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TravelChair Slacker Chair, Tripod Stool, Black
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11 Reddit comments about TravelChair Slacker Chair, Tripod Stool, Black:

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/uwaterloo

Bring your own foldable chair. And a clipboard if you take notes by hand.

u/EPICurism · 4 pointsr/NYCC

I got this one:

Comfortable enough, small enough (mostly fit in my backpack; I added a carabiner to keep it secure), and sturdy enough for ~270 lbs

u/drzrdt · 3 pointsr/msp

Ah yes, the glamorous life of an on-site IT guy! Most times I stand or sit on the floor if I’m not going to be in the actual data room very long. I’ve always asked to borrow a spare chair if they had one around. Most clients kindly oblige and it works if there’s space. I’ve always wanted to try this stool out by never pulled the trigger.

I generally improvise when onsite and don’t like to do “sit down work” in the actual data room if I can get away with it. Getting remote access is my first priority if a spare desk or unused conference room is available. But we can’t always get away with that. I’ve used everything from cardboard boxes as a computer stand and my backpack as a seat. The laptop padding in my bag is actually pretty comfy. I only did that once because I had to and of course removed anything that would break or stab me. That said I’d recommend a dedicated neck roll as a floor seat. Also, learning to use a track ball mouse has helped since I don’t need to find a surface to move a regular one all around when you need one and space is tight. I never leave home w/o a 50 foot Ethernet cable and extra long usb to serial cable either. Have fun and hey, let’s be careful out there.

u/OsFireTruck · 3 pointsr/PAX

One of these chairs is super handy. Small, easy to carry, has a strap that you can wear like a backpack. Very useful when you're going to be in lines for a long time.

u/Ervine24 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Ive never put a link on reddit before, But if that works thats the chair. It was super usefull.

u/tmiw · 2 pointsr/comiccon

It's something similar to this though I'm not sure it's the same brand. Hope this helps!

u/soynanyos · 2 pointsr/PAX

I personally use this bag.

It is light as a draw string and the wide straps won't hurt the shoulders at the end of the day. There are a few pockets inside for the smaller items like your phone, DS, small water bottle, or trinkets you buy when on the floor. This bag does not have lined dividers for items like posters/prints, books/comics, toys, games, etc. So keep in mind how to organize your swag to survive the day.

I learned that using a diploma cover will save you a lot of frustration for paper items that must remain flat. Get yourself a PVC pipe for posters and photos. Oh, if you don't mind carrying a little extra weigh, get yourself one of these you can easily expect to wait over 4 for the popular boots. That a lot of time standing like cattle. So do your best to stay comfortable. And wear deodorant.

u/Momlife91 · 1 pointr/AmItheAsshole

NAH get a cane and if someone still doesn't give you a seat, what about picki g up a seat like this?