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Tovolo Inch Large King Craft Ice Mold Freezer Tray of 2
CREATE IMPRESSIVE ICE: Trays create extra-large 2-inch cubes. The cubes’ impressive size help ice melt slowly. The durable food-grade silicone allows easy removal of one or two cubes at a time, so you can enjoy your drinks with as much ice as you wantPERFECT BARWARE: Slow-melting ice prevents dilution, which is perfect for whiskey, bourbon, Scotch, Old Fashioned, and other liquor-heavy cocktails. Large cubes also create a memorable drink experience for guests. Freeze herbs, citrus slices, or berries in the ice for additional flavor infusion. Add to bar drinks, pitchers, punch, or other beverages for long-term chilling powerMULTIPLE KITCHEN USES: Freeze juice, coffee, sauce, soup, baby food, or other leftovers to create single-serve portions. Great to use for iced coffee, smoothies, and blended cocktailsEASY TO CLEAN: Trays are dishwasher safe. Rinse occasionally with water and vinegar for best resultsDIMENSIONS: 6.25" L X 4.5" W x 2" H and creates 6 extra-large 2" square cubes. BPA-free and food-safe for safe freezing
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53 Reddit comments about Tovolo Inch Large King Craft Ice Mold Freezer Tray of 2" Cubes for Whiskey, Bourbon, Spirits & Liquor Drinks, BPA-Free Silicone, Set of 1, Stratus Blue:

u/afreeorange · 26 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Noted. But they do say

>But if we pick junk, and you return it, we make nothing. We think that’s a fair system.

I concur. Although if you really didn't want them to get any kickback, just remove the referral ID


Although that's just being mean (or spiteful?)

I liked the site for the long articles describing their research and alternatives (as opposed to just propping up a recommendation). So even if I didn't purchase anything, I'd still walk away with a better survey of products, features, and prices than before.

u/[deleted] · 23 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I recommend these giant ice cube trays instead.

I usually keep one of these filled with good water for serving whisk(e)ys on the rocks.

u/toastyoats · 16 pointsr/cocktails

I'll just go ahead and list a few of the things I use on a regular basis.

Koriko shakers are awesome. They look cool and function amazingly. Good investments. End of story.

I prefer using a julep strainer over a hawthorne strainer, it works fine for me when I'm not muddling things into the drink I don't want served.

Get speed pourers. Even if you don't plan on free-pouring, they're nice to have a more standardized pouring speed so you can pour out of an entirely full bottle without worrying about spilling too much.

A cheap bar spoon is an awful experience. A decent bar spoon is fine. An overpriced barspoon is (generally) just overpriced metal. However, the Tanqueray spoons and the Standard Spoon on kickstarter are actually pretty nice quality stuff. But that said, almost everyone I've met likes the regular old bar spoon.

Have a jigger on hand, even if you free pour. Just for when you have nicer ingredients and want to try out a drink with them and would rather have the proportions right than have to revive the drink.

I make a lot of bitters myself or super small batch infusions, so having a set of mason jars on hand has been extremely helpful.

I use cheapo squirt bottles ( ) to store simple syrup or other infused simple syrup.

If you get super into infusions and stuff like that, I've heard a lot of good things about the iSi system; I have a friend with one, he absolutely loves his. I have to admit, it takes a lot of work and patience out of infusion. As well as whipped cream, or carbonating things, or what have you... now I might want to get one.

These two items are somewhat paired (at least for me) -- a water filter and an ice tray. For ice, I'm talking like the Tovolo King Size ice trays. Water filter -- doesn't matter, as long as it filters from what I can tell.

Something that's nice to have on hand so you can double-strain is a fine-mesh strainer. Can be harder to find on the cheap though, I ended up breaking down and going to a Bed Bath & Beyond for mine since everything on Amazon was fairly expensive the thrift shops near me didn't have one.

Get nice glassware. I remember when I was younger and someone demonstrated the importance of having nice glass when tasting wine. The same thing applies. This isn't exactly bar-tools, but it's critical to your cocktail experience. Drinking out of cheap glasses, or the wrong glasses, will really hurt the presentation and your perception of the cocktail. In essence, t's important to take pride in both how you make the cocktail and how you serve the cocktail.

