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Tupperware Smidget Container 1oz Each Assorted Set 5
Tupperware Set of 5 Smidgets, one each in purple, sheer purple, lime green, teal, and red5 different colors as shownInclude virtually airtight, liquid-tight seals in Classic SheerIdeal for pills, supplements, condiments, lotions, powders, travel, keep in your purse, backpack, brief case, lunch box... great for RV spice containers and camping too.Each container holds about 1 ounce
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3 Reddit comments about Tupperware Smidget Container 1oz Each Assorted Set 5:

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Permanent solution: Maybe a cute vintage solid perfume container?

Quick solution: Any ol' salad dressing container you can find. I bet there are cute containers intended for homemade baby food out there, too.

u/king_crow · 2 pointsr/funny They even go down to 1oz! HAHA. WHAT A TINY CONTAINER.

u/archaeologistbarbie · 1 pointr/Bento

I am new to the bento game and do not own any traditional bento boxes because I don't like being tied to keeping all my food the same temperature/I am sometimes weird about food touching. I have several lunch-packing sets though, including:

-yumbox panino

-a laptop lunches set

-rubbermaid lunch blox

-a ton of small Tupperware containers (the 1oz smidgets are my favorite for sauces!)

Honestly, my laptop lunches boxes get the most use because they're microwave safe, seem very sturdy, they have their own outside container that they fit in quite neatly, the containers stack well when not in use, and I find the colors very appealing. They also seal REALLY well, and I have had no problems with them leaking, staining, or retaining smells.

My yumbox gets a lot of play for salads, but isn't practical for foods I may want to microwave. It's only good for foods that are all the same temp. It is as leakproof as advertised! I find it visually appealing but is a bit bulky to wash in the sink at work because it is only 2 parts (tray and outer shell). The footprint is actually smaller than my laptop lunches container but since I usually use the lidded inner containers for that, I don't need to wash the outer container as frequently. With the yumbox that's not an option!

I wish I hadn't bought the lunch blox. They're fine, honestly, but just fine. They're like a cheaper, less sturdy version of my laptop lunches containers. I was attracted by the ice pack they come with and the fact that they're supposed to all lock together, but in reality they don't lock as well as I'd like. The smallest containers don't seem to stay stuck in to the ice pack well at all. I'm also not sure how leak proof they are, as I've only used them a few times.

Finally, I would definitely recommend checking out those tiny tupperwares for sauce. They are thick, not flimsy, and they have a press on lid that seals really well. I use mine frequently for all sorts of things!