as well. Yes, they look nerdy, but I have many friends from various walks of life (from the jock to the hipster to the nerd) and they all love these games.

u/dvuevo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Notables include:


Mage Knight


and various Munchkin expansions!

u/RSuave · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you are getting this, this and this because DUH, board games! Cold toes.

u/worn_socks · 2 pointsr/uscg

I wish I would have played more board games when I was underway. Recently I have loved playing Ticket to Ride and Catan.

u/Aprahamian · 2 pointsr/truegaming

There are a ton of good Board games out there. My girl friend and I really enjoy Carcassonne (This is usually on sale, we got it for around $50 so watch the price) It is a tile laying game so each time you play it it changes. You score points by completing roads and cities. The one I linked to has 5 expansions with it. With all 5 expansions the game can take a long time, plus there are a fair amount of rules. It took us with 5 players almost 4 hours to go through one game. There are also videos on youtube of the game.

Then there is Settlers of Catan. I got this game for Christmas. It is kind of a more luck game since there are Dice rolls involved unlike Carcassonne which is all based on laying pieces but with some luck at drawing the right ones. You make cities and roads and you try to get to a set number of points before others do. Points come from how mnay cities you havem longest road, biggest army and so on. There are also expansions to this game, but the downside is that it is 3-4 players, so if you just want to sit down with one other person you can't really play it. They do sell expansions for 5-6 players and are around $16 on amazon. The three expansions cost about the same price as the game (about $33), but they add just as much if not more content then the original game. There are also tons of videos on Youtube about this game and the different expansions. They do an overview of what each one is.

u/nhean16 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh...definitely [ The Settlers of Catan] ( because when one wins a game of Settlers, one won't be able to stop. It is a bit of a splurge, but it will pay for itself in the end. If it is out of reach for you, I would personally go for the Mango Gummies :) Happy Birthday!!!!!

u/DieRunning · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Settlers of Catan because I have wood, but the port isn't open.

edit: improved the metaphor

u/Bahamuts_Bike · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I caught myself reminiscing about Catan today; a year has passed since I last saw those I play the game with, last February I left for a semester in Chile and when I returned I had to immediately return to my university for the fall semester. Because of this I have been separated from my two brothers, our family friend (practically the fourth sibling), and my partner, all of whom live in a variety of different places and are not easily joined. The game not only represents the fun times I haven't had with them for awhile but also that despite how malleable a relationship may be, despite that during any given game a few of us may gang up on another or try to take someone down with us if we think we're loosing or are riotously laughing at what is transpiring the end result is always a stronger friendship. That's catan.

Regardless, I'll be happy to 'em all during Thanksgiving. I've missed all of their birthdays so there's more than Catan to catch up on.

u/Muffinzz · 1 pointr/boardgames

So I have this version of Catan - is it compatible with this version of the 5-6p expansion?

u/acciocorinne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. A mug! How is this cake related? Because you can make microwavable cake in a mug!
  2. So, I didn't even know who Simon Pegg was. Apparently he starred in Shaun of the Dead, which I haven't seen, but it's apparently a romantic zombie movie!
  3. J.K. Rowling's new book. DYING TO READ IT
  4. You could totally use the sticks from these lollipops as chopsticks!
  5. Animal print animal costume!
  6. Purple!
  7. My favorite game!
  8. Nerdy fantasy books are my guilty pleasure
  9. Lots of tools!
  10. The Lion King!
  11. Cascading hangers! My closet would be so compact and organized!
  12. Dorky as it may be, coloring is my hobby!
  13. SO MANY OPTIONS. I'm an art history nerd, a Disney nerd, a cat lady, an X-Files nerd, and a history dork--there are so many options for nerdy hahaha.
  14. Organic extra virgin coconut oil!
  15. Water bottle!
  16. You wear a necklace!
  17. Murder by Death is hilarious!
  18. "Pearl" beads!
  19. Willow. Because what do you find in a garden? Plants! Trees are plants. And what is a willow? A tree! This is totally, 100% gardening related. Promise.
  20. This isn't the thing I want the most, but it's seriously one of the coolest, dorkiest, most amazing items on my wishlist. It's something I could never justify buying for myself, but I REALLY love it--one day it will be mine!

    You're going to buy yourself this super interesting book!