That's all I got for now.

u/knarf86 · 12 pointsr/cocktails

I use these silicone ice molds (big) (medium/smallish). If you want to do a little extra work, here are instructions to make clear ice.

u/icanseestars · 9 pointsr/bourbon

King Cube ice trays, however, are totally worth it even if you don't use them for your whiskey (I do). They fit perfectly in an Old Fashioned glass and have massive surface area to cool the whiskey quickly without watering too much (just a splash). The cubes also last forever.

u/AirFresh_in_the_Mayo · 8 pointsr/cocktails

It is! Mine are the tovolo king trays, but it probably looks a bit bigger than it is because the glass is pretty small. When I went to look it up I noticed these bigger cubes for the first time. I have the sphere version of that and it works well, so I imagine these mega-cubes are nice too.

u/TreeRifik · 6 pointsr/lifehacks

Or this. Perfect for rocks glasses.

u/gravybby · 6 pointsr/AskMen

I am not fond of them. I received a set as a gift and I've only used them once. Stone on glass is an uncomfortable texture and I got a slight mineral-y taste from them.

I like these better.

u/ZeOppositeOfProgress · 4 pointsr/Coffee

I don't really understand your question: you want a hot cold brew? You want a cold brew but want it warmer than it currently is?

If you're looking for a solid cold brew, I have the 1000ml Hario Cold Brew pot and this recipe is golden:

Pour 108g of coffee into the filter then place the filter in the pot. Pour filtered water through this filter until it reaches about a quarter inch from the top. Let it sit for 12-18 hours in the fridge. Remove the filter and discard the coffee. You now have a good concentrated base for iced coffee.

I plop a square ice cube in a glass, pour the concentrate and filtered water into the glass at a ratio of 1:1. I drink mine black but if you add cream/milk/flavoring, then change up your water with a whatever mix you want. Add sugar in at the end. Since this is cold, I recommend syrups over crystal sugar as you may find the crystal sugar settling at the bottom.

Been doing this for a year and have settled on this recipe being my fav. Good luck!

u/hebug · 4 pointsr/cocktails

Those are from a Tovolo King Cube ice tray. It's pretty awesome for drinks on the rocks. <$9 on Amazon here:

u/jackatman · 3 pointsr/alcohol

Welcome. Its a big world of booze out there and it can be quite intimidating. My first and best suggestion is to find a good bar with a passionate bartender and let them take you under their wing. They can tell you about what they have in stock and will typically let you try a nip of this and a tot of that before committing. This way you get some tutelage and you don't have to buy a bottle of stuff you may not like. I realize in Utah this may be more difficult, but I understand there are clubs you can become a 'member' of in order to get this kind of experience.

Here is a tasting starter I wrote in another thread that will hopefully help with the appreciation side of things. Also, you don't need to store spirits in the freezer. It is a good way to weaken flavors, which is just fine if you have crappy booze and the flavors are bad. You on the other hand want the full complement of good flavors so room temperature is where you want to be. If you do like a little chill, I suggest these. They will cool your beverage and release a little bit of water, which leads me to my next point. For beginning drinkers the taste of alcohol can be overpowering and hide many of the nuances that are part of the experience. I like to bring out those nuances in one of 3 ways. 1) On the rocks with that ice I mentioned. 2) Splash of water dilutes the alcohol a bit. I suggest about a 2-1 or 3-1 booze-water ratio. 3)And soda. My personal favorite. The ice chills, you get the dilution effect, and the carbonation can really make some underlying flavors come through in a big way. I do this with almost every new spirit I come across in addition to trying it neat (room temp, nothing but booze). 1-2 booze to soda ratio. For added effect you can use a mineral water.

Here are some of my thoughts on the best of each category:

Vodka: Silver Tree (though booze snob that I am, vodka is the least interesting spirit.) Svedka is good too. Ketel and the like are over priced. The point of vodka is medicinal. It is supposed to be colorless odorless, and tasteless. In short :This is not the booze you are looking for

Whiskey: Leopold bros. Maryland rye, Bullit Rye, Jameson

Scotch: Laphroig 15 is my favorite, but for a good entry try either Dewars or Johnny Walker is fine.

