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TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-Inch), Black
Patented foam roller design offers a superior, multi-density exterior constructed over a rigid, hollow coreConstructed from quality materials that won't break down or lose shape from repeated useIncludes access to free online instructional video library on foam rolling best practices from the experts at TriggerPointTrusted foam roller of physical and massage therapists, coaches, trainers and athletesOriginal GRID: Standard density, 13 x 5.5 inches, 500 pound weight limit; 1 year manufacturer's warranty
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67 Reddit comments about TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-Inch), Black:

u/siphillis · 37 pointsr/nba

Kawhi's choice of foam roller , for anyone interested.

Not great for beginners or anyone looking for a full-body solution, but my go-to for anything related to the leg.

u/2PlateBench · 28 pointsr/Fitness

If I were to buy another roller it would be another grid roller. Every time. Gets deep and does the trick. Forget the soft ones, they don't do what needs to be done if you actually have trigger points, and workout long enough, you will get them.

Also get a lacrosse ball for small areas.


u/Dfiggsmeister · 24 pointsr/Fitness

I've used that one before, its ok for getting out kinks, but I prefer this one. It's better on your back if you're trying to get out knots and roll out the spine, plus its hard enough to put your body weight on; I'm 250+lbs so it holds my weight well. It's a little more costly but it works well.

u/talkwithmikey · 14 pointsr/Fitness

A foam roller is a more or less a big log of foam that can be used as a fitness tool or massage device. Placing the foam roller on the ground and rolling different muscle groups over it is very delightful. Using it on the legs and back can offer a great solo massage that is a great release after a hard workout.

I recently bought The Grid and couldn't be happier!

u/TheCrimsonGlass · 11 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

I have this one. The short one is fine. I'm 6'1".

u/14qrafzv · 11 pointsr/xxfitness

You can search Amazon or wherever you shop for "foam roller" and it'll pull up something like:

So you want to roll your butt? Sit on and shift your weight to move the roll.

Here's another article with good visuals:

u/MechanicalTim · 9 pointsr/running

Another vote for the GRID torture device foam roller.

u/itsacoup · 7 pointsr/CPTSD

A soft pool noodle could be a really gentle way to start! Can't say I've ever used them myself but I could see how it would work. This high-density foam roller is the kind I started on and is great for foam rolling beginners as you get used to the sensation and technique; this grid-type roller is what I use now, and it can be quite intense if I haven't rolled in a while. This is what I'd consider the most advanced roller and I honestly haven't even tried it myself but I imagine it would be very effective but kinda ouchy, even if you're used to rolling! I also recommend a lacrosse ball or any other small (3-4 inches in diameter) pure rubber ball for targeting particular spots-- a tennis ball would also work as a slightly softer option.

The trickiest thing with foam rollers is getting used to the sensation enough that you don't tense up and fight it, which is why it's good to start with softer options. YouTube videos can show you safe form for rolling, and always hydrate extra after you roll! :) I hope this is helpful, let me know if I can share anything else!

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/Fitness
u/SplitMyPants · 5 pointsr/Fitness

Get a foam roller, it hurts at first but you'll get used to it. I couldn't live without mine, I have The Grid.

Buy: The Grid Foam Roller or High Density Foam Roller

Read: Article
and Wikipedia Article

Watch: Videos

u/akharon · 5 pointsr/bjj

Do both. You'll see which you like. Then when you're further along, try the one you haven't gravitated towards again.

A foam roller like this is good. Something with a non-compressible core. If you're feeling up to it, just get a section of thick wall PVC pipe, you can get it from an irrigation supply store.

u/TheOnlyCaveat · 5 pointsr/running

I second this. I had the same problem last year training for my half. Nothing was working until I got myself a Trigger Point GRID foam roller. Night and day.

u/bugchild9 · 4 pointsr/Swimming
  1. I am a huge fan of rollers and sticks. Helps with recovery, along with stretching.

  2. Stay consistent in your sleep schedule, get a solid 8 hours.

  3. Eating, I never found eating healthy to be beneficial, but eating enough was difficult.
u/EtherGnat · 4 pointsr/running

I traveled with the Grid Roller in my carry on. It's hollow, so I just stuffed my socks and underwear in it and jammed it in a side pocket.

u/oscarray · 4 pointsr/Fitness

What exactly is wrong with foam rolling the lower back? Spine in an unnatural position?

