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12 Reddit comments about The Superior Spider-Man 1:

u/RyanMHolt · 4 pointsr/Marvel

Amazing Spider-Man starting with Spider-Island is really fun (Amazing Spider-Man #666 - 673) and you can just keep reading from there. I am deeply enjoying Superior Spider-Man as well, although it is definitely not for everyone. If you like something a little more a more naive tone, I highly recommend Ultimate Spider-Man, even though it has it's own continuity.

The Incredible Hulk # 1-6 by Jason Aaron is pretty good, but the series quickly starts pattering out. Indestructible Hulk by Mark Waid is decent, but nothing great.

Ant-Man has many incarnations. He stared in FF by Matt Fraction, which was highly under rated and cancelled too soon. Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, is tearing it up in Avengers A.I. but that book is incredibly out there and crazy. It deals with some pretty lofty ideas and crazy expectations. Definitely an acquired taste.

The Avengers seem to be doing decently for the first few arc's in Marvel NOW! leading up to Infinity. Their past arc's shine as well. While it is mostly mutant focused, House of M is one of my all time favorites, and let's not forget the deeply loved Civil War as well. And if you enjoy the characters from the Avenger's film, I highly recommend without a doubt Hawkeye. If there is any book that always brings a smile to my face it is Hawkeye.

u/LibraryDrone · 3 pointsr/comicbooks

Hmm. These are my recommendations:

Superior Spider-Man Vol 1: Doc Ock puts his mind in Spider-Mans body and becomes Spider-Man.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man: This is an alternate universe where Spider-Man is dead and a new kid takes up the mantle.

u/joeyfivecents · 3 pointsr/comicbooks

If you're considering Dying Wish, this trade is a pretty good value. It collects Dying Wish and the first arc of Superior Spiderman.

u/blueseashell3 · 3 pointsr/Marvel

Sorry, my confusion with the Marvel Now stuff is that when I looked into buying the SSM graphic novels on Amazon, they had two different sets, both starting with volume one. But maybe they're the same stories, just with different covers?

Example: reg. SSM:

and Marvel Now SSM:

u/soma16 · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

Pick up the graphic novel "Amazing Spider-man: Dying Wish" that explains how Doc Ock took over Peter's body. Then you can read throught the Collected Editions of the Superior Spider-man (here's a version of Volume 1 that also includes Dying Wish if you want to save a bit of cash). It's a really great read and I highly recommend it!

u/Black6x · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

It was like it's own series of 33 issues. You can buy the three volume set on Amazon.

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3

Howeverm if you are not in a huge hurry, they are releasing it as a 2 volume set, and you can preorder the first one which comes out in May.

Getting the 2 volume one will save you a lot because it costs more for the 3 separately anyway, and somehow it's hard to find Volume 2 (of the 3 set), so the price is higher.

u/Corrinth · 1 pointr/marvelcomics

Big Time Volume 4 is set to be released in either June or July of this year. It will collect issues 688-697, as well as Avenging Spider-Man 11, and Alpha: Big Time 1-5.

For issues 698-700, I recommend picking up the Superior Spider-Man volume 1 OHC.

u/SlimeBeherit · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Volume 2 is here

Volume 3 is coming out at the end of the month or earlier next month

Volume 4, which is the last one, has a date for July, but the stories in those seem so inconsequential to the rest of the Spider-Man stories that you should just skip it and jump straight into Superior Spider-man

u/mistaketheory · 1 pointr/comicbooks

I just finished reading Superior Spider-man, and it's a great place to jump on. It's about Doc Ock taking over the mind of Peter Parker and living as Spider-Man.

It starts with these issues here:

u/MrGooblehanger · 1 pointr/comicbooks

The first Superior Spider-Man HC contains the story you are referring to, some little stories they released before releasing Superior Spider-Man and the first five issues of Superior Spider-Man. It's not that expensive, so I think it would be your best bet if you wanted to read the Dying Wish storyline.