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To Pimp A Butterfly [2 LP]
Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp A Butterfly
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14 Reddit comments about To Pimp A Butterfly [2 LP]:

u/elvismcvegas · 6 pointsr/VinylCollectors Just buy it and stop being lazy, no one's going to trade an album that you can get for 20 bucks.

u/StopSomething · 1 pointr/VinylCollectors

fyi to potential buyers TPAB is less than $23 on amazon with prime

u/MIGHTeeMau5 · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

One of my all time favorites to listen to start to finish. fantastic story throughout one day of 17 year old Kendrick.

If you end up enjoying Kendrick after this listen, To Pimp A Butterfly would be another great one to grab, throw in slight hint of Jazzy vibe into his mixing pot of sound with a different message throughout that album from Good Kid M.a.a.d City. was at a very low price on Amazon ...around 15? I believe a week ago but recently inflated to 27 recently but quality pressing on both.

To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

Forest Hill Drive - J.Cole

u/lGrizzlyl · 1 pointr/KendrickLamar

you can go support your local record store or amazon