Any differences of preferences?




u/Antranik · 4 pointsr/Fitness

I personally like this one the best:

After getting used to that one, I feel like the black, plain jane firm ones, are almost useless in comparison!

u/SuperPierog · 3 pointsr/yoga

Got the same issue here with hamstrings. Not sure on poses but I recommend foam rollers. Avoid the cheaper soft ones. Get something similar to this

u/incster · 3 pointsr/running

I have this one. It has a rigid core, and has stayed firm since I got it a few years ago.

u/clay_target_clubs · 3 pointsr/Fitness
u/OrangeFeelz · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I personally use this one, which is (admittedly) on the more expensive side:

To be honest, I don't really know the difference between this and the other types out there. I really bought it because some of the YouTubers have it and it looked cool. But I figured its an investment and have been using it for months and still functions and looks brand new. The small footprint and light weight is great for carrying as its always in my gym bag. I don't want to be carrying a 36" foamroller in and out of the gym.

Also, foamrolling hurts... in the beginning. You can apply light pressure in the beginning if its painful and gradually build up to more pressure. It was agonizing at first, but it feels goddamn amazing now and I can't imagine myself not foamrolling before beginning my workout.

u/ferwick · 2 pointsr/running

Definitely. I use a lacrosse ball though. I also use two of them taped together to roll up and down my legs (think ball on ground, me rolling on top with my weight). The massaging is supposed to prevent less flexible scar tissue from building up in your muscles. You could also use one of these foam rollers or these massage sticks

u/EnglishJogger · 2 pointsr/running

I use this one. It is good.

u/GodPuppie · 2 pointsr/running

Any running or sporting goods store will have one. I believe Target carries them too. Or check amazon.

There are a couple styles -- the cheaper, flat foam ones aren't quite as rigid and wear down more quickly, but they're functional -- I use one of these, because I'm broke. The nicer ones (like this) are sturdier and probably work a bit better (but also will hurt more when you first use them).

u/series33 · 2 pointsr/dating_advice

you could try foam rolling your glutes with one of these:

it can be way more effective than stretching. just dont roll your lower back. you could roll your hamstring and calf too. always do both sides, to keep things balanced.

u/NarcissaMalfoy · 2 pointsr/90daysgoal

Sure! Here's [a list of youtube videos] ( that show foam rolling in action. I don't know specifically how you're exercising but you should be able to find something that works for you. I foam roll for about two minute after lifting. I started with a roller like [this] ( but recently someone gave me this [fancy one] ( It's a bit "harder" which makes it better for me after rolling for months.

The only heads up I will tell you is that rolling hurts the first few times you do it. After a few days it's just uncomfortable. And then it doesn't hurt really at all. But it really really helps with doms.

u/i_am_a_freethinker · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I don't think he made it, it looks like he's using this one.

If you want to make your own, just get a length of 4" PVC pipe. It doesn't have padding, but my god does it feel good.

u/TripleUltraMini · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I have this shorter one and it is FIRM.
You get used to it though... mostly

u/internetmouthpiece · 2 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

Have you tried using a foam roller? If you are enrolled at a gym they definitely have one, if not I highly recommend getting one -- I use this one though this one is good as a softer variant for more tender areas

edit: I'm reading more 'focused' massage (lacrosse ball or a tennis ball) benefits the lower back specifically due to how the muscles work together to support that region of your back^source though foam rolling in general is a great form of self-massage. Here's a pdf of a book that's got great diagrams and very well written to help you understand trigger points.

u/wintercast · 2 pointsr/RedditForGrownups

Yes, I needed to be picked up for a crack too. Get a foam roller. You will be able to crack your back yourself (as long as you can get down and back up from the floor unaided).

Costco has them for a good price. Otherwise excericse/running stores will have them.

Here is an example

u/catfield · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I use a 13" Grid Roller

the slightly smaller ones are more versatile IMO, so I'd go with 12 or 18

also get a lacrosse ball for smaller target areas, a tennis ball has wayyy to much give

u/ChiefmoBaggins · 2 pointsr/AskMen

This one and it's small cousin for travel use along with a lacrosse ball for my glutes and targeted work, and a peanut roller that I can stand on for plantar tendon stretches.

u/kayden0000 · 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Here's an x-post from /r/crossfit benefits of foam rollers. I bought this one from amazon and it's been the best one my dad and I have found yet. Use it a few times and you'll understand and feel the benefits.

u/Three_Fifty · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

Best one I've used

The Grid

u/benjimann91 · 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness


a little more expensive than the others, but worth every penny. i use this every other day. has helped increase my flexibility and relieves DOMS like no other.

u/mziemer · 2 pointsr/snowboarding

I thought I tore my meniscus this summer. Took it easy for 2 months (body weight exercises, stretching etc.), and finally saw a sports medicine doctor when I got back on campus (cause it was free). He said that 5-10% of the population have small meniscus tears and don't know it, or need to do anything about it cause they will heal. He ran me through some ROM and "does this hurt" drills. Since my pain and swelling had subsided I either had a meniscus tear that healed enough, or a fat pad impingement.