    Happy happy cake day :D

    If I win, anything I linked OR anything from my wishlist would be an amazingggg prize :) I love everything on my wishlists!
u/w34ksaUce · 1 pointr/hearthstone

I think I might have some great ideas, I could also help you make some of the things. You come make a set of these coupons, except the boyfriend versions. You know, cook, clean, date night, movie night ect. If she likes little cute things made, you can make her an Alphabet book which each letter having to do with something about why you love her and a little explanation. For example, A - Amazing "you are always so amazing" or something like that. You could give her the gift of a culinary class, which is always fun. You get to learn to cook, cook, and eat the food you make. Another really cool gift is learning to fly My girlfriend and I did this yesterday for our 2 year anniversary and it was amazing! You can also take her on a camping trip! There are some really cool trails if you live in California. I can personally recommend Skyline to the sea trail it is a beautiful trail and leads directly to the ocean on the beach. It's really amazing. Near the end of the trail, there are bus stations you can take to nearby towns like Santa Cruz. If your girlfriend likes nail polish, i know many girls like a way to display them. I just made my girlfriend a Hello Kitty nail polish rack I'm sure she would appreciate it. Its pretty easy to make and I have no woodwork experience. Another great idea might be to start a window herb garden. It makes great decoration and you can use it for cooking! If you have some old mason jars around you can use those. You can also make custom coasters for you drinks. You can take pictures of you two together and glow them on to some cork board and cut them into little squares, you then apply some clear waterproof seal spray or paint. You can also make a little note about her and your love using candy keywords. If she likes to wear jewelry, you make this simple display/holder which looks good and is easy to make. If you guys want some board games for the place for when friends come over Settlers of Catan is an AMAZING game, if you get the game you HAVE to get Cities and Knights easily the best expansion. The game is a must buy for anyone really. You can also make her a mixtape of your favorite songs, its old fashioned but it will be appreciated, i promise. As a general gift idea, for out of the blue, you can make your girlfriend a period care package, put the mixtape, maybe a heating pack, chocolate, her favorite movie on a dvd, some of her favorite snacks in a box. She'll love it.

I have tons of ideas, if you need anymore more specific or need help making some of the stuff (guidance or advice) just send me a PM. Thanks for doing this spidey :P

u/MeishkaD · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have heard nothing but good things about this game if that's more then you have, these are worth every penny.

u/SoupOfTomato · 1 pointr/boardgames

The other guy said a lot of what needed to be. You post a lot in the normal /r/games subreddit - so this description might be akin to telling /r/games that a generic and clunky platformer (like many licensed games) is an amazing idea. Video games have deeper strategy, storytelling ability, or simply opportunity for fun than that. Board games have deeper strategy, storytelling ability, and opportunity for fun than things like Monopoly or Life.

There is, however, and entire GENRE of boardgames which involve the board being made. It's called Tile Laying. I suggest you check out Carcassone (Here's Wil Wheaton playing it). There's also Escape: The Curse of the Temple which involves a soundtrack, rolling dice merely as fast as you can, and working together, as well as your "build the board as you go" idea. Super-popular and most-viable-for-title-of-modern-classic game The Settlers of Catan which you have likely heard of also involves a modular board that is not the same every game. Here's an entire list on the Board Game Geek.

In fact, you'll probably find that most of the "modern" games being played by people will not have your traditional idea of a game board. Dominion is played entirely with cards and is like a self-contained game of Magic every single time. Cosmic Encounter simply gives you some cardboard planets to defend and then you're off in an interspecies race to take control of the galaxy. And so on.

As the other guy said, there's a lot of good ideas in your suggestion. The "build the board as you go" idea is so good it's one of the most dominant mechanics in modern gaming :) Action cards are also a pretty common mechanic. But, some of the least popular ideas in modern gaming: losing turns and player elimination (getting knocked out, last man standing), roll and move (roll a die, move to space, do what it says). Losing turns means you don't get to play and... well you are playing the game to play. Player elimination is the exact same. Roll and move is too screwy and random for most people - eliminating way too much skill.

"Victory Points" are the most common way to get around the player elimination. Your idea has an extremely solid base idea and could make a great, short game with adjustment to this mechanic IMO. If being near the end of the plank is undesirable, how about you get one Victory Point for every piece of the board you are away from the edge at the end of your turn? The person that "falls off" the edge gets 0 points but is not eliminated from future proceedings. The person that's doing the best will get a whopping 7 points for their turn, or something like that. Play until no more board pieces are left and then tally them up!

As for the roll and move, perhaps you have a certain amount of movement that you automatically do each turn. For example, you automatically move 3 spaces down the board each turn. However, various ways of placing the board (perhaps placing some bits together combos), or certain action cards, can reduce this. You still don't move, but you don't move by the effect of gameplay, instead of "losing a turn".

u/kinetogen · 1 pointr/trees

Time to find a new life Settling Catan.

u/bedlogic · 1 pointr/boardgames

If you're in the US and have an Amazon Prime account I think the best deal would be from seller Empire Depot on Amazon for $31.98 plus free Prime shipping.