Bourbon: Weller, Makers Mark, Bullit

Tequila: Casa Noble reposado Is my all time favorite. I work in a bar with over 150 tequilas so that is a question I get a lot. The best advice is to make sure that what ever you buy it is 100% agave. Reposado means a little time in oak. Anejo means more. Blanco means none. It will take some time and experimentation to find out if your palette likes oak or not.

Rum: Ron Zacapa 21 year, Appleton Estates, Oronoco, Sailor Jerry

Gin: Leopold bros, Magellan, G'vine

Wine: Beginning wine drinkers usually like big Argentinian malbecs on the red side and either creamy new world Chardonnays or Sauvignon Blancs on the white side. Oregon Pinot noirs are also popular. Rioja (red) and vihno Verde (white) are both underrated styles. (Dont worry if you dont know what I mean when I call a wine creamy. The person in the liquor store should get it and know what to grab.)

Beer: Like wine its a whole big world. I suggest buying a few brewers boxes. They are a selection of 3-5 styles from a single brewery in a 12 pack. Once you have a few favorites picked out head to /r/beer for more suggestions.

Sorry thats so long. Let us know how you are coming along.

u/DaBake · 3 pointsr/cocktails

They're pretty cheap on Amazon. This is the bad boy I've got in my freezer.

u/kmillns · 3 pointsr/bourbon

I've got those, and the King cubes (and the rocks, three sets as presents, actually).

I think I prefer the King cubes slightly since they're easier to fill and make a ton of and they tend to come out clearer.

u/tribble222 · 3 pointsr/cocktails

I like these larger ones better

u/garzalaw · 3 pointsr/cocktails
u/murrayhenson · 3 pointsr/cocktails

It's easy!

  • Get one of these Coleman six-pack coolers
  • Get one or two of these Tovolo ice cube trays
  • Set your freezer so it gets nice and cold. -18C/0F should do it.
  • Cut some holes in the bottom of the ice cube trays. This is easier said than done since those things are really flexible ...I used a box cutter and cut square holes.
  • Remove the lid of the Coleman cooler (it's detachable)
  • Fill the Coleman cooler about, oh, 2/3rds to 3/4ths the way up. Just use regular cold tap water.
  • You don't want your cube tray sitting on the bottom of the cooler. Figure out a way to keep it off the bottom. I like to use a (cleaned, duh) cottage cheese plastic container that's about 1.5 inches tall and about 3 inches across. Anything, though, to keep your cube tray well off the bottom of the cooler.
  • Ok, float (well, sink) your ice cube tray until it's very lightly sitting on top of the spacer you used
  • Pop the cooler into the freezer. It'll take about 1.5 days to get frozen solid
  • After about 1.5 days take the cooler out of the freezer and pop the block of ice out
  • Use a bread knife to slice and dice. You'll find that you can't cut the ice very deep but if you score it and then tap the blade with a hammer or something nice and heavy then the ice will tend to split as you've scored it.
  • Once you've extracted your ice cube tray, pop those clear cubes out. You're a [adjective the cool kids use to describe cool people] now.
  • Hey, don't throw out all the ice that was around your cube tray! All that slag can be used for shaking or for your own drinks when you don't want to use the "good" ice.

    That's it. I've made hundreds of ice cubes this way and it's quite reliable.
u/mercvt · 3 pointsr/bourbon

Try these.

I got some for Christmas and they are nice in drinks. They melt slower so wont dilute as much, but still give you a nicely chilled bourbon.

u/jeffreyww · 3 pointsr/tonightsdinner

It freezes well, I tend to make a big batch and freeze it in one of those silicone trays that makes for a nice sized frozen block. Stuff works well in chili, too.

u/Robo3000 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

What people should be using instead:

u/WDCGator · 2 pointsr/bourbon

I was looking at these

u/neurogeneticist · 2 pointsr/whiskey

I would suggest a large ice cube tray or two. My husband and I use ours all the time. $15 is a bit constraining even for a 375, and glencairns or rocks glasses might run more than that as well.

u/alchemeron · 2 pointsr/whiskey

I've tried all kinds. They're bad. They don't conduct very well and, in the case of the stones, imparted taste. A large ice cube is way better.