Story aside I have torn ankles, IT bands, abs, you name it. Best advice I can give it look up yoga or mobility wod drills/exercises. Knee pain could come from tight hips/ankles/hamstrings/back/etc. I use a foam roller and could not live without it! Another thing that helped me get over knee & IT band injuries was wearing knee sleeves. They give your knee extra stability when transitioning from no activity to moderate. Some people also use them as a safety mechanism when doing high stress exercises (heavy squatting etc.).

Self diagnosis will drive you crazy, if unsure go see a specialist. Also like any athlete repair your past injuries through yoga/mobility WOD exercises.

u/skrimyr · 2 pointsr/running

Try one of [these] ( I had something similar where after running I couldn't walk up or down stairs. Everything else I could feel it, but it was generally OK. Mine was self diagnosed ITBS, and I started using a foam roller after every run on my outer thigh just above my knee working out any knots. There are days my knee will still be tender, but I have no major problems even after long run days.

u/kgbdrop · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Not normal for me at least. I don't do too much stretching before squats or deadlifts. At least not static stretching. I'll do some light cardio to get the blood pumping, do some leg swings and then do some third world squats to really loosen things up a bit.

Beyond that, a lot of the lingering soreness can be prevented by fully stretching afterwards. I do all the standard leg stretches combined with several yoga poses (table->cat->cow; caterpillar; modified cobra plus plenty of long child's poses) along with using a foam roller. Foam rollers really are magic and worth the investment. I use one of these are the gym but any works so long as it is fairly hard. Roll over your legs and back. It will hurt a bit like a proper massage hurts in a good way.

The generally accepted mantra is active stretching beforehand and static stretching afterwards.

u/yaesnae · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Yay foam rolling! For those of us who are less crafty, this is my favorite roller to date. Roll on!

u/aggyaggyaggy · 2 pointsr/running

Here are a few possibilities to explore:

(1) You're not doing enough strength training. Having big ol' muscles helps stabilize your other muscles. An expert would put you on a treadmill and show you that many of your muscles aren't stabilizing the others as they should.

(2) Look up Active Release Technique and you'll see all the sorts of things that can happen to a muscle over time, especially if you were inactive for a long time as is implied in your post. A physical therapist can work these things out rather quickly. Make sure you see a PT with a specialty in sports-related injuries.

(3) Running form. Small issues are exaggerated over longer and longer distances and as your muscles stretch during a long run. I don't think I need to say much about this besides the recommendation to get a running coach.

(4) If you have been sedentary for a while, your muscles/tendons will still require a few more months to regrow into runner's form. Your bones will take more like 9-21 months.

(5) Stretching is good, add a foam roller. Use YouTube videos and this foam roller:

Hope this helps. Just some guesses and general advice.

u/aelephant · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

Is this the Triggerpoint one? Original or "X Extra Firm"?

u/minal187 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Handing Depression

Depression is rough and what works for some people might not work for others. For me, I tried to go to the gym to de-stress and get my mind of things. However, this might not work for you (just like how talking to people about it didn't work for me when I was depressed). Honestly, it's really hard the the scariest thing for me was not knowing when I will stop feeling how I felt. My only advise is to find SOMETHING to do (talk, go to the gym, pick up a hobby, hang out with friends, etc.). The worst is doing nothing about it.

Now for the funny story:

One time I was always mugged by a snake:

Last summer I was traveling across Europe with three of my friends. We had three days in Prague. After checking in we spent the majority of the first day exploring and doing all of the touristy things. The second day we split up into two pairs and walked around the city. Now, me and my friend go to the town square to marvel at the architecture and see all the tourist traps. We walk down an alley to see the famous clock thingy (the one where everyone gets married in front of apparently) and take photos.

As we are walking we suddenly get a wave of tourists walking the other way (making it extremely crowded and hard to turn around and walk the other way). As we keep walking, we notice this one guy. He walked up to us and he has a GIANT SNAKE on his body (like 7 feet long). So he comes over and says "hi how's it going". Obviously, we think he's going to make us touch it and then try to take our money. Nope. HE PUTS THE SNAKE RIGHT ON MY FRIEND. Simple "Hi, how's it going" places snake on her

My friend is pseudo-laughing and freaking out and I'm chuckling cause it's really random. Anyways, he takes the snake off and looks at me. I'm like "no no no man, I'm good" and he just places it on me. I don't know if you've had a giant snake on you before, but I didn't like it. Anyways, he's trying to chat us up and asking questions "hey where are you from?" etc. We say we're from Canada and whatnot...