EDIT: Or straight from Amazon for $32.27. The sellers seem to come and go.

u/SirMontego · 1 pointr/Catan

One of the 18 number markers?

As far as I am aware, the latest version of Catan doesn't have an 18 number marker.

Perhaps you have the 4th edition of the game, Settlers of Catan.

This is the 5th edition (the most recent).

This is the 4th edition

If you have the 4th edition (or earlier) you might be in luck since those sometimes sell for more than the 5th edition.

Edit: here's a link to pictures of some of the different editions:

u/da_newb · 1 pointr/gifs

Yes, I read the comments. Anyways, doesn't matter too much which one he destroyed. The price of the card table I found on Amazon is $38.37 (with Amazon Prime), and the price of Catan is $37.99.

He could have torn up the board game. Maybe they just had a budget of $40 and couldn't afford to break both.

u/viceroywav · 1 pointr/AskReddit

The Game of Things is a pretty great group game.
Settlers of Catan is a lot of fun but it only fits 4 people, if need be people can double up on teams.

u/asaharyev · 1 pointr/matheducation

I think it can be reinforced this way, but I feel that a lot of the asking of "why?" can be important for students, albeit annoying at times for teachers, and that may not come up in the same way with games(Though it also might).

Beyond this, there are students who do desire to continue with mathematics after the basic high school curriculum, and many of them do not really know that until after they complete some higher-level math courses like Calculus. So the math is still important.

That being said, I love bringing games in to the classroom. Though I typically stay away from anything advertised as a "math game." Instead, I bring games that I like, but in which mathematical concepts can be found. Some examples I've used in class include: Set, Mao, The Great Dalmuti, Settlers of Catan, and Formula D.

u/EstoyEnt · 1 pointr/trees

lol, this is a board game =)

u/viktorbir · 1 pointr/boardgames

That is the same art as in the Catalan edition, the latest Spanish edition and any other new edition I've seen. Your last "English" Catan (is the same publisher in Britain as in the US?) may be a reedition, not really a new edition, based in the old original edition.

How does your US edition look like? Like this, maybe?

That's the old edition. Newer editions are like the one you link. Even in English.

Edit: seen your update. Now I see what you mean. It seems MayFair games last edition does not follow standards. They have tiles from last standard edition, but pieces from previous ones. Maybe they had too many wooden pieces in stock?

u/vorin · 1 pointr/nashville

I'm interested. I have the game + Multiplayer expansion..

u/wooq · 1 pointr/AskMen


I recommend Gloom, castle panic, Munchkin (though if he's into boardgames and card games he might already have these)

Edit: also smallworld, settlers,

u/qqpugla · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. My healthy living wl :-)

  2. Best board game ever or for something more strategical Settlers of Catan

  3. Thanks for the contest!
u/Tulioooo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. My workout wishlist

    2.This game is so fun.

    Thanks for this contest!(:
u/Amator · 1 pointr/boardgames

Here's what I'd do if I had to rebuild a collection from scratch for $1k trying to have a wide variety of play styles:

7 Wonders $32.99
Agricola $45.79
Battlestar Galactica $39.97
Carcassonne $30.02
Carcassonne Inns & Cathedrals$15.71
Dixit $22.65
Dominion Big Box $69.18 Prosperity is one of the best expansions; Alchemy is not, but you're pretty much getting it for free in this set.
Eclipse $61.49 It wouldn't be a board game library without a 4X game, and I think Eclipse is the best currently.
Eldritch Horror $40.47 - I love Arkham Horror, but Eldritch streamlines a lot of the fiddly rules of the original.
Formula D [$41.96] (
Gloom $17.98
Guillotine $13.52
King of Tokyo $30.19
Love Letter $9.34
Memoir 44 $47.43
No Thanks! $9.98
Pandemic $31.65
Power Grid $32.27
Puerto Rico [$31.20] (
Race for the Galaxy $24.11
Resistance, The $17.99
Roborally $37.49
Settlers of Catan $37.99
Telestrations $19.99 Awesome and funny party game. My friends and I eventually tire of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, but seldom do so with this.
Ticket to Ride $37.24
Ticket to Ride 1910 Expansion $18.21
Tsuro $24.22
Twilight Struggle $49.98
Village $35.47
Wits & Wagers $19.99

That comes up to $946.47; room for a couple more expansions or another game.