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Toilet Training in Less Than a Day
The classic guide used by millions of parents!Make potty training a total success—in only a few hours.Pre-training techniques every parent should know.Procedures or methods are based on different approaches to teaching.
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10 Reddit comments about Toilet Training in Less Than a Day:

u/wickedogg · 6 pointsr/Parenting

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day was originally designed for the developmentally disabled.

u/wicked-dog · 3 pointsr/tifu

FYI you can toilet train at 2,

If you think about it there is no way that our ancestors were just letting their babies poop everywhere, so training kids not to shit where we sleep can't be that difficult.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 3 pointsr/Parenting

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u/batsh1t_crazy · 2 pointsr/Parenting

We used the methods in the book. "Toilet training in less than a day." Worked with our young uns.

u/booksgamesandstuff · 2 pointsr/AskParents

A lot of boys just arent ready at 2, because of muscle control issues. My oldest was almost 4.
Get this book, it's been around forever and does work.

u/lynbyn · 2 pointsr/toddlers

I love Toilet Training in Less than a Day
It’s based in Behavioral psychology and was developed first for severally mentally disabled adults. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. My kid is 4 now, but we trained at 2.5 and it worked. I’ll be using this book for my 1.5 year old in a little bit.

u/TNTCLRAPE · 1 pointr/AskReddit

With all the stories I've read here, ALL of Reddit needs to read this.

u/franklyfrugal · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/theusualuser · 1 pointr/Parenting

I know it's late for this post, and you might already be finished potty training, but I would highly suggest the book "Toilet trainining in less than a day." It's behavioral-based toilet training, and it's worked great for our two kids. One day to train the first, and the other took about a week (though she's young, just 18 months old).

u/labbrat · 1 pointr/breakingmom

My son was a little older than yours when we did the method in Toilet Training in Less Than A Day but he was at a similar stage.

That book is no joke. I took off work on a Friday, we basically hung out in the bathroom doing their routine starting at 9am, and he was trained completely by noon. Not a single daytime accident since (and maybe only 2-3 nighttime over the course of a year.) It was written in the 70s/80s which is also entertaining (but very politically incorrect!)