ALL OF A SUDDEN he looks at me and his smile disappears. He says (exact words): " you pay". The MOMENT he says this, the snake (which is still on me) starts squeezing both AROUND MY NECK and the tail AROUND MY BALLS. Now, usually when a beggar/street performer asks for money I immediately say no. But this time two very vulnerable places were being threatened at the same time. He says it's 200 Krona (the local currency) and I'm like OKOK. I open my wallet and I only have one 500 bill left. He looks at it and says "it's 200 Krona each". I'm like WTF he's ripping us off. Anyways, he grabs the bill and hands me a fist full of coins and takes the snake off. I look at the coins and it's a bunch of 10s and I start counting. As I count, the snake slithers up my arm and starts hissing at me as if it was warning me not to dispute the amount. I take a step back and turn to my friend and say "this isn't the right amount (he only gave me 6 coins, so 60 Krona back). I turn around and BAM. He's gone. Guy used the snake to swindle me of 440 Kuno (which came up to be about $25-$30 Canadian).

And that's how I got mugged by a snake.

Product helping anxiety and depression

I used this to spend 20-30 minutes each day to massage my back, thighs, calves, and shoulders. It helps so much to relax and destress.

Or if that's too expensive, I use a simple lacrosse ball to massage my feet, shoulders and arms. Honestly, the small thing of doing this for 20-30 minutes before going to sleep helped a lot and it was another small thing that I did to help me release the stress and anxiety.


To make you laugh

u/occamsquattro · 1 pointr/running

Awesome thanks. And great gif!

I'll definitely read the FAQ. Since I have no experience running, I have no idea how tough this is actually going to be. My only comparison is starting hockey four years ago having never done it before. It's easily the most intense workout I've ever experienced. Having learned to push through your body saying "dude, what the fuck, this isn't cool anymore", I'm not as worried about the discipline aspect of it. The thing I'm most worried about is getting fatigued or injured and having my schedule slip. It's so tight, I can't afford any mistakes.

I recently picked up this, because I write software all day and my back is always tight, and it's awesome. I also just picked up some running shorts and shirts today, so the only other major purchase on my list is shoes. I think I'll wait until I'm up around 5+ miles before making that purchase.

I can keep people updated -- maybe do a weekly update on my progress -- if there's interest.

u/jemesnyc · 1 pointr/yoga

I use this one

It's actually plastic in the middle, so it doesn't compress and loose integrity. I definitely recommend it.

u/NYSenseOfHumor · 1 pointr/backpain

I'm 25-35 and have had back pain for years, sitting makes it worse and driving is worse than sitting so your experience is typical.

If you have a medical emergency get to an ER and/or call 911 or your national equivalent.

I've found massages help a lot, more than chiropractic in my experience. Massages for me provide longer-term relief and the massage therapist also focuses on secondary symptoms in the arms and legs that can be caused by a radiated nerve.

Since your massage is not until Friday see if you can get a walk-in or at least short notice chiropractic appointment, many have them available for this reason and it might just help carry you over.

If you can get an appointment with your primary care they may write a prescription. You should do this anyway because back problems only get worse.

I've found that wearing a back brace while sitting at my desk helps a lot, [this one] ( is the number one best seller on Amazon for a reason, I wore it all day today.

Make sure to stretch, a lot. I am bad about it when I am working and get into a project but it's important. [Foam rollers] ( are great for before and after work since it may be strange to have in your office.

For while at work, look at these videos on desk stretching from the [Mayo Clinic] (

Heat and/or ice helps too.

u/sunburnt · 1 pointr/running

I have used a stick before, but one with rollers like this one:

In my experience, the stick doesn't work nearly as well as a foam roller. For what it's worth, this the foam roller I use:

The reason I like the roller more is because I can put a lot more weight on the area I am massaging with a foam roller. I feel like I am getting a deeper massage that way.

