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Toysmith Squawkin' Chicken
This version of a classic novelty toy shrieks when squeezed.The Squawkin' Chicken is brightly colored and measures 18-inches in length.Constructed from plastic, this toy is designed for take a beating and keep on shrieking.Ideal for budding comedians and fun-loving pranksters.Suitable for all ages. (3+ years)12 inch Squawkin Chicken: Classic Novelty Gag Toy 1324 1324,chicken laugh sound
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3 Reddit comments about Toysmith Squawkin' Chicken:

u/raziphel · 12 pointsr/AskTrollX

You must give them... El Pollo Dramatico.

u/Ghigs · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

I'm saying on Amazon the reviews are on the item, so you get reviews all thrown in together for counterfeit and real items, or items of vastly different quality.

Look at this rubber chicken for example:

It's clear that people are not all reviewing the same product. Sometimes people get the actual "Toysmith" brand product, other times they are getting a cheap knockoff. So what are you buying if you buy that? Who knows!

u/Dayner_Kurdi · 1 pointr/summonerswar