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u/devonclaire · 4 pointsr/weddingplanning

Yes! The Wedding Planning Binder and Organizer by Mindy Weiss.

My friend got it for me as a present when I got engaged, and I thought I'd never use it. I was wrong! By the time my wedding day rolled around, the binder was absolutely full and I had used every single section. I highly recommend this one!

u/urbaybeedoll13 · 1 pointr/orlando

First, I started with this book, and recommend it to everyone who is planning a wedding. It kept me so organized, and I bought the hardcover binder so I could take out pages I didn't need and add hole punched pages from Excel or Word, magazines, whatever. I kept all my contracts in there and correspondence.

I had a caterer that included tables, chairs, tablecloths, napkin, cutlery, and glasses, along with the food. That helped a ton. They also had a bar that I paid for because I couldn't have a wedding without an open bar on principal.

I got a DJ, officiant, photographer, cake maker, and day of coordinator. That's all you need if your caterer can do all that other stuff. If you ask, those companies have lists of other vendors they recommend so you don't have to go into this extensive online search. You just look through their lists and see who clicks for you.

For flowers, I looked up a wholesale flower warehouse locally, and ordered a shitload of flowers. It was so cheap. I got them the morning of. My centerpieces were vases and jars and I just had someone assigned to stick that shit in there the day of. It was very minimalist and very pretty. Just find a picture online of a centerpiece you like and stick to it, don't try to go crazy. I made my bouquets and boutonniere's out of paper flowers, which I do not recommend unless you like folding paper for hours on end every night for months. It was pretty, but 0/10 would recommend.

I recommend going to Home Depot and going to the paint section, and pulling coordinating swatches for color inspirations. This helped me greatly when picking flowers and decorations and bridesmaids dresses.

When you ask people for help, get everyone's contact info and ask what day works for everyone, and say, "This is the day we're meeting. See you then." Provide drinks. They will help you do anything for drinks. Same goes for coordinating when you're picking out bridesmaids dresses and whatnot. Just plan it yourself, don't let other people try to figure it out.

I signed up for Wedding Paper Diva's mailing list, and googled coupon codes, and saved a ton of money. I know it's expensive, but I bought save-the-dates, invitations, RSVPs, and thank you cards all at the same time. It was just easier not to worry about it.

Other miscellany you need will be included in that wedding binder link, such as rings, cake utensils, what gifts to give who, etc. The only thing I forgot the day of was pins to put the boutonnieres on the men lol. Somebody found some, so it worked out.

I know this is a lot, but I hope it helps you. Also, check out r/weddingplanning. They're awesome over there.

u/buttsarefunny · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm not pregnant or anything, but want to have kids in a few years, so my mom likes to give me "advice" all the time. But her favorite is to remind me that when you're shopping with the baby, you can fart all you want and just announce that the baby did it and/or they must need a diaper change.

If you have prime, this is my item choice. If not, then this because I'm pretty sure it's not $12 shipping.