The stick is very nice for travel, though.

u/MF_Mood · 1 pointr/gainit

Should I get a regular high-density foam roller or do these Trigger Point rollers work better?

u/JUDGE_DREAD6 · 1 pointr/Fitness

stretch your calves man. a common agitator of fallen arches or plantar fasciitis is tight calves. stretch those puppies out if it's not too sore, and get a foam roller, or one like this if it's in the budget. As for exercises, it sounds like you can do all of the upper body stuff with no problems, but what can you do for lower? can you do body weight squats? would a set of dr. Scholes arch supports help enough? can you ride a bike? Cycling is great cardio.

u/everydayjokes · 1 pointr/xxfitness

> Does foam rolling have to be done directly before/after your workout

Nope. Any time is fine. Some people like to foam roll before bed. I'm finding I like to foam roll after I lift, so I log this guy around.

u/queenbeluga · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

Yup yup, just take it slow and listen to your body. If you get into it then one you know you're going to continue then I recommend getting some squat shoes. I think it might be helpful to get a foam roller right off the bat for dem horrible newbie DOMS, but other than that you shouldn't need anything really to get started.

u/MHMoose · 1 pointr/piano

I had a similar problem when I started playing last year and ended up with a kind of random solution. I just had one of those metal folding chairs and it wasn't really the right height for my keyboard. So one day I started sitting on the foam roller that I use and actually like it so much I haven't changed it and use it every time I practice. Even thinking about using one at work eventually.

u/babaoriley06 · 1 pointr/golf

I generally roll out my back with a foam roller after each range session or round. It releases a lot of stress. Something similar to this will help:

For a long term solution, strengthen your back with exercises and stretch regularly.

u/ethovk · 1 pointr/Fitness

I was wrestling over the same purchase decision for months. I finally got the Theragun last week, and I can't put it down. The multiple ways to grip the handle is surprisingly useful. I have all of the massage devices listed below, and there's nothing quite like the Theragun. Previously, I hesitated in working on areas that were particular painful. The Theragun allows me to work trouble areas more often. My wife and I use it everyday.


u/midnightslip · 1 pointr/flexibility

Incorporate usage of a foam roller into your daily life. It will help loosen your muscles so that you may stretch. You can find cheap ones on Amazon ($20) but I recommend this sturdy one:

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-Inch), Black

Watch some YouTube videos on how to roll out your muscles. I have tight hamstrings and It's a very helpful tool for me. Good luck to you.

u/small_tits404 · 1 pointr/EOOD

this one, worth every penny:

u/Thesealiferocks · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

I work at a running store. Not sure what you will be using it for, but assuming you will be rolling out legs, I would recommend this one. It's not only a top seller, but will last you your entire life. Unless you plan on doing your back, the small size is fine.

u/clive_bigsby · 1 pointr/Fitness

I've tried them all and would say the best one is the pvc core with a 1/2" layer of foam around it. Going straight pvc can be a bitch if you roll over a nerve or bone and the all foam ones are too mild.

Something similar to this: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-inch)

u/emjayrose · 1 pointr/BabyBumps
u/-paradox- · 1 pointr/JoeRogan

You know what's been awesome post workout - foam roller. Specifically this type.

I play lots of soccer too, just bought a pair of new cleats. I'm ready for summer.

u/Ridgeback111 · 1 pointr/bjj

I never went back to my chiro after I bought a foam roller. Plus, I can use it anytime I feel the need. Well worth the $ I spent on it.
I use one similar to this:

u/PJ-SB · 1 pointr/kravmaga

I agree. Foam roller (Trigger Point is awesome), protein, and fish oil are great. I would also add that having a recovery drink that has protein
and carbs (like Mike's Mix) really helps. The carbs will help with muscle recovery so you feel back to normal strength sooner after a hard workout.

u/ekusubokusu · 1 pointr/NoFap

Get a foam roller, I'll link you to the one I use. There are plenty of great videos on how to get some good workout on it. It's not necessarily 'workout' but a myofascial (muscle) releasing massage. There is a degree of exertion. Also , just bodyweight exercises. Your body needs that dopamine at that minute when you have the urge, so give it some endorphins with a great exercise. Kettlebells, foam roller, pull-up bar, whatever. Just get your body into exertion mode for 20 minutes and close out with a cold shower.

u/TheySeeMeLearnin · 1 pointr/fitness30plus

The Grid

You want something firm where it won't give, but you do not want any of the bumpy parts sticking out - you can absolutely impede your recovery if you go too hard on your muscles during active SMR. On the pain scale, when you're working on yourself, you do not want to go above a 7 unless you're a trained physical therapist or massage therapist. Use the foam roller for long leg muscles.

Also, two lacrosse balls - I place one on either side of my neck and do a backbridge and slowly bring them down to the base of my spine, then re-position and dig into my glutes. Also, if you take one lacrosse ball and cram it between your backbone and scapula and life your arm from your side straight up over your head you can loosen the scapulae which will aid in more free-moving shoulders, neck, and pecs.

I've definitely worked out a lot of cumulative problems resulting from injury and overuse.