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The Way of Kings: Book One of The Stormlight Archive
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3 Reddit comments about The Way of Kings: Book One of The Stormlight Archive:

u/s-a-shaffer · 2 pointsr/Fantasy

Thanks so much for your interest, and I love answering questions.

To answer your first question, I dont see any of those categories as more important than the others, rather, they just take center stage along different times in the writing process. For me, Characters are always first. Characters are the glue that attach readers to stories; therefore, they must be the foundation of the story. Next, Plot and pacing: Before you can start writing you need an outline, and an outline is made up of plot and pacing. Make sure you don't sacrifice characters at the expense of a plot twist and make sure you story's pacing creates an even number of climax points (1 climax point per 25k words, each building to the book's resolution). Prose and world-building: after you have a group of strong characters and an outline fortified with plot and pacing, its time to set your story in an extraordinary setting and make it come alive with descriptive prose. My style of writing builds the world as I write the first draft. Before I start a chapter, I spend a decent amount of time printing off pictures to have in front of me as I write. Magic system: This book is steampunk, which means that the only magic behind the story is the gravity defying system of travel. In reality, airships are impossible, but in my world, I used fantasy to make the unrealistic commonplace. I worked this in with my world-building in the outline.

If you want a more detailed answer, try my blog. All four articles deal with writing do's and don't's, as well as writing styles. (keep in mind that it is all my humble opinion).

Why have I decided to publish my book? To answer your second question, this is the third book that I have written, but I chose to finally publish this one because my support group gave me the confidence that it was good enough to see the light of day. I would say that a support group is another must for any author. (I use the word support, but what I really mean is a group of people nasty enough to call your writing garbage. Otherwise, only one person will ever like your writing: you.) After 7 rounds of edits, we decided to give it a go and release it on amazon.

Answer to Question 3: I am very proud of Austin Reddington and the wonderful cover art he created for me. It is a scene out of Chapter 10 when the Sun Beam, the ship in the picture, sails out of capital city with our main character to an uncertain fate. I actually asked Austin to create the image to convey a feeling of hope. The story gets a little dark at several points along the way, and I wanted to reassure my readers with the cover that there would be a silver lining behind the storm clouds -- perhaps even a happy ending to boot. I am very pleased with the result. once again, there is more art on my website.

Your final question: Can you name three books (I'm gonna give you authors instead) you adore as a reader, but that make you feel inadequate as a writer? 1. C.S. Lewis 2. Jonathan Renshaw 3. Brandon Sanderson. I grew up with C.S. Lewis, so my favorite book will always be The Horse & His Boy. Jonathan Renshaw was the author that inspired me to start writing stories of my own with his book The Dawn of Wonder. Brandon Sanderson showed me that it is still possible to invent a world that nobody else has thought of before. The less ties to the real world, the more wondrous the journey will be.

I hope this answers all your questions. If not, tell me how I can explain further, and I'll see what I can do.

u/YourSecondaryGinger · 1 pointr/Cosmere

I don’t know if you mean a link to the audio of that specific line or a link to the series on audiobook, but here’s the link to the audio book on Amazon. I used audible and I loved it. Sorry if it wasn’t what you were looking for but I hope it helped!

u/TheCanadianDiscus · 1 pointr/Fantasy

This says you can get the Whispersync for $12.99 (US) - so it's a good deal but not great for whispersync. One credit at ~$11 is still cheaper.

It will usually list the whispersync deal somewhere on the audible US pages, not sure if it works for other countries. You have to scroll down to Read & Listen here.