Grab yourself one of these:

u/andylibrande · 2 pointsr/halloween

I have done the same with a home-depot bucket. Literally one of the easiest things to make. You don't need to make it air-tight like the instructions say since it is fog and it will go anywhere anyways.

Works great I have it spew out from underneath my bar which is the main focus point of the party. Makes the fog so much better.

Also I like to use giant ice-cubes so they don't melt as quick (I just make up a bunch prior to the party) :

u/the_troy · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I want this, because ice cubes are awesome.

And I want to eat some ice cubes for Halloween

Thank you!

u/treitter · 2 pointsr/cocktails

Get a large-cube silicone ice cube tray like this one. They're fantastic for Old Fashioneds, and anything on-the-rocks.

Just keep in mind that because they take longer to melt, they take longer to chill your drink. But it should keep it at a fairly consistent temperature.

Also, these take much longer to freeze, so you need to plan ahead (takes at least 4 hours in my freezer, I think).

u/zillah1985 · 2 pointsr/bourbon

I feel like the point of ice is really the water, not necessarily the cold. Whiskey takes time to get cold, and the immediate melting of the ice helps open up the whiskey more. Something you can't get from stones.

The best investment in my opinion are king cubes. Larger surface area so it takes much longer for your drink to become diluted too fast.

u/FrostCollar · 2 pointsr/funny
u/dunstbin · 2 pointsr/cocktails

I like the Tovolo 2" cube trays for my Old Fashioneds. Less surface area and higher volume chills as well with far less dilution. It's also easier to stir with these.

u/atrain728 · 1 pointr/whiskey

I went to amazon and ordered this:

I have decided that for $60 I can deal with foggy, square ice cubes.

u/jsmith84 · 1 pointr/whiskey

I like mine chilled but not very watered down. So I picked up one of these from Amazon and it works great. Keeps it cold without melting very fast.

u/notpaddymayne · 1 pointr/cocktails

oh man, i need to take a picture of my old fashioned's... I've got the BIG ice cubes and that would work awesome for this. I also fill my glass up with bourbon, it's a REALLY strong pour, I'm hoping this picture is towards the end of his drink


here are my drinks 1 and 2

these are the ice cube molds

u/Sherlock--Holmes · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

This is the way to go. Look at the second picture. Less surface area to melt.

u/smoothcam72 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon





. . .


u/sassafrasAtree · 1 pointr/cocktails

I agree with Hebug... they sound like a recipe for disaster.
Furthermore there are some sound chemical reasons for adding water and/or ice to scotch and whiskey...

I either drink my scotch neat with a few drops of water or when I have them on the rocks I use those Tovolo King cube molds (

u/kiss_my_balls · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

I got this and love it. The large cubes melt very slowly so it doesn't water down your drink.

u/JayPASS · 1 pointr/whiskey

I have this Tovolo and like it. The mold is soft, so it is easy to get the ice cube out.

u/BallzDeep9 · 1 pointr/kratom

I'm using the BIG 2" cubes. King Cube Trays on Amazon or even in stores, Target etc. Use a powered "frother" to mix, also sold at Target. This way you skip the "paste" step which isn't necessary, just use water and a few drops lemon juice. I get 3-4 grams in each 2" cube. Quick and easy.

u/nabokovsnose · 1 pointr/cocktails

Pro tip: DON'T SHAKE IT. Drinks without acids (lime, lemon, etc.) or egg/dairy should be stirred, not shaken, no matter what James Bond would have you believe. Stirred and strained is the way to go here to your preference, a la a Sazerac. You could also at some point try a single large ice cube or ice sphere, as this melt – and therefore dilute – much more slowly. Overdilution "bruises" the drink, which is probably why you dislike your old fashioneds over those quick melting bar rocks.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't see someone else had said this further down.

u/Jumin · 1 pointr/YouShouldKnow

Not only that what if you want to drink something other than what you just froze? What if all you wanted and needed was a cold glass of water?

