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Tuong Ot Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 28oz
Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce from Huy FongMade from sun ripened chilisDelicious, spicy taste!Made in USANet Wt. 28 Oz. (793g)
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7 Reddit comments about Tuong Ot Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 28oz:

u/Condoleezza_Jesus · 6 pointsr/AskUK

Man, there is a WORLD of hot sauces out there, [Sriracha] ( you can get in most supermarkets and is great for slapping on stuff, it's not vinegary like Econa, has actual flavour and has a good amount of heat. It's in most supermarkets and very easily accessible. Some of the best mild-hot sauces I've had are from [The Devon Chilli Farm] ( I got given the [six bottle gift set] ( for Christmas and every single sauce was delicious, so full of flavour and has heat levels from mild up to extreme and the blends of the sauces list what they best compliment and they're just packed with great flavour.

For the more extreme heat sauces a personal favourite is the [Mustard Ghost Pepper Sauce from Psycho Juice] ( I added this to everything, it was soo delicious, also I love Habaneros and they do a 70% habanero sauce that was incredible too. If you want to make something just "hotter" without altering the flavour much (like a large batch of bolognaise ) adding some [Capsaicin extract] ( will do that great, but only like a few drops.

Recently I went to a chilli farm called [Edible Ornamentals] ( for a tour, which was very good and tried lots of different peppers and sampled a lot of jams and sauces. [Mr Vikkis] ( had some great jams I want to try more of, and Single Variety London make some jams, a favourite being [Lemon Drop Chilli Jam] ( which does have a hot, somewhat sweet and citrus taste.

As you may be able to tell I'm quite a fan of hot sauce.

u/phondamental · 3 pointsr/food

Yes. I see most people really like the popular Rooster Brand. However, I always try to get people to try pho with the original Thai sriracha which I call the Shark Brand.

The Shark brand is not as spicy, in fact, hardly spicy at all. But it's way less overpowering than the Rooster brand (especially when you add too much). It's a tangier and sweeter sauce which I think complements the broth better. But for anything other than pho, my goto is the Rooster brand.

u/infinitebutttouches · 2 pointsr/spicy

You're thinking of Huy Fong Sriracha. I won't be able to answer your question objectively. I'm 25 and my family has been using that brand since before I was born, so I'm heavily biased towards it haha. The Yellowbird sriracha is quite good and is certainly worth a try (I don't regret getting this bottle). But if you love the original sriracha like I do, no other sriracha will compare. Hope that helps!

u/Zombie_Lover · 1 pointr/food

I like to put the egg on the hash browns then hot sauce them together. Sriracha is my favorite, but some jalapeno Tabasco is great too.