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6 Reddit comments about The Sounds of Star Wars:

u/itsgallus · 11 pointsr/MovieDetails

Haha, yeah I agree! In fact, Burtt and Lucas did go through each script and wrote actual lines for R2. Then Burtt crawled into a corner with his recorder and whimpered in the approriate tone for each line, then later combined it with a synth (something along those lines). I wouldn't be surprised if that was R2's actual line.

Source: This book, highly recommended.

u/BenSwolelo · 5 pointsr/SagaEdition

The sounds of Star Wars has about any sound effect you could need, and then I use Spotify for the music. I use a lot of Gustav Holst’s planets themes because they supposedly inspired John Williams.

Sounds of Star Wars:

Gustav Holst’s Mars (Clearly inspired the imperial theme):

u/drewdidthis · 3 pointsr/Filmmakers

So you are asking about how you should approach this? Sound design is incredibly complex and many film students aren't being taught as much as they should. Starwars is a good example because it employs leit motifs, great sound pans, and of course, a John WIlliams score. If it were me, I would do something about how the music enhances and colors audience perception of scenes and characters, maybe tie it into world building. If you're going for a more technique analysis approach there is a great book,

u/WOgles · 3 pointsr/shittyrobots

I got this book for christmas a few years back, and it has tons of amazing info about Ben and the things they did to bring such good sound to Star Wars, for example: The giant underwater beast "There's always a bigger fish." in Phantom Menace, was actually Burtt's 3 month old daughter Emma, he recorded her growling and slowed it down to match the size and mass of the monster. and here is the clip

u/27pH · 1 pointr/StarWars

I just bought this

u/ChuckChunky · 1 pointr/StarWars

There's loads on YouTube

or if you're really serious, you can't get better than The Sounds of Star Wars, I have it, it's amazing