If you have a big enough of a cup, though far from perfect, I recommend this

u/konahopper · 1 pointr/bourbon

[I have this](
e+cube+tray), and I love it. Didnt care for whiskey stones, but I also don't mind some dilution. OP: Favorite bourbon is Wild Turkey Rare Breed or Woodford Reserve, although I've been on a Rye kick lately.

u/LazyWASP · 1 pointr/whiskey

I only use filtered water when I make giant ice cubes because
I can taste the difference between ice made with filtered water and ice made with plain tap water.

I prefer my whiskey neat, with a glass of filtered water on the rock.

u/drfalken · 1 pointr/whiskey

Don't buy him a bottle. Yeah of course everyone who drinks wants something to drink, but he will drink it and then its gone. Get him something that lasts, something that every time he drinks he will think about you and the gift. Ice cube trays and glasses are your best bet. There are also some places where you can get a phrase engraved on the glass as well, which is an added touch.

The 2 things that my whiskey can't live without are a nice double old fashioned glass (get more than one, they're cheep)
Crate and Barrel
And a nice BIG ice tray Tovolo King Cube

Don't get whiskey stones, they can hold flavor from one whiskey to the next, and my preference is a little water with my whiskey, hence the ice cubes. You can go for a Glencairn they are designed for whiskey, but in my mind i prefer the double old fashioned glasses, because they're more versatile.

u/vinnievon · 1 pointr/whiskey

Whiskey drinker male here for far too long - so here are my two cents.

  1. Decanters are really kind of pointless. They can look cool but meh.

  2. Whiskey stones suck. I bought them and were really disappointed. Get these things. They fucking ROCK. (No pun intended.)
  3. This guy is basically THE voice on Whiskey. Great read. Unfortunately he has passed away but good guide for the future.
  4. For glassware I have kind of been interested in these just because they look awesome. I personally own these and they also get some great comments. I've personally never really found a shape that changes the taste so I just wanted something a little more flashy.
  5. I'm turning 30 this year and I bought myself a 21 year old bottle of bourbon and am getting it laser engraved. Things Remembered will do anything really so if you know what he likes (or just as an add in, doesn't have to be crazy expensive) maybe an engraved bottle.

    Hope this helps!
u/SpareiChan · 1 pointr/slowcooking

I use these things I get from local food store, they are thick foodsafe plastic rated for microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. I've yet to break or damage one.

I wouldn't ever recommend glass in the freezer unless it's the thick wide mouth jar but even then plastic is safer and has the flex.

These work great too as they a huge and let you make good size broth/stock cubes.

u/Arlau · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

The basics:



My fav strainer:


These few things should get her to a good start. If she prefers a Boston Shaker (, all you'll need is a typical pint glass to go with it.

Oh, you've gotta get these big ice cube trays. Only way to enjoy your cocktail, if you're serious about your drinks.(

Does she has glassware? Collins glasses, old fashioned glasses, highballs? Might be good to look for some of those too. Also, people often give away glassware on Craigslist for free or for next to nothing.

If I can think of anything else, I'll come back to this. Should get you off to a good start though.

u/davehk · 1 pointr/bourbon

Clear cubes are nice, but cloudy ones work the same. Unless you work at a hipster cocktail bar you can buy one of these for $8

u/Comms · 1 pointr/pics

But no ice? I get that if you think it melts too fast. A little chill in an old fashioned is nice and I recommend an ice sphere mold or cube mold. Fits a lowball perfectly and melts slowly.

u/jwcolour · 1 pointr/Frugal

Then you get to fish the stupid rocks out, and rinse them off. I've also had some that were metal and worked a little better but fuck those too. Now I just use one of these:

Makes big enough cubes that they don't melt super quick and water down the drink but chill it enough. If i'm not drinking a drink neat.

u/LoudMusic · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

We used to save chicken broth from boiling chicken parts, then freeze it into large ice cubes. Drop one of those into the dog's water bowl and they'll drink more water than you can believe.

u/Goombatron · 1 pointr/pics
u/mrbooze · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

The best ice cube trays in